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  1. Hi, I'm updating a site survey app (sounds similar to Caroline's) and stumbled in here looking for the same thing. In prior versions of FMG I had to instruct users to take pictures to their camera roll then import them if they wanted to ensure they had them, regardless what happened to the database. This was needed because a typical user kind of assumes every picture taken lands in the camera roll, and were unpleasantly surprised to find out otherwise after deleting a record or clearing the field. I'll have to do the same thing as earlier versions, with a one-time reminder on the first pi
  2. Haven't tried this, so I'm not sure if it'll do what you want, but you can try setting up a privilege set and under record access setting the View to Limited with a calculation = (get(accountname)=table1::createdby) or get(layoutName)="report1" or get(layoutname)="report2" etc. This should (I think) allow certain records to show up only for the creator OR if the layout is a particular report.
  3. You can define a Privilege Set then set record access to allow editing only if certain fields are blank.
  4. It depends on how you'll use the values. If they're for a report, you can use subsummaries to show distinct values. If you need a list of values in a form, you can define a value list showing the field you need then use ValueListItems() to display it. Or, if you actually want to find only one record ("copy") of each value then you still have to use a script to do it. I too yearn for some sort of simpler Select Distinct... capability. Jeff
  5. I think I understand what you're looking for: a list of schools, for each school a list of teachers and, if that teacher has any courses, a list of those. If that's right... Try changing the layout to show records from the courses table occurance rather then the schools. Change the body part to a sumsummary when sorted by teacher. Then add another subsummary part sorted by school. On the shool's subsummary put the school name and info. Into the other subsummary, put the teacher info including a field containing all courses the teacher is taking (look at the LIST function for this).
  6. Available free from Compudude ( www.compudude.com), Find *it* searches the names of various database objects for the text you specify. Especially with large solutions, it's often hard to remember what a certain object is named to find it in the various development dialogs. With Find *it*, simply type in a part of an object's name and get a list of everything with that text in the name. It's also useful when deleting fields since, although you're warned when the field's being used in a script and forbidden from deleting fields used in calculations, FileMaker does not alert you if the
  7. On the client the tar file shows up as a tar archive (with the mac zipper icon). On the server, which is where I ran the tar command to create it, it's a stuffit tar icon. Another plugin on the same server is autoupdated fine. The server is 10.3.9 (not server) and the client is 10.4.2. Thanks. Jeff
  8. Howdy all, I have an FM8 client with Server 7. I have a plugin set to autoupdate without a problem (Troi File Plugin). But I'm now trying to do the same with EventScript. It's in a tar file. When it downloads to the mac client, I end up with an empty FOLDER called EventScript.fmplugin, not a plugin file. Anyone seen this before? I'm stumped. Thanks, Jeff
  9. Hi All, In v7, I was able to get around the forced alpha sort in value lists by defining a second "space" field and sorting by that. In v8, it looks like that no longer works. Take a look at the attached in 7 then in 8. In 7, the list is sorted in the order the records are entered. In 8, they're alpha sorted. My goal, of course, is to be able to have a non-sorted dynamic value list with only one field being displayed. Since the sort option is disabled when displaying values only from second field, I can't see another way to do this. It looks like 8 killed one of my favor
  10. Do you have developer/advanced? If so, you can use a recursive function such as: TrimP(text)= // TrimP strips spaces and carriage returns from text Case( Left(text;1)="¶" or Left(text;1) = " "; TrimP(Right(text;Length(text)-1)); Right(text;1)="¶" or Right(text;1) = " "; TrimP(Left(text;Length(text)-1)); text) This just removed paragraph marks and spaces, but you can set it to get rid of whatever you want. Jeff
  11. This is too strange so I think I'm either overlooking something obvious or there's a bug in FM7. I have two files: FileA has a value list that includes values from related records that are also within FileA. The relationship is from a global field to a regular text field. FileB has a value list defined to be the same as the ValueList in FileA. NOT values from a field in A, but the actual FileAValueList. I have a field in FileB that uses a Popup menu displaying FileAValueList. The value list (FileAValueList) displays fine in a field in FileA. But when I apply the value l
  12. I KNEW there was a good reason for it .. just couldn't think of any off the top of my head. Thanks.
  13. I finally started playing with the Lookup function and, I'm embarrassed to admit, I'm a bit confused. What capability does this provide that's not already available with a regular lookup or an auto-enter calculation? A field set as a calculation field with the function Lookup("Relatedtable::value") seems to have the same result as making the field a regular lookup (and locking it to prevent overwriting the looked-up value), or auto entering the calculation "relatedtable::value" (and locking the field). All result in an indexible field that need to be manually tripped to repull changed
  14. Maybe it's supposed to be this way, but I had hoped this would be fixed by v7. Sliding/Reducing size of part does not seem to work properly in certain parts. I have a report that needs to include items from a couple different tables. As an example, imagine a Company table connected to both a Contacts table and an Orders table; I need to get a list of companies and, within each company, a list of contacts AND a list of orders all on the SAME REPORT. The only way currently to do this is with portals -- base the layout on Contacts (which go into the body part) and put Orders into a portal
  15. Anyone know if there's wany major drawbacks to running Fm Server 5.5 and FM Server 7.0 on the same machine? I'm doing an upgrade to 7 and it needs to be done in pieces (lots of unrelated databases). Since it runs as a service on OS X I assume it's ok, just making sure so I know if I have to buy a new machine. Thanks, Jeff
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