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  1. H, Can you provide us with more information? For instance what OS? Are you running FM Server? Are other users experiencing the same problems? Etc.
  2. Try removing it and see if it still crashes.
  3. Are you using plugins? It has been my experience that plugins are a very common cause of crashes.
  4. I'm not a Mac guy at all but on Windows the Get ( DesktopPath ) function returns the path with a trailing forward slash (/). As used in your calculation that would put two slashes in in a row. Just a guess.
  5. I tend not to use script triggers that are based on layout enter unless absolutely necessary because they can fire when you are not expecting it. How about: Set Variable [ $folder ; Get ( DocumentsPath ) ] Set Variable [ $filename; "YourFilename.csv" ] Go To Layout [ whatever ] Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field [ YourField ; "Active" ] Perform Find [ ] Export Records You can run this on the client or the server and both should return the same results.
  6. Emailing PDFs from Server

    I'm using this method currently but it has downsides. It requires remote users have a VPN connection so that their local PC can talk to our Exchange server. Emailing from the FM client works fine for those on on the LAN but remote users sometimes forget to activate their VPN. I'm trying to make it all simpler for everyone but me. Emailing directly from the FM server would mean the user has one less thing to remember; one less thing for us IT folks to troubleshoot.
  7. Send Mail - Attach based on data

    I did. In fact I experience the Outlook 32 bit vs 64 bit problem first-hand which is why I asked whether this is happening on Windows or Mac. The author's original post suggests that it is a Mac problem (filemac:Macintosh...) but it doesn't hurt to confirm. Maybe he doesn't realize that Windows and Mac use a different syntax.
  8. Send Mail - Attach based on data

    Probably because the developer is on a Mac but that doesn't mean that the problem is happening on a Mac. Also, Outlook is mentioned and Outlook is far more popular on Windows which makes me ask for clarification.
  9. creating QR codes

    Hello Ralphonse, The file is simple but it contains two custom functions. Those functions aren't in standard Filemaker and that's probably part of the problem. The file also appears to use the ScriptMaster plugin for Filemaker Pro. It's a freebie I think and available here: http://360works.com/scriptmaster/ To get those custom functions into your database you need to use Filemaker Pro Advanced and copy the functions from the QR Minimal file into your own file. Be aware that I only did a cursory examination of the example file. There may be more at work here.
  10. Send Mail - Attach based on data

    Is this running on a Mac or a Windows machine?
  11. Emailing PDFs from Server

    I don't think you're understanding the problem. Yes, I can email from the server but I can't create the PDF on the server. I can create the PDF on the client but I don't want to send the email from the client. So my thought was; create the PDF on the client and place it in a container field. Then call a PSOS script that finds the proper record and attaches the PDF to an email. The problem is: (1) I can't attach directly from a container. (2) Server cannot export field contents. (3) The Base Elements plugin can export but it corrupts the file in the process.
  12. Emailing PDFs from Server

    Well, the Base Elements plugin was looking promising but it seems to be corrupting the PDF on export. If I export manually on my client PC using native FM, it works fine. If I export manually on my client PC using the BE plugin, the PDF won't open.
  13. Emailing PDFs from Server

    Thank you Mike. I will give it a try.
  14. Emailing PDFs from Server

    I think I hit a roadblock in step 3. I can't export field contents from the server. It's grayed-out.

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