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  1. Thank you both so much, I would have never found and didn't find this offer. Having worked for marketing and advertising people in the past I still do not claim to understand the inner machinery of their consumer contemplations. Buy one, give another for free?
  2. Under Mojave, my version of Filemaker was funky but more or less functional. My recent upgrade to Catalina put a stake thru its heart. I came here after and hour of reading endless sales pitches on the website, 20 minutes waiting on the phone for sales and another 20 in the chat jail with CalrisBot, also awaiting someone with a heartbeat. I'm sold, I want the product but I'm getting a bad feeling. I was an advanced user in the past with Filemaker Pro 11 but my work took me away from database paying work and although my work is now more involved with research and activisim, I'd l
  3. I am working in Filemaker Pro Advanced 8 on a Mac OSX 10.6.8. The database is fairly straight forward: it is tracking the total number of comments (all types) and the sub total of online comments at a federal website on a new TSA regulation. 4 Data Fields: Month, Day, Total Comments and Online Comments (a subtotal) Records are sorted by concatenating the numbers in a calculation field with the month and day fields. This data is exported to a tab separated file and imported into Adobe Illustrator to make pretty charts. All is well, so far... Recently, we have found that
  4. I really have to apologize, been away from Filemaker for sometime and appear to have forgotten the basics... I have a few records, 9 now-list layout. I have 2 calculation fields, average and count and they are in the footer below the fields I want to calculate. Record field name is Width. Average( Column1 ) is showing 840 Count ( Width ) is showing 1 840 is the last number in the list (record 9). If I erase the last number the Average( Column1 ) shows 815, the second to the last number and the Count ( Width ) shows 0. Why are these fields not calculating all the fields in
  5. Hey guys, I wanted to thank everyone for the long discussion but it did not address the issue I am having. Or maybe it did and I do no understand it. I reposted the question, framed differently, with some new info. "Huge frustration with dates & times" Right now I have to say that Filemaker is just wasting my time. This should not be this hard to fix. The major complaint I have always had with Filemaker is that there are too many different places I have to go to change one parameter. Its a terrible interface. If this was my project I would have chucked it but I am not g
  6. I am not going to ask all the questions here at once because its too confusing. If I could ask one thing at a time and step through the problem that would be very helpful. I have gone through all of Filemaker's help about what they refer to as File Settings. I cannot find any File Settings in the menus, I do find File Options but changing the options here is not fixing the problem. First off I was given a data set by a guy who for some reason formatted the dates in this manner... 2002/11/20 2:51:00 AM So I wrote a script and converted the dates in the fields to this.... 11/
  7. I just wanted to add/ask... Comment wrote "2008/03/12 is not a date in any format" So are you saying Filemaker cannot handle this? Also, I do not understand,"However, calculations that rely on a specific date format will fail when the format is changed, so it's better to use real date type values instead." Can you explain what you are saying here?
  8. Its amazing the conversation stirred up dates, whenever I deal with dates in any PDF/Javascript forum or Flash/Actionscript, the conversation is animated and wide ranging. Unfortunately the conversation did not help me very much. I apologize about the mistake in regards to thinking the date format was European. The researcher I am helping is Dutch so she would have known better but the guy who works with her at Harvard, who scraped the data set was under that impression and that is how he delivered it to me, 4 digit year, month, day -2008/03/19. She only has version 7 of Filemaker I
  9. It is common in Europe that the year be at the beginning of the date, 2008/03/12, followed by the month and day. The data set I received is in this format but the filemaker date functions seem to act like this is some kind of alien language. In the test fields using... WeekOfYear ( 2008/03/12 ) DayOfWeek ( 2008/03/12 ) Year ( 2008/03/12 ) Yield the same outcome in the field, "?" I have played with different combinations of file and system settings, field formats and field types and sometimes it works but only if I reverse the date to 03/12/2008. Then the functions work
  10. Thought this would be easy, so humbling... I thought this would be a basic loop through records, looking at the last record/specific field and comparing it to the current record/field and if they match, delete the current record. The problem is the comparison, when I am on the current record in the loop, how do I compare with the same field from the last record? I see no GetLastRecordField function. The final idea is to have only unique record entries in my field of choice. As always, thanks in advance.
  11. Thought I would post the script for other's delight and illumination... Freeze Window Set Variable [ $KeyVar; Value:JIRA_ALL::KEY ] Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field [ JIRA_ALL::Issue Links; $KeyVar ] Perform Find [ ] Set Field [ JIRA_ALL::FOUND SET; $KeyVar & " – Key Links – " & Get ( FoundCount ) ] Sort Records [ Specified Sort Order: JIRA_ALL::KEY; ascending ] [ Restore; No dialog ] Set Field [ JIRA_ALL::SORT STATUS; "Issue Key" ] Show/Hide Status Area [ Hide ] Show/Hide Text Ruler [ Hide ] Refresh Window
  12. Mr Vodka, thanks for your reply. But there is a bit of a problem.... I at first could not create the script at all in version 7 of Filemaker, which it must be in at this time, there is no Set Variable script step there. So I opened my copy of Filemaker 8 Advance and created the script you showed me, with small variations it worked like a charm. I have been able to do a bunch of work in this manner and then go back to version 7 non-advanced. It looks like Set Variable script step is not available in version 7. Now a question or two... Is there a way to do the same thing
  13. I am stumped on this... I am attempting to create a script that will get the contents of one field on the current record and use that value to search for the existence of that value in another field across the whole table. The final stage, I need to put the value I searched for in yet another field as part of a report of what took place. I have attempted several different methods but I am having trouble passing and holding values between the combinations of scripts and functions that I have put together. My last attempt was to go into Find mode... Use an Insert Calculated Res
  14. Lots of data and lot of indexes to speed searching and sorts. Blogs=1700 Comments=98,700 I will try the Cloning. How do you cut and Paste Tables? I am using version 7 of Filemaker and Mac OS Tiger. I am not sure why my signature says 8 and Panther, I cannot find how to correct that information.
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