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  1. rwoods

    Filter contents of drop down

    Hi Gismo To do this you could create a relationship from the invoice table to the customer table that is only true if the customer is active. I don't know how you show a customer to be 'active' but a relationship from a field in invoices that is always say 'Active' to a field in customers that says 'Active' would do it. Use an auto-enter calc in the invoice table to set that constant value to always be 'Active'. Don't forget to force that value in for all existing invoices. Then base a value list in invoices on that relationship, and you will only see active customers.
  2. @comment Well, I'm not 100% sure how the implicit type-casting works with FM variables, so I was just ramming home the point to FileMaker that this was definitely a date!
  3. You should base your loops on actual dates, rather than just an index number. Why not set a variable $date to $date = GetAsDate ( Date ($month1, 1, gYear ) ) Then have a single loop that increments $startDate by one each time, tests if it is a Sunday, does it's creation if it is, and exits the loop when Month($date) = $month1 + 2 (i.e. it has reached the month that is two months after the start month). Remember to exit the loop before testing whether that last date is a Sunday. There are probably better ways to do this anyway, like finding the first date that is a Sunday and then just adding 7 to it repeatedly to find subsequent Sundays, and stopping when you reach Month 3. Hope this helps.
  4. rwoods

    JSON - SetElement Help!

    Hello Just looking at the documentation it says :- You can set multiple elements by providing an additional set of keyOrIndexOrPath, value, and type parameters in brackets [ ] for each element. The following syntax sets N elements at once: JSONSetElement ( json ; [ keyOrIndexOrPath1 ; value1 ; type1 ] ; [ keyOrIndexOrPath2 ; value2 ; type2 ] ; ... [ keyOrIndexOrPathN ; valueN ; typeN ] ) Does that help Exactly! We over-lapped there....
  5. rwoods

    Send Mail will not allow two (2) attachments

    Hi There The ability to send mail with two attachments was added in FileMaker 17, up to that point you can only send one attachment with FM's built-in script steps. You may be able to use a plug-in (MonkeyBreadSoftware or BaseElements) to send multiple attachment in FileMaker 12.
  6. Good point @OlgerDiekstra It certainly needs the decimal delimiter in the Filter list!
  7. Hi Eli I know someone will have a better answer than this, but my thoughts would be 1) Make the field type be 'number' and use the fields options validation set to 'Strict Data Type = Numeric' 2) If the field has to be a text field, but you want to check that it is numeric, the you could do something like :- FieldIsNumber = If ( Filter ( numberField ; "0123456789" ) = numberField ; 1 ; 0 ) This Boolean result would be 1 if the field only contained numerals. It would give a positive result for '01234', but this may be OK.
  8. rwoods

    What iPad will you recommend?

    Morning The iPad mini 4 is similar in speed to the iPad Air 2. The iPad Air 2 was replaced by the full-sized (9.7") iPad (5th Gen) and more recently by the iPad (6th Gen). So while the mini 4 is a fine device, you would be much better served by the cheaper and faster iPad (6th Gen). I would suggest testing your app with a mini 4 if you want to use a small form factor device, and see how it goes!
  9. rwoods

    a beginner...

    Hello David Manipulating PDF's in a sophisticated way is not a standard feature of FileMaker (it is tool for creating business apps based on databases at its core). However, to your questions :- 1) You can certainly import PDF's into fields in FileMaker. Create a field of type 'Container' in File->Manage->Database->Fields. Create a layout with that field on, and add a button that layout. Then in 'Button Setup' make that button perform a script, with the script steps Go to Field [myContainer] Insert PDF This will allow the user to select a PDF from their computer or device, and it will be inserted into the field that you specified in line 1. 2) FileMaker can 'Save Records as PDF' (that is a script step), and one of the options is to 'Append to existing PDF'. Therefore, you can export some data from one of your layouts to a PDF already existing on the users computer or device, and FileMaker will add new pages to the end of that PDF, rather than overwrite it. So if you have a report saved in a container field, and you want to export some more data to extend that PDF report, then you would do something like // Tell FileMaker where yo would like to store the existing PDF while it is being appended-to Set Variable [ $path ; Get (DesktopPath) & "fileName.pdf" ] //Export the existing PDF from the container to the path you defined Export Field Contents [ myContainer ; "$path" ] //Go to the layout that generates your report and find the right fields, sorted into the right order Go To Layout ["myPrintLayout" ] Perform Find Sort Records //Export your records as PDF, but append them to the PDF we exported at the beginning Save Records as PDF [Append ; "$path" ; Records being browsed] //Now import the newly extended PDF back into your container Go to Field [myContainer] Insert PDF [ "$path" ] If you want to do more sophisticated PDF editing, you can use the MonkeyBreadSoftware plugin, which has many PDF functions. On a Mac they are easier, on a PC you have to also purchase the PDFKit software to enhance the Windows capability. Hope this helps.
  10. Instead of 'Set Field' you could use the 'Replace Field Contents' script step, which would have the effect of putting the same value in the same field on the whole found set. After an import, the found set is always the records that have just been imported.
  11. rwoods

    Buttons function

    Hello I'm afraid your post doesn't give me enough detail to answer your question. Maybe have a look at https://fmforums.com/guidelines/ and post the question with some more information, even a sample file of what you have so far would help.
  12. rwoods

    deploying FM apps

    Hi Tomp We are an Apple Reseller (for 35 years in the UK) and FBA Platinum partner. We use FileMaker extensively on Macs. The way we deploy anything to Macs now is by enrolling them in an MDM system (we use JAMF Pro), and use the Self Service app to allow users to install whatever apps we want to make available to them. As for deploying files, we just email everyone a FileMaker 'Launcher' file, and they put it on their desktop and use it to access the databases on our server. We used to use DeployStudio/Profile Manager to do something similar, but best practise from Apple for organisations wanting to manage Macs is now definitely MDM. In days gone by we used to image Macs, but with the latest OS file system changes from Apple this is no longer possible or sensible. Hope that gives you a steer.
  13. Hi Rich This article might help you out https://community.filemaker.com/thread/103777
  14. Hi Asu GetContainerAttribute is expecting a field as the first argument, but you are giving it a string. It would be great if FileMaker worked out what you mean, but it won't! Try this :- GetContainerAttribute (GetField ( Get ( LayoutTableName ) & "::" & Get ( ScriptParameter )); "height" ) The GetField command takes a string, and returns the contents of the field, which I believe will solve the problem.
  15. rwoods

    Flag if any of the related records contain "TEXT"

    I agree with Steve here. The problem is that you are allowing free text entry of the client name. This will always cause you a headache. You need a table of CLIENTS. When you receive an order, direct or from a 3rd Party, and someone needs to associate the order with the correct client. Or if you are allowing clients to enter orders directly into your database, then you need to give them an account number, and they should type that when they enter an order, allowing you to create a 1 to 1 relationship between the order and the client. There is no way that you will come up with anything reliable if you are trying to 'reduce' whatever was typed down to something that 'might' match another record, and allow your Trusted Agents feature to work. Sorry if that isn't the answer you were after, but that is kind of how relational databases are designed to work!

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