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  1. Hi, Everything hardcoded should really be prevented I'd think. But there are lots of instances where we're using them ( Layouts, fieldnames, valuelistItems ) There's an interresting function by Fabrice Nordmann Here which covers this need. Basically, give its name, get the ID, so that you'd never be caught anylonger with this problem. As for buttons scripts, I avoid repeating processes by storing any parameter in a separate Table. All values are passed to a global repeating Variable at the beginning of the session, and the script parameter passed now is nothing else than a C
  2. Hi, This report could be done in a new window. Then by closing that window, you'd get back to the original foundset. You know how to omit these blank records, don't you ? Marvellous illusion indeed :
  3. Even one calculated repeating field with two iterations, one for male the other for female : One way could be : Let ( [ $R = Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) ; $target = Case ( $R =1 ; "M" ; "F" ) ; $CL = CustomList ( 1 ; Get ( FoundCount ) ; "Let ( [ $Value = GetNthRecord ( Extend (Gender ) ; [n] ) ] ; Case ( $value = $target ; $value ) )" ) ] ; ValueCount ( $CL ) ) where the count of males would go into the first repetition and the count of females in the second. Well, just kidding...I'd rather set a repeating variable and set the result of a global repeat
  4. side note as this may be confusig. Hit the enter key when the file will be opened. also try these two little buttons down on the right side, and enter some words in it to see the screen background change
  5. Hi, Not sure I understood everything. Though, have you tried a grouped sub-summary report. If the problem is getting a count of the groups, then surely this is something missing in FileMaker but that can be done through a set of new calculations. Just tell us more
  6. Oh yes, right you are. That's exactly why the quickly create multiple records was not possible in between the 2 patches for 7.
  7. Hi Michael, Would you think there might related to any update ? There used to be a bug with 7.v2 if I can remember, but then the splitted didn't occur at all. I'd also suggest to look at the implementation, checking that these repetitions are really empty would be a start.
  8. Ok, but then *some* may be used more often. I'd consider Comment's suggestion, a thousand records is not something difficult to handle, and after all it's handy enough to have them recorded somewhere.
  9. Is the report based on the Main Table or based on the Attempts Table. It should be the second. Performing a find in a portal for that date will lead to all records where at least once this date was met. I think the total record shown here ( 6 ) is the number of Main records, not the number of attempts.
  10. Hi, You'd better build this report in one of the related table, the one that holds the data to be reported. You may need to pipeline some related data for some comfort, but still doing this kind of report from the main record is not the way it works. May we have a sample or a better explanation of what you're looking for, which relations are involved so to help you decide which Table the report should be based on ?
  11. No it doesn't make sense. As such, it seems like you'd have two copies of Table A, or at least redundancy from Table A to Table B. There may be occasions where this is needed ( outer joins for example ), but can you be more specific about what exactly Table A and Table B are in real life, so that we may help you out ?
  12. I second the querry. At least with a hardcoded fieldname. If tha field is passed into a variable, then it's really useful.
  13. These things happen. There's a function for that called isempty ( ) ;)
  14. Ok There are fields and there are objects. Fields may be give an object name since FileMaker 8.5. That's where it is handy to have GetObjectLayoutAtribute to retrieve the content of a field on a layout by simply giving it a short name. The name can be given through the GetInfo box. Now, for fields, what you need is the Related Table Occurrence name ( not the Layout Name ) before the "::" assuming this field is a related field. For sure, if the Layout Name match your TO name and you're not targetting a related field, it might work. So, if you name your field 'ObjectTest' and yo
  15. Hmm Where did I mentionned a portal ? Are we talking about objects at all ? Sometimes, opening the FileMaker Help may be...helpful. If it's not, probably this is because we're not talking about objects ( Layout Mode > Clic a field > Get Info > ObjectName ) Or may be Get ( LayoutTableName ) would be more helpful than Get ( LayoutName ) if you used it to declare that variable. Still trying to guess though.
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