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  1. Thanks, The Round function should work fine... I think I was making this more complicated than it really is ... Thanks again for your assistance Regs Dermot
  2. Thanks, I want to round the discounted unit price to 3.49 ... (not just have the field show it as 3.49 when set to 2 decimal places). it currently shows as 3.485 when you enter the field but I need this to actually round to 3.49 .. then everything else will work 100% whats the best way to do this? Thanks Dermot
  3. Hi Folks, I have a rounding issue which is probably very easy to solve if you know the correct function, which unfortunately I dont !! We have a quoting database ... The system allows discounts so if something is £10.25 at list and they get 66% discount then the unit price after discount would actually be £3.485 but its rounded up to £3.49 and displays as per below.... e.g. Product Code Unit Price Discount Unit Price after discount Qty Line Price (after discount) Product A 10.15 66% 3.49 1 3.49 Product A 10.15 66% 3.49 2 6.97 As you can see the second option when we have a Qty of 2, show the line price not equal to "2 x unit price after discount" ... I guess the rounding would need to be applied to the “Unit Price after discount” and the system would need to show this as £3.49 and if the qty is 2 then the line price needs to show £6.98 and not £6.97. All advice will be very welcome and much appreciated folks Many Thanks in advance Regs Dermot
  4. Thanks Guys, Custom web publishing may indeed be the way to go but I guess it still doesn't allow them to work offline.. Im thinking we may need to do a combination of things like:- 1/ Have a solution to push data, that the windows phone user needs, to theirs phones into some kind of windows app .. 2/ Allow the user to edit/create records on that app and have it send the info back to the server when the phone has a signal 3/ Then filemaker sucks that info back into the database.. Im sure someone has done something like this but I just cant find any examples ?? Cheers Dermot
  5. Thanks R Woods, Just had a look at these and you're correct , they all seem to refer to Filemaker Go,. I'd love to hear of anyone who has done something similar with Windows phones ... Hmmm, the search goes on !! Thanks again Dermot
  6. Hi Folks, We have a fairly heavy duty Filemaker system with a volume license currently running FM Server 14 and FM14 and will probably upgrade to V15 soon. There are approx 60-70 PC users from 3 different sites logged on at any one time and all works great ... However, they now want their salesreps to be able to view filemaker info on their phones and also to edit/create records and send back to filemaker ... This is all obviously very easy with Filemaker Go, but the problem is that they use Windows phones and do NOT wish to change to iPhones :-( ..... So we started looking at Webdirect which seems to be the real deal in FM15 ... but alas this wont work either because they need something which will work "offline" ... So, I thought I'd come and see if anyone has a solution to this or even any ideas on what we could do here ? Again, any help would be "greatly" appreciated Many Thanks Dermot
  7. Hi Wim, Lee and all ... The update to this issue above is that no matter what we did it made no difference .. until .. we moved everyone up to the FM14 app ... Once we installed FM14 on the XenApp 6.5 servers, everything went much much faster with no lags and basically everything worked a treat .. well almost, we then started having issues with creating emails from filemaker in outlook which had to be resolved by updating outlook to the 64bit version .. it had to be comparable to the 64bit FM14.. Anyway, thanks folks for the info above .. just thought Id let you know what happened in the end.. Cheers Dermot
  8. Thanks Wim, you've been a big help ... I'll forward this info to their IT & Citrix folk right away. Cheers again Dermot
  9. p,s. as far as im aware NO files build up
  10. Hi Wim et al .. The Citrix guy has just sent this message to IT.... (Katie is one of the "heavy use" slow machines) "I am currently going through all of the XA servers and backing up Katie’s profiles, these are taking a while to copy out and check for temporary files. These are almost all checked and backed up, if you could ask Filemaker if there is a particular type of file which builds up? Also where it is by default? Those answers would be much appreciated." Again, any info much appreciated Thanks Dermot
  11. I meant to say Wim, that it doesn't seem to be affecting any of their other programes .. just Filemaker !! Reg Dermot p.s. Still waiting on the Citrix experts to com e back to us..
  12. Hi Wim, Yes I totally agree and "hopefully" their Citrix providers will come to the same conclusion .. They are evaluating the situation today and I will let you know what the outcome of that is.. Thanks again Dermot
  13. I Will .. The response I got back from their IT was as follows... "I would agree it might be citrix apart from the fact that if two people sign in, one a new account and the other an old account ( citrix setup exactly the same ) then the experience is different when using filemaker. (the new account is fast and the old account is slow) We have tried on both Citrix Xen app and Citrix Desktop." Thanks Dermot
  14. Hi Wim, Thanks for the response .. They seem to think Citrix is not the problem but I cant see how it isnt .. They are talking to their Citrix provider tomorrow so hopefully there will be some light shed on this.. Regs Dermot
  15. Hi Folks, Hope you're all keeping well !! Not sure where else to post this so here goes .. We have a database being served to >100 users from a VM machine and served using Citrix XenApp 6.5 We use Filemaker server advanced 12 and filemaker pro 12 ... The issue in question, which only started 2 weeks ago is as follows:- Users who are using the Filemaker database every day are experiencing slowness when they log on through their own Citrix account and then go into filemaker .. From that same PC, if they then log on to Citrix with another users account (who doesn’t use filemaker regularly) and then go into filemaker (again with their own password) it is very fast.. Very strange I know but I was wondering if Filemaker is caching a lot within citrix somewhere or what else it could be :-/ .. just cant think of a good reason for this to be happening ?? Filemaker have recommend moving to v13 or v14 as they "officially" support XenApp 6.5 but I dont think this is the problem as its been working with the same software 100% now for almost a year .. the problems only started a couple of weeks ago and no one is sure why .. Also, the IT folk say there have been no changes/additions to the setup. Any thoughts or ideas will be much appreciated folks Thanks Dermot
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