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  1. Here are some for the new Facetime facetime://apple-id facetime://email@address facetime://telephonenr
  2. For skype I now use this URL-handler Open URL: callto://echo123 http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=91291 It seems the other ones just need "//" added. ymsgr://sendim?USERNAME (Yahoo) aim://goim?screenname=USERNAME (AIM)
  3. I even deleted the folders SASL2 and XTPTrans. So far so good. Have no idea what it does.
  4. Import Records script step works fine for CSV and Excel. I suddenly notice the "Specify Data Source" [color:red]Bento Data... option with the Import Records step. Silly I missed that.
  5. It surprises me that there is no Bento import script. This really should be an option. I find it very user unfriendly for Stand Alone Runtime application. Now it is only possible to select Bento import from the menubar. Mixed with other import options. In order to let users import I need to go to the layout with the import databse. Ask the user to select it in the menu then press continue button. The pauze step can't even be used because then the menubar is not highlighted. Argh
  6. It took me some time to break it down into a small piece. Can even get smaller but here is the basis of my setup. I notice that it is not a matter of version FMP9 or 10. But I believe somewhere in the upgrading I'm started to get this problem. In the example you can see that GetRepetition is needed for the first field in orde to have the script to work. GetRepetition.fmp7.zip
  7. Is it me or has FMP 10 changed the way to obtain the contents of the first field of a repetition field. Many many scripts are having bugs suddenly. In FMP 9 it works perfect. Unless I use the GetRepetition( field; 1) they are not working properly. Quite a pain in the #$@@ : *sigh*
  8. Not sure why the file has disappeared. But here goes. QuotesExample2.fp7.zip
  9. After using different solutions I came up with this Applescript fix. It replaces the quotes in the text field so that applescript doesn't get an 2741 error. Hope it's helpful for you. :
  10. It's a pitty that the open URL function doesn't have a Blank option (without the http://). This way it would have been possible to use URL launch codes like these: ymsgr:sendim?USERNAME (Yahoo) aim:goim?screenname=USERNAME (AIM) trying to gather more... These do work within a webbrowser but not using the FM script open URL. A pitty because it would be both platform compatible. For the mac there might be an Applescript solution. But I'm not so experienced in it. Perhaps it's easy and you can help me launching it.
  11. A solution I'm using now is with the script step replace on the serial field after the import: SerialIncrement ( Max(Global::c_ClientID) ; 1) But perhaps I need a new approach
  12. Untill now I've been very happy with my auto increment Client_ID. It increments by 1, from the last highest recordnumber. The fields I use are: Client_ID Right("0000" & GetAsNumber(serial); Max(Length(GetAsNumber(serial)); 4)) serial If(Get(TellingTotaalaantalRecords) = "1"; "1"; NextClientSerial) the If is needed when the first record is being created. NextClientSerial Max(Global::c_ClientID) + 1 The Global is the common 1:1 relationship This is exactly what I want. Except I just can't seem to get it to work with importing other records. I thought it
  13. I created a Wavespell birthday calculator. If it interests you, go and have a look. Mayan Birthday Calculator
  14. Solution / Mayan Birthday Calculator Description: Now you can implement the Mayan Wavespell and find out the signs of all your contacts. Working Under: 8 Advanced Solution Status: Beta Pre-requisites: Author(s): vierdewereld Date: 04/10/06 Credits: All Mayan researchers Instructions / Other Info: It's a start so. Your input for improvements are more then welcome. The longcount I got thanks to Mr. Comment: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?fid/36/tid/175760/pid/201251/post/201251/#201251 Disclaimer: FM Forums does not e
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