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  1. Hi I'm looking for advise. I need to read from an access log, get the result (which is tab-delimited text) and write each line as a separate record in a database. It's a constantly changing file so it'd need to read from it constantly and retrieve any new entries What's the best way to achieve this? PHP? Built-in FM function? 3rd party plugin? Is Filemaker the best way to do it, should I use PHP/MySQL instead? If anyone has any advise/tips it'd be greatly appreciated
  2. Thanks for that - I've attached the page client_details.php.zip
  3. Thanks for that - it now at least starts to load the page, but doesn't display any content below that - but it feels like progress!! I've attached a screen shot so you can see what I mean
  4. The active jobs field is basically a calculation that concatenates the CustomerID with an active job identifier and this is used to create the relationship. If there is an active job for the client it works perfectly, however, if there isn't, the ActiveJobs recordset generates and error and sends it to the error page - I want it still display the client detail page.
  5. Hi What I've done is to create a page with two record sets: From a results page you click on a link to the client record. The client record page has two record sets on it; the client detail (from the clients table) and all jobs linked to that customerID (from the Jobs table). When you click on a link, if there are jobs against that client, everything displays fine, however, if there are no linked jobs for a client the jobs record set returns goes to the error page and gives a 401 error . How do I get it to suppress that error and still display the client detail from the clients table whether there are linked jobs or not? I would have just used a portal but need record set paging and this doesn't seem to work for portals. Alternatively, is there a way I can trap the 401 error and ignore it? Any suggestions gratefully accepted!! Here is the PHP code I'm using: <?php require_once('Connections/PressLogin.php'); ?> <?php // get variable from URL and set to $Variable $ActiveJobs = $_GET['ActiveJobs']; ?> <?php $PressLogin_find = $PressLogin->newFindCommand('Clients_Web'); $PressLogin_findCriterions = array('KP_CustomerID'=>'=='.fmsEscape($_GET['KP_CustomerID']),); foreach($PressLogin_findCriterions as $key=>$value) { $PressLogin_find->AddFindCriterion($key,$value); } $ActiveJobs_find = $PressLogin->newFindCommand('Jobs_Web'); $ActiveJobs_findCriterions = array('ActiveStatus'=>$ActiveJobs,); foreach($ActiveJobs_findCriterions as $key=>$value) { $ActiveJobs_find->AddFindCriterion($key,$value); } fmsSetPage($PressLogin_find,'PressLogin',10); fmsSetPage($ActiveJobs_find,'ActiveJobs',10); $PressLogin_result = $PressLogin_find->execute(); $ActiveJobs_result = $ActiveJobs_find->execute(); if(FileMaker::isError($PressLogin_result)) fmsTrapError($PressLogin_result,"error.php"); if(FileMaker::isError($ActiveJobs_result)) fmsTrapError($ActiveJobs_result,"error.php"); fmsSetLastPage($PressLogin_result,'PressLogin',10); fmsSetLastPage($ActiveJobs_result,'ActiveJobs',10); $PressLogin_row = current($PressLogin_result->getRecords()); $ActiveJobs_row = current($ActiveJobs_result->getRecords()); $ActiveJobs__Clients_portal = fmsRelatedRecord($ActiveJobs_row, 'Clients'); $ActiveJobs__JobsActiveJobs_portal = fmsRelatedRecord($ActiveJobs_row, 'Jobs_ActiveJobs'); // FMStudio v1.0 - do not remove comment, needed for DreamWeaver support ?>
  6. I would have thought it was asking for the root directory for your website that you are defining. This is in /Library/WebServer/Documents If you use MAMP (which is pretty handy) you can set it to be anywhere you want. When you define the site in DreamWeaver just use which leads to the above. Is this what you meant? Also, make sure PHP is definitely enabled in the php.ini file - if I were you though I'd just use MAMP, it's free and easy to use
  7. Hi I've just started using Lasso so I can use the Session commands - what I want to know is the correct syntax for to add the current Session_ID via an inline, e.g., [inline: -Add, -Database='orders', -Table='main', -KeyField='ID', 'ClientReference'="[session_ID: -Name='MySession']"] [Error_CurrentError: -ErrorCode] [Error_CurrentError] [/inline] Ta!!
  8. Hi Can someone please help with this. What I want to do is get a value returned to CDML format page (in this case a file name), I then need to get the value into a PHP page that is running in the Apache root (OSX) to create a blind link to the file to download it (I'm assuming there is no way to run the PHP scripts out of the Web Companion Folder). I'm guessing that the best way to do this is with Javascript but I don't know anything about it. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!
  9. Thanks for that - that's a good idea
  10. Hi I need a CDML search form that searches on the following: - find search term 1 or search term 2 - omit any record of search term 1 or search term 2 whose JobStatus equals "Completed" I know it's all to do with -LOP and -OP but I can't get it to work!! Any suggestions greatly appreciated
  11. Without seeing the code I would think that you left off one of the [/FMP-if] statements
  12. I want to hide the path to the file
  13. Hi Can someone tell me if it is possible to use a form action to trigger the download of a file using CDML or would I need some sort of Javascript to trigger it? thanks
  14. Hi Using CDML I want to create a form where clicking on it downloads a file. I know how to do it as a URL but I want to use a form to suppress the path name from being displayed. The path name to the file will be along the lines of:[FMP-currenttoken].pdf Alternatively, is there something you can add to a web page that will force the browser (specifically Safari) to download the file rather than open it in a browser window? Any advice gratefully accepted!!
  15. Hi can someone please tell me if there is any way to get the current user password that they use to login to the database - I can't see anything in scriptmaker to do it ta!!
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