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  1. well dang just when you thought that you picked an unused port there they go using it!! ::shakes fist at DOD:: Thanks for your help!
  2. I'll give 8080 a shot and see what that does...I thought 84 was a pretty unused random port...but maybe not...I'll give 8080 a shot...and thanks for letting me know that the vers. 6 is flawed to the point that I'm not the only one that this is screwing up on.
  3. I'm trying for the first time ever to publish a very very simple database online for our camp coordinators to enter in product information on the road. I go into FMPRO UNLIMITED and share the database and set up all of the important info to get it shared. I go into my web browser and type in the 192.168.x.x and the port number that I told it to use "84". I get the screen and it shows the database that I'm sharing...I click on it...it waits for a few seconds...and then FMPRO UNLIMITED crashes and quits unexpextedly. EVERYTIME. I've installed the webconnector files...but I'm not
  4. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Thank you so much!!
  5. thanks a million for that. helps out in ways you don't know!
  6. Ok one addition to this. What is the correct syntax for this example: Let's say that I'm in a List view no matter what layout I'm in...and I want to change that layout to a table view. What would that be? something like: status(currentviewname)="form" go to "TableView" I just don't get the syntax on how to make this work...but basically if I'm in a FORM view and want to change to a table view, I just have to click that button, and if I'm in a table view the same button will take me back to a form view.
  7. That definately helps out in a big way! the only problem is now I have to go and attatch that script to all of the databases! Thanks for your help! Jami
  8. Hello again, I'm wanting to impliment arrows at the top of the database much like you use them in a web browser. Not to go from file to file like you would use the rolodex on the left...but basically to take you back to the last layout or entry you were in or vice versa going forward. Is that even possible? And again if so...how in the heck do ya do it? Thanks again for all your help and your time! Jami
  9. Hey everyone! Here's the scoop. I'm re-writting the databases here at work...and I'm wanting to create a button that takes them to a list view or a form view...simple enough...but here's the catch. If they are in a LIST view already...I want the button to be FORM view button...and vise versa with just ONE button. So that if they are looking at a list view and want to go back to the form view they can just click that button and it takes them there. That the button changes to list or form view pending on which view they are currently in. Is that possible...and if so...how do I wri
  10. Hello...I'm very sure this find is simple...I just can NOT figure it out to make it work. Here's the deal. There's a pull down full of colleges where our events are going to be held, a 2001, 2002 and 2003 button...and then a find button. All I want to do is pull down the list and select a certain college (Covanent College for instance), click on the year, 2003 for instance, and then hit find and have FM show the results in a specific layout called Camp Registration Overview showing only that College for 2003 that will display all the events going on at that college. The pull down b
  11. Hey everyone...I'm a newbie...and I'm sorry for probably asking such an elementary question but here it goes: I need to find a way that when they click on the button it does a search for data that contains the year 2003 and for a specific college name and then sort it and put it in a list layout. IE: "Jane" is wanting to apply for an internship with Converse College, "Sally" needs to find out what times she's got available for her to come and interview with. So "Sally" needs a button that does a find for Converse College and the year 2003, and display the info in a list format so t
  12. Man you guys ROCK! Thank you so much for your help!
  13. Hey everyone...first time poster here...so HI EVERYONE...hope you're having a great day! Ok now for the reason for this post. I will try and describe the situation my best. One of the girls here is wanting me to create a button that when she clicks on it...it will do a search through a specific layout called Interview Schedule that is on the same databse...looking for whatever college she selected from the pull down menu to find available interview times for that college. I am assuming that I should do this through a script...but I can not figure out how to make it pull from the
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