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  1. Well I searched and searched and could not find any posts about this. I want to do a search and return only unique values, even if there are duplicates. I know how to do this in SQL, but how do I transfer that to Filemaker. SELECT distinct column_name FROM table_name Thanks, Paul
  2. Is it possible for a summary part to be dependent on two fields? I have a summery field dependent upon one field, but it really needs to be two. I don't want to have to create a new summarry field for the second field because whenever one of the fields changes I need the whole summary to show again. I did not really know where to post this so I added it into Gen discussion. Paul
  3. So could the files be stored on the same server as a server that has Filemaker Server on it?
  4. When you insert a file like a Quicktime Movie or jpeg into a container field, where does it store the data? Does the file size of the file.fp5 increase as you add quicktime movies to the database? Or does it store info about the file somewhere else and accesses it? If so where does it store that file? Thanks, Paul
  5. I new there was an easy answer. thanks, Paul
  6. I am new to applescript and I have what I think should be a simple question. I have tried looking for an answer but no luck yet. I have a script and set it up in the login section of OS X. Basically it opens the server connection with the Filemaker Files on it. Script = tell application "finder" mount volume "smb://domain/etc/" end tell How do I get the script to automatically run without asking the question, "Have Script Run?" with the choices "quit ", "run". Do I add a step when I save the script? Thanks, Paul side note: I know you can add some servers directly to the login area, but OS X does not support smb in this area so I decided to use an applescript.
  7. I want a script to exeute a different script if it can't find similar records. I have a script that grabs the name of a title, then goes to another database and searches for similar items with the same title. What I would like to happen is that instead of getting the screen, "no records match this request", the original find script would instead execute a different script. So basically some type of if then statement, but how do I use scriptmaker to execute this? Thanks, Paul
  8. Ok, so I thought I had it fixed but maybe not. ugh. The calculation works expect when the field that receives the concactonation already has some information in it. Is this just a Filemaker thing? I do notice that when a field does a lookup it will overide old information that was previously in the field. Yet the calculation does not overide the information. is there a way to make sure it will, something like a clear field or something? Paul
  9. The fields were taken from a lookup on another file. I went in to check and found out that some of the files had a lot extra white space sometimes before and sometimes after. The concatonation was working, but sometimes I was getting to much white space which would make the field look empty. I went in to look at the contactonated text fields and found that there was info, just to <return> keys down. I will have to go through my other records from the lookup to fix it. Sorry for the troubles. Paul
  10. I am wondering if I am missing a step somewhere. I have a field that looks up the first and last name from a different file and inserts it into the field. I made a calculation to concactonate the two fields as follows: firstName & " " & lastName. I also uncheck the box to disregard empty fields, so that it would always add the info from the other database, in case there was a last name but no first name. Yet it does not work everytime.
  11. Since I have now taken a intro programming course I want to start using some of what I learned with Filemaker. I want to perform a script that will determine if the production status is unknown then omit that record or records. Here is what I have written. Enter Find Mode[] Go to Field["Prod Status"] Perform Find [Restore] If ["ProdStatus" = "unknown"] omit record End If My problem is that it will only omit one record at a time. So I am thinking I need to do a loop of some kind. Where it would go through each record to see if the if statement is true. How would I do a while loop in Filemaker? Paul
  12. Why can't I do a search in the header area? I need a layout to show the title of the project and then all the related items to that project. But I don't want to have to show the Project title, with every single record. The layout is in a column. I have the project title in the header, with all of the records in the body. Any ideas? Paul
  13. So recently I went through one of my databases and I have found over 200 records from a specific Date, 3/13/2003, that no one ever entered. The records are all from old information. Now it could be possible that we crashed that day. So am assuming that the records could be the result of that crash. But why such a large Number? Also I cannot find them when I type, "3/13/03", I must type, "3/13/2003". Now is there anything I need to worry about with that database. Should I do a save as clone and re-import all the records? has anyone had this problem?
  14. Sorry for the confusion. I have older dates that I also need to show at times, but I still need the "null" values at the bottom. The "If" statement I have made seems to have solved it for me. Thanks again, Paul
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