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  1. What is the simplest way to export a found set of related records as a CSV file (using Export Field Contents script step) that includes a custom header row?
  2. Still no answer from FM on this? And I thought that popups were a primitive feature that had long been finalized cross-platform. This is a real setback for the user interface.
  3. When clicking on a popup menu in MacOS version, you can type a letter on the keyboard and the list will jump alphabetically to that part of the list; however, this doesn't seem to be working on a Windows workstation. Is this a missing feature, or am I missing a particular configuration?
  4. Thank you for your suggestion. Although there will be recurring events, most are scheduled ad hoc. I was looking at a calendar solution called soSIMPLE. It seems like they went through a lot of trouble to make a modern calendar/timetable interface, but I was wondering if anyone was familiar with it. Here is the link: http://www.paradisepartners.com/products/sosimple-filemaker-calendar/
  5. Hello, I am beginning a project that includes a time table schedule for employees, based on 15 minute increments. The layout is for just one day at a time. Each employee is on a column, each row is a 15 minute increment. I am contemplating the best strategy to provide the cleanest interface with the most functionality. I was planning to use a portal for each employee column, and a separate field for each 15 min. increment (from 7AM to 9PM); but this seems like too many relationships, not to mention hard on reporting. I appreciate any thoughts you may have, as I am open to all ideas at this stage of development. JohnnyZ
  6. Hello, How can I cause a IWP page to automatically refresh in a browser after a set number of seconds. I have a browser that continually displays a IWP page, and I need it to update every 30 seconds or so automatically. Thanks.
  7. Thank you! That is what I need to know. I really like the idea of just the authorized user's buttons in the portal!
  8. I have a Project Management solution that has one engineer assigned to each project. The engineer's name is the Account Name, and is also stored in a text field in the Projects table. Could there be a way to set up a relationship to display only records that have the current user Account Name in the engineer name field? A global calculation field seems to always get the account name that starts the application, not current user logged on. Any insight will be greatly appreciated!
  9. Thanks, that is the general formula I was looking for.
  10. I need to calculate a date by a certain number of months later; i.e. if the date is April 5,2005, I need a date exactly 6 months later. How can I make a calculation that will account for 30, 31, 28, or 29-day months?
  11. How do I insert Javascript into the IWP solution?
  12. Wow. Thanks again. XML-Spy looks promising.
  13. Is it possible, when sharing a db with Web Companion & FMPU, to generate 1)a log of user IP address (with time/date stamp), and 2)the requests (field data) made with that browser? I am concerned about having a db shared with Web Companion & FMPU raped. TIA
  14. Thanks, Ray.I'll try that plugin. Are there any specific examples of FileMaker and ORACLE interacting?
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