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  1. If you have a one-many relationship then the most recently created record will be displayed in a related field (or at the top of a portal) unless you specify a different sort order in the relationship graph, or on the portal. You could could create a timestamp field if you really want to see the creation dates. Naturally, you can have a field to designate the "current" record, especially if you want the user to have input on determining this, or want to designate an older record as "current". However, you probably don't want to create busywork for your users (having to check and unchec
  2. Hi Dova, welcome to FM Forums. While I'm sure I don't understand your intentions, your question, "how do you reconstruct the registration as it currently stands?" is reminiscent of a common issue. Consider a purchasing database that contains a current price list and customer invoices. It is tempting to show the current price as a related field or calculation on a customer invoice. This would be a mistake, because the current price might change, but a previously issued invoice should remain static and reflect the price at the time the invoice was created. The solution is to copy the c
  3. To those of you living on the bleeding edge of FM 15 on Windows, I am wondering if there are any notable improvements specific to that platform. In particular, I wonder about two things that I have found perpetually bothersome: 1. Confinement of FM windows within a larger master application Window (akin to Word for Windows 3.1). 2. Cropping of a printed layout margins, rather than showing more content, when Page Setup is used to scale a window <100%. Thanks.
  4. I would prefer if they brought back Clarus the Dogcow.
  5. Is this a software registration code? It looks to me like it is generating a code based on the first 10 letters of the Registration Name. Is that wise? It fails if someone has a shorter name (e.g. Jim Smith), and it is not unique if two people have names that start off the same way: (Jim Roberts and Jim Robertson). I would think that you would want to create a unique code regardless of the name of the individual, and you would want individuals to be able to register more than once if they purchased new products.
  6. I don't quite get what you mean by "filter for person X" on the calendar. I would think a Calendar is table of dates or events. To answer your question, you can use a repeating field to set up a many-to-one relationship between two tables. However, it sounds like you may be trying to build a many-to-many relationship, and in this case you will need a join table.
  7. Well you could define a second "State Abbreviation" field as a calculation that translates the values in the State/Province field to a shorter value. Alternatively, I'd consider defining two value lists in a related "States" table. On this table enter all the examples of "StateName" and "StateAbbreviation" on separate records. This table would only be used for defining State attributes. Link it to the original table using an "any" relationship [X]. On your original layout, format the "State" field as a DropDown List, and link it to a value list based on "StateAbbreviation", but is set t
  8. It sounds like you are sharing your database. According to the FM Pro help manual, changes made to a global field are only saved if changes are made on the host computer.
  9. Yes, Get(Device) originated in FM Pro 13. I think your going to want to set your File Options to run a script OnFIrstWindowOpen that includes some conditional steps: If [PatternCount( Get(ApplicationVersion); "Go_iPad")] Go to Layout [iPad layout] else if [PatternCount (Get(ApplicationVersion); "Go")] Go to Layout [iPhone layout] else Go to Layout [Desktop layout] end if ...or something similar.
  10. Hi Barbara, I have not noticed that issue. On my iPad I have a small "opener" file loaded in FM Go. It does nothing more than open a related file hosted on FM Server. I do not have any servers defined on the FM Go "Hosts" tab. Instead, the external server is defined the usual way within the FM file itself under "Manage External Data Sources". However, the server path is defined explicitly, I don't use a global variable. Hope that helps.
  11. I have recently setup a Brother QL-710W printer for making labels from Filemaker Go, but have run into a strange page setup problem. It is a label printer that is AirPrint enabled, which allows printing from iOS devices. The printer seems to be working fine, but I have a strange problem when printing the same layout from FM Go (on an iPhone), whereas it is fine using FM Pro. The problem seems to be that the FM Go inappropriately rotates the page from landscape to portrait causing the page to get truncated. (I run a page setup script ahead of time to set the non-standard page size and o
  12. Hi Dominick, That is strange behavior. I don't have a good idea but perhaps some questions would help clarify things. Is the file hosted on FM Server or by a computer running FM Pro? Global fields are handled differently by the two. It sounds like you're using dynamic value lists (to limit the items that appear in a popup), is that correct? Can you reproduce the effect in a stripped down example? Are there any scripts being triggered?
  13. Hi BleauMind, Welcome and Merry Christmas. It looks like you put some thought into your invoicing system, and that's a good start. Without more information, its hard to give advice on the best approach. One thing to consider is what level of detail you want on your inventory. This will depend on the type of product you're dealing with and your business practices. For example, if you're dealing with one of kind pieces of art, then each and every item will undoubtedly have its own unique ID and inventory record. If you're selling tooth brushes then each item might be marked only
  14. Mark, I agree with you there. I know a researcher whose microarray data was stored in Excel files and was unaware that there was as frameshift on the Identifiers 1/2 way through the data set. I biostatistician working in R told him his data didn't jibe, fortunately before it was too late. In actuality the flexibility of R makes it even more dangerous. However, because R is scripted, you have a running log of the entire workflow from raw data to end product, and ought to be able to reproduce data analysis precisely. In R we generally produce a pipeline of sequential data objects from raw
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