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  1. just read this http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/191057/ have i been barking up the wrong tree thinking that filemaker 5.5 will work on an intel imac running 10.5. i have tonight found a stack of stuff that doesnt work in fmp 5.5 on my new imac!
  2. ok a startup page in filemaker should be added. a_work.zip
  3. yes fmp files can be created and opened on the mini as i have been doing for a few years on it. It is just that any new or old files moved from the new imac to the mini mac dont work. i have reinstalled filemaker on both machines and still no joy, i can still copy and run the files on the old imac 10.3 which is even more odd. To me it has something to do with 10.5 or migration assistant that is not allowing these files to work, i have never used migration assistant until this imac. Many thanks for your efforts hear Fitch, much appreciated
  4. when the file is copied to the mini mac it dosnt display as a fmp file and shows and opens as a blank text edit file.Using filemakers file open comand it does not recognize it as a file to open.Draging the file onto the application icon will open filemaker and convert it to a filemaker document, but when you open it, it only shows one field (f1) which filemaker created as i have no fields of this name.
  5. the application filemaker will open on all machines. What i want is to be able to create and amend databases on the new imac and be able to send then to the mini mac to run on that
  6. yes all file open on new imac10.5 and old imac10.3 but wont open on mini mac 10.4
  7. I have just got a new imac 10.5 and have used migration assistant to move my files from my mini mac 10.4, all seemed to go well.I also have an old imac(tangerine 10.3) that i use as a backup. i have just tried to backup the work from my new imac to the others and the old imac works fine but the mini mac 10.4 doesnt understand the fmp files and they are only seen as blank textedit files.I am using fmp5.5 any ideas?
  8. ok i am well on my way to sorting my problem. thanks to bcooney and comment for opening my eyes.
  9. yes the penny may have dropped. i think i did this for my invoicing some year ago, but have forgotten how to do it. Bit of reverse engineering i think. "i may be gone some time"
  10. Not quite what i was looking for. As usual with me, i think i cant explain what i am wanting. Maybe i will do what i usually do, bumble about!
  11. it is a db of deliveries that a van driver makes. each record is a delivery site. each field is an item from the warehouse. the van has a computer screen which shows the next delivery site/record. At present the driver has to scroll down the record through the fields to see what he is to deliver, and then goes to next record to see the next delivery site. I want it so that the driver only sees the delivery site he has to go to and only the fields/items he has to deliver at that site. hope that helps.
  12. i will try to explain better. the db has 10 fields record 1 shows fields 1,2,3,4,5 record 2 shows fields 3,5,6,9 record 3 shows fields 8 record 4 shows fields 9,10 etc is that any better
  13. Hi all i have a db with lots of fields. Some records need all the fields and some records only need a few fields. Is there any way i can select what fields can be seen in a record? many thanks
  14. Morning all I am working in a db that uses a pop up list of customers in alphabetical order(about 50 customers) What I would like is to be able to go back to the part of the list I was working on rather than back to the start of the list which seems to be the default. eg if my last customer was called filemaker the next find would automatically return to filemaker rather than Abbacus which is the first customer on the list. I hope this makes sence and that some one can help? many thanks
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