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  1. Help us empower FileMaker developers to build great things. Interested to hear from beginners through intermediate developers. Details here: http://www.seedcode.com/seedcode-is-hiring/ Thanks. - John
  2. All SeedCode add-ons and templates are on sale for 25% off throughDec 31st. And upgrades are on sale for up to 25% off. The Award-Winning DayBack Calendar The sale includes DayBack Calendar which just got gantt charts and support for cascading date changes ( <-- very cool video). SeedCode Complete Starter Solution Complete is also on sale and now includes a tightly integrated version of DayBack Calendar so balancing your workload is even easier. Balance your workload and make your FileMaker development go a little fa
  3. We just posted a new update of DayBack with a sweet little enhancement to the Resources tab: you can now change the number of resource columns on the fly. This short movie shows how that works and how to download the update into your copy of the calendar. If you’re new to DayBack, learn more [...] The post New In-App Update for DayBack Calendar appeared first on SeedCode.
  4. Folks using ProMaps on Windows may be seeing slower performance on some versions of Internet Explorer. Fortunately there is a super-easy mod to speed up the map on these Windows machines. A huge thanks to JohnAustin Lamprecht of Soliant for finding this! Instructions for making this change in your copy of ProMaps follow: (If you’re new to ProMaps you can learn more about this add-on here: ProMaps for FileMaker.) The post Speed Up ProMaps on Windows – A Simple Mod appeared first on SeedCode. Source
  5. We’ve just released a new free update to DayBack Calendar. This version adds a couple of hooks (new FileMaker scripts) so you can go to an event from outside the calendar; check out how it works in the movie below. We’ve also fixed some bugs and paved the way for a couple of future features. The movie offers a short overview of what’s new along with how to find instructions for updating your copy of the calendar. If you’re new to DayBack, you can learn more about the calendar, and download a 30-day trial here: DayBack Calendar for FileMaker. Enjoy! (A detailed list of changes in this upda
  6. SeedCode Complete 13 Our newest version of SeedCode Complete has been out for about 3 months and we’ve now had an opportunity to see how people are using and modifying it for themselves and their customers. Happily, one of our customers’ favorite design patterns is the one I’m personally the proudest of: we think of them as “Cards”. It’s essentially an updated take on the Selection Portal or Master Detail design patterns you may have seen. However, the new UI elements introduced in FileMaker 13 (Pop-Overs and Sliders), combined with the new Selector-Connector data model, really make Cards shin
  7. We’ve recently seen some great examples of modding multi-point Google Maps in FileMaker Layouts. Here are two very slick mods based on our ProMaps template… Filtering (and Color Coding) Based on Found Sets. This first mod was done by Lisette Wilson of Informing Designs; she’s linked ProMaps to SeedCode Calendar so that the contents of the map change as users navigate the calendar. That alone is pretty cool, but she’s also letting users change the way the appointments on the map are color coded. In the first screenshot they’re color coding by the customer’s tank capacity: While in this one t
  8. Adding a FileMaker Portal next to DayBack’s WebViewer Recently Arie Covrigaru of PlanOmatic ( http://planomatic.com ) hired us to add some custom features to his DayBack calendar. His main request was to be able to filter the calendar by resource(s) by selecting from a searchable, scrolling list. And he wanted that in the main calendar window, beside his calendar, not in the “advanced filters” popup window where this is usually done. The solution was to nudge the webviewer object 300 pixels to the right to make room for a tab-control object with a filtered portal on each tab. The new sideb
  9. Overview The Selector-Connector is a data model for organizing your FileMaker table occurrence graph. It is something we’ve been loosely collaborating on with our friend and colleague Todd Geist. I say loosely, because during the evolution of the model, we never really reviewed each others work, but talked in very general terms about our progress. The fact that we ended up with something so functionally similar makes me think that we’re actually onto something! Todd has a great post and video on his approach here. The new SeedCode Complete Template We’re also using Selector-Connector as th
  10. ProMaps, our Google Maps add-on for FileMaker, lets you use filters to constrain which locations show up in the map. But sometimes you want to go beyond filters and show the results of an ad hoc find request. Using the new List Of function in FileMaker 13 this is now a simple mod and we’ve written up instructions to add this to your copy of ProMaps. Learn more about ProMaps and checkout some movies of it in action here: ProMaps for FileMaker The post Mapping Found Sets appeared first on SeedCode. Source
  11. This is the beginning of a new, open source project to create a lightweight wrapper for FileMaker Custom Web Publishing designed for use in JavaScript applications. Background: DayBack DayBack running in a FileMaker layout. The release of DayBack for FileMaker last month has started a very exciting time for us here at SeedCode! Bringing the Calendar to a new code base and seeing it successfully deployed in the real world has been nothing short of thrilling. We’ve recently added mobile support and are looking forward to the future enhancements of DayBack for Pro and Go. However, now that
  12. Travis Spangle has posted a great example file showing Sudoku in FileMaker. It includes a couple example screens for those of us who didn’t grow up playing Brain Age (guilty). Dowload the unlocked file here: filemaker-sudoku. Thanks for this, Travis! Travis is a member of FileMaker Seattle where he’s also presented some great stuff comparing the speed trade-off of different architectures in his reporting solutions. If you’re in Seattle, our next meeting is this Tuesday where Cosma from torquedb.com will be speaking about deployment options on Amazon Web Services. Feel free to stop in.
  13. Coming full circle with JavaScript and SQLexplorer Having the opportunity to work on a project like SQLExplorer has been a highpoint in my FileMaker career. It was a great way to participate in the collective learning of the ExecuteSQL function by the community when it first hit the scene. But, it’s also been a great way to get a handle on the increasingly popular interaction of FileMaker Pro and JavaScript. The Idea: JavaScript Portals for FileMaker SQLexplorer has always displayed your query results in a “JavaScript Portal” in a web viewer , and this was born from a pretty simple requiremen
  14. SeedCode’s year-end sale continues through Dec 31st. And we’re thrilled to have finished both the new SeedCode Complete template and the new calendar, DayBack, in time for the sale: the last mile of shipping a product–the wish-list features, sample data, and documentation–can seem to stretch on forever. We’ve rarely taken so long to work on a new release, but they’re done! So now you can save up to 25% off on upgrades to our newest calendar, on GoZync and additional GoZync licenses, and on upgrades to the new SeedCode Complete template for FileMaker 13 and WebDirect. In fact, all products
  15. FileMaker’s WebDirect offers some exciting deployment opportunities. However, not being able to create PDFs or print like we can with Pro and Go is a big limitation. For many of us, an invoice may exist in a database, but until it’s represented as a printable document, it’s just not a real invoice. Finding a solution to this for the new SeedCode Complete was a high priority for us. We looked at some plug-ins out there that allow FileMaker Server to generate PDFs: MonkeyBread and 360Works’ Scribe are two that come to mind. These work fine, but Filemaker Server is headless; this means it can’t
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