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  1. Something like the attached? Or have I misunderstood your problem? Link.fp7
  2. The potentiometer details and records should be in a separate table rather than in the projects table
  3. Sort the portal by the field Events_EventsGuests_Contacts::Name_Last
  4. The portal will only scroll if there are more records than the number of rows in the portal
  5. Set Field [ log; TextColor( Get (CurrentTimeStamp); RGB(255;0;0)) & ¶ & note & ¶ & ¶ & log ]
  6. Something like the attached? Only creates the links in one direction and there are probably better ways ... dictionary.zip
  7. Something like the attached? customer.zip
  8. efen


    What exactly should happen - what are you trying to achieve? Why are your date fields text rather than dates?
  9. The 2nd file that's attached to this post http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/83582-display-all-info-upon-selecting-a-record-from-a-list-all-in-one-layout/ has a portal that does that. In the file change the 1 in the portal filter calculation to "" so that nothing shows in the portal before you start entering letters.
  10. Like the attached? letter.zip
  11. I don't fully understand how you want this organised but I would suggest that you need several more tables for what you want to do than the two[?] that you mention in your post. You don't need a separate table for each location - just one table of locations with each location as a record. But are bars and storage areas separate units or do the bars each have their own storage area?
  12. Attach it to this thread
  13. It might help if you describe your problem - I can't "see" because it's a FM 12 file. Your profile states you are using FM 11?
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