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  1. dysong3

    FM go connection

    Well I have at least discovered what the problem is. My FM Pro clients and FM Go can connect to the Server from outside my local network, but not from within it. Would anyone know how I can get my router to accept internal communications? And not just external ones.
  2. Filemaker clients can access remote files but FileMaker go cannot. These setups previously worked. What can be blocking fm go?
  3. dysong3

    Connection problem with FMS 16

    Thanks for you reply. nslookup gives my correct ip address. So there are no problems there. I did a port scan of localhost a got the results posted below. When you say that is precisely what I want to do. I need to be able to test WebDirect on my own computer so that I know it's working for different users. I have posted below the results I get when I do a port scan for localhost. It seems to me that the necessary ports are open both externally and internally. So why isn't it working?
  4. dysong3

    Connection problem with FMS 16

    Furthermore, I did a port scan locally and from outside the local network. What's weird and what I can't figure out is that the ports that are open are not the same. The shorter list of open ports is what's open locally.
  5. I have just been obliged to change my setup to a different internet provider. FMS 16 running on OS 10.13.3. I am not an expert on configuring internet service setups, but having been trying to reproduce what existed on my previous provider. I am now in the strange position where Filemaker client and Webdirect work correctly from computers outside my local network via a DNS address. On the local network Filemaker client only works via the local address on FMS. The DNS address fails to connect. As for Webdirect it also fails to connect on the local network. I can't get my head around what could be impeding the connection locally but not from outside the network. Here's a little summary of what i have tried to implement to get this up and running. I realise that some of the things I have done are superfluous. But as i said I am no expert. I have reserved my DNS address as a "IP address reservation" using the MAC address of the computer on which FMS resides. designated my DNS address as the "Dynamic DNS" turned NAT on used Port Mapping to open TCP and UDP ports including ports 16000, 16001, 5003, 80, 81, 443, 389 designated the local IP of the compute on which FMS resides as "DMZ" turned the firewall off. designated TCP and UDP ports including ports 16000, 16001, 16020, 16020, 5003, 389 as "special application" So would anyone have an idea what I need to do to make Webdirect and Filemaker client work on the local network using my DNS address? And possibly let me know what of the above is superfluous.
  6. Hi, Here is a custom function that I found on Briandunning.com. The problem is when I try to create a new function with this code, Filemaker refuses it saying The "here" above is situated before the parentheses after "WordWrap" and before "UnprocessedText". Would someone be kind enough to tell what I'm missing here to get this up and running? Let ([ TruncatedText = Left ( Text ; Size + 1 ) ; CountOfSpaces = PatternCount ( TruncatedText ; " " ) ; CountOfReturns = PatternCount ( TruncatedText ; "¶" ) ; PositionOfLastSpace = If ( CountOfReturns > 0 ; Position ( TruncatedText ; "¶" ; 1 ; 1 ) ; Position ( TruncatedText ; " " ; 1 ; CountOfSpaces ) ); AddReturn = If ( CountOfReturns > 0 ; "" ; " ¶" ); ThisLine = Trim ( Left ( TruncatedText ; PositionOfLastSpace ) ) ; UnprocessedText = Right ( Text ; Length ( Text ) - PositionOfLastSpace ) ; Result = If ( Length ( Text ) ≤ Size ; Text; ThisLine & AddReturn & WordWrap ( UnprocessedText ; Size ) ) ]; Result ) Sorry everyone. Please dismiss my post. I just realised that I was trying to include "WordWrap" as a function parameter and as the function name. All's well.
  7. Well the web viewer appears to be the culprit. But that doesn't resolve my problem as I would like the script to work and keep the web viewer. Any ideas on how to do that
  8. No onTimers, but there is a web viewer.
  9. There you go. There are plenty of others should this not be helpful. filemaker crash log.rtf
  10. Hmm Error capture doesn't seem to offer any help. The scripts still work perfectly well in previous versions of FM. I have backups and the oldest backup I could find, more than a year old, behaves in the same manner. The same scripts make FM15 crash.
  11. Sorry for being a dummy, but how do you access the FM crash log? I've just googled it and found nothing. Of course you're right about copy and paste. It just goes to show how old some of these scripts are, they were made before variables were part of FM and I've never got around to correcting them. That is not the reason for the crashing as I've just corrected it and it still happens.
  12. I have a number of scripts that have worked perfectly for years in previous versions of FileMaker, however in FMP 15 they causse FM to crash. They only way I have found to avoid the crash is to use the debugger and to use the "step into" button. That of course is a very cumbersome workaround. You can see one of the culprits below. Anyone have any ideas what's wrong here?
  13. FMPA 14 and 15. Same with both. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hello, Stange situation here. After reinstalling FMS15 to resolve an issue, one of my FMPA clients on just one of my computers displays "connection failed" when trying connect to the available databases on the server when trying to connect with the local ip adresse. All while several other computers have no problem doing the same. The FMPA client that has the issue has no problem connect to available databases via an external ip address. I have never seen this before and can't find any meaningful information on this by googling. Would anyone have any idea what's going wrong here? The error appears to be (51) on FMS.
  15. dysong3

    Webdirect stopped working

    Just reporting that redoing the upgrade to OS 10.2.2 and the doing a "dirty" FMS install (i.e. not clean) seems to have resolved the issue.

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