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  1. Thanks Comment! That was exactly the code I needed. (How do you know all this stuff???)
  2. I watch a lot of training videos on Youtube. Whenever a topic interests me I add the URL into a simple two field database that contains a DESCRIPTION FIELD and a URL FIELD. The database lives on Dropbox so I can find it wherever I am. Some of the videos last for 20-30 minutes but I am only interested in small sections that last for one minute. I would like to find a way to find those particular sections without scrubbing through the video. Is there a way to script opening the video and then go directly to that sequence of the video? For example: the part of the video I want to watch lives at 3:38/19:58. Could I add a third field called CHAPTER that would open the URL field and take me to 3:38 in the movie?
  3. I have a database that assigns task to workers in my cabinet shop. The field "Worker" is populated from a drop-down value list. If you want to find all of the tasks assigned to a particular worker you select their name in the "Worker" field then click a (FIND WORKER) button that drives a FIND script. The FIND script reads as follows: 1 - Set Error Capture [On] 2 - Copy [Select Entire Contents] 3 - Enter Find Mode [ ] 4 - Paste [ Select ] 5 - Perform Find [ ] All of this works fine when run on a desktop computer but does not work at all when run in FilemakerGO on an iPad. Is there something I need to do different or is this script not compatible with FilemakerGo?
  4. Thanks Steve. That's the clue I needed.
  5. I am trying to build something like a bingo board to act as a visual management tool for my cabinet shop. This bingo board might be printed out on hard paper or could be electronically managed on an iPad. I would like to have the field names show up as a column on the left side of the layout with the field contents displayed in a spreadsheet type format on the right. The image of each cabinet would derive from a repeating container field. The value for each task would derive from scripts that are keyed to each cabinet type. A sink base, for example, would not have any values in the drawer box category but a drawer bank would not show cookie trays. When the bingo board is completely filled in the kitchen is done and ready to ship. Is there any way to do something like this within Filemaker?
  6. Thank you LaRetta! Once again you have pointed me in the right direction. I spent a little time with the GetDevice Function this morning . I haven't had time to make much progress yet but imagine this has something to do with an IF statement that directs me to the layout I want. I have been rapidly deploying topic specific solutions for my cabinet shop. I came up with one last week that tracks material remnants and another one a day or so ago that elegantly assigns priorities to tasks and monitors status. We run most of this with iPads but I wanted to have it available for iPhones so people could add to the list if they think of something outside the shop. And thank you too Lee. I bookmarked the link to DevCon sessions. Most of those are way over my head but some of them surprisingly make sense. I am a cabinetmaker, not a programmer like you guys.
  7. Does Filemaker 16 offer the ability to utilize responsive design? Is there anyway to create breakpoints within a database so as to have the displayed layout be appropriate for an iPhone, iPad or desktop device? If this is not possible and I need to create three separate layouts, how does the device know which layout to toggle to? I
  8. At my cabinet shop we rely on a chart like the attached one to keep track of customer status. The possible statuses are: NOW - NEXT - SOON - MAYBE We currently generate this chart using CAD software. Is there a way in Filemaker to format a layout that would present the information in a similar format?
  9. I have a rudimentary question about optimization logic. I have been re-writing the database I use to run my cabinet shop. In order to minimize overhead I have eliminated as many calculated fields as possible. The calculations that do occur now are script based and, for the most part, are performed on the server side before downloading to iPads in the shop. There are not a lot of users at any given time and probably 300 fields in play for any given cabinet. My question now is about the overhead associated with Auto-Entered Data. Many of the pieces of math I use never change. The thickness of a drawer bottom, for example, is always 12mm. When performing calculations that allude to this thickness would I be better off to populate the field with a script just when I need the data or would it be more economic auto-entered values?
  10. Is there a way to link PDF documents that reside in a container field to a PDF reader that is still accessible from the record it originated from? Right now in my cabinet shop we store CAD drawings in a container field and access the container fields from an iPad using Filemaker Go. Sometimes the guys will just glance at the contents of the container field and sometimes they need to print a hard copy out so they can cross things off with a hi-liter felt pen. The good part of this system is we never lose the electronic drawing. The paper printout, however, usually involves some kind of easter egg hunt several times a day. What I would like, if possible, is to access the contents of the container field and somehow get them to show up in a PDF reader. This way the crew could annotate the drawing electronically and the color coded annotations would be accessible electronically. Everybody could essentially share the same document. So I guess what I need is the ability to get the contents from the container field uploaded to the PDF reader and the contents of the PDF reader back again to the container field. Can anybody think of a way to do this?
  11. I have a field called TASKS that lists activities that happen on a regular basis at my cabinet shop. A second field called CERTIFICATION lists who is trained to perform any particular task. The second field is populated with a checkbox list with worker's names. I would like to be able to perform a find (based on worker's names) to see what activities a particular worker has been certified at. The problem I have when I use the value list to select the worker is it also by default puts a check in his or box to indicate competency. Is there a way to select a particular worker name and perform a find to see which specific activities this worker is (or is not) certified to perform?
  12. Thanks Mark & Comment, I hadn't really considered using a related (1:M) table but will poke around with some SETFIELD scripts that do just this. If I understand this correctly the script would create a new record in the related table, grab the cabinet ID number etc. That would make it easier to also include some information about work stations attendant to the task as well as known train wrecks, URL links to training videos etc. Would be great to also create some kind of certification to vet workers comprehension of tasks etc. The more I think about this the more I realize labor activities are merely associated with a cabinet style but really live in a world all their own.
  13. Thanks Doughemi for the suggestion of "OR" find. Have never used that before. Comment, I started to post this question two or three times but each time as I was composing it I went back to the drafting board to see if I could think of a way to do this on my own or if there was a way to formulate the question to get the answer that I wanted. I am building a task manager for my cabinetshop. For simplicity I try to keep all fields germane to any particular cabinet within a single record. The record, of course, references many tables as elegantly as my brain will allow. (I am a cabinetmaking SME, not a professional developer.) I am trying to build this with as low overhead possible with respect to download & upload speeds. Most of the work takes place with SETFIELD scripts. One of the SETFIELD scripts populates the fields: TASK 1 - TASK 2 - TASK 3 etc. If, for example, the cabinet was a sink base the script would set field TASK 3 to "Build Cabinet Doors". If the cabinet was a drawer bank then the script might set field TASK 3 to "Assemble Drawer boxes". The point is that each type of cabinet has different types of tasks. The logic behind keeping these as separate Task fields is that I can build a layout that displays a grid of tasks, much like a bingo board. (I got this idea from an example file LaRetta posted several years ago about conditional formatting stadium seating to show which seats had been sold and which remain.) This grid follows each cabinet through production. Using script triggers (upon field entry) to set the field contents to [""] essentially crosses the task off the bingo board each time we click into the field. We this way get a graphical representation of what is complete and what remains with these scripts. Task management becomes more visual this way. Using a SETFIELD script works for the standard task. Cabinet gizmos, like tray dividers, silverware storage, recycle pullouts, vary from cabinet to cabinet. Some cabinets might have one of these gizmos and some cabinets might have several of the gizmos. Gizmos are selected from a radio button value list . If there is more than than one gizmo I currently need to stipulate this as an additional task to have it show up in my bingo board matrix. Sometimes when manufacturing a cabinet we find it useful to see if any other cabinets share the same gizmo. Because of the multiplicity of gizmo possibilities we might have to search several fields to see if they exist. I hope this explanation is not more convoluted than my DB logic.
  14. Is it possible to search more than one field when performing a find? What I would like to do is start with a string of text and then see if this particular string of text shows up in any of a half dozen fields? Is this do-able or do I need to constrain my searches to one field at a time?
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