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  1. Emailed 360works directly and got a reply from Jesse Barnum. Turns out the Enterprise License is needed regardless of how many IWP users.
  2. Hi All, Just want to verify if SuperContainer Workgroup license is all that is needed for the following: - the database will be hosted on FileMaker 11 Client - the database will be accessed by up to 5 Instant Web Publishing users I'd like to avoid my client purchasing the Workgroup license to find out that later on they need the Enterprise license (which is most likely out of their budget range). Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for the reply! I emailed the log file already.
  4. Hi All, Anyone know of any incompatibilities between FTPeek and the QNAP ftp server? FTPeek_GetFileList can't seem to get the file list, even when using the plug-in sample file. When you change directory to "ABC", for example, it is successful, but when getting the file list it returns "/ABC/" also instead of file1.xls, file2.xls, etc. The log files don't indicate any errors as well. The script works fine with other ftp servers though. Any settings i need to change in the FTP for it to work? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, I have a script that performs an Open URL step to the address "sip:123456". It's working fine from within FileMaker in Windows, but when run from IWP, "http:" is automatically added to the URL, making it "http://sip:123456". Anyone encountered this? Any workarounds? Thanks in advance! Regards, Butchm
  6. Consultant Wanted

    Hi Yogesh, I do FileMaker Development and am based in Manila, Philippines. Can I get more details on the work you need? Regards, Butch Maceda www.bcm.com.ph
  7. Summarizing Many to Many Relationships

    Thanks very much for the replies! It helped a lot! Ralph, I fixed the join table (actually created another table) since the transactions are coming from a lot of other different sources (invoices, purchases, inventory adjustments). Now everything is working as planned. Thanks! Ender, Thanks for the sample file. The relationships look like a lot to digest, but I'll go through them in the next few days.
  8. Hi All, This has me stumped. Hope there is a simple solution to this that I haven't thought about yet. I have three tables: Items, Locations, and Transactions. Items looks like this: 001 Widget 002 Gadget Locations looks like this: 001 Warehouse 002 Branch Transactions looks like this: 001 Widget 10pcs Warehouse 002 Widget 20pcs Warehouse 003 Gadget 30pcs Branch 004 Gadget 40pcs Branch I would like to have a portal inside the Items file that contains a summary of the number of pieces in each branch, like this: 001 Widget 001 Warehouse 30pcs 002 Branch 0pcs 002 Gadget 001 Warehouse 0pcs 002 Branch 40pcs Although I could do this report under the transactions file, I also need a report that looks like I need a portal: Warehouse Branch 001 Widget 30pcs 0pcs 002 Gadget 0pcs 70pcs Any ideas on how I can get this to work? Thanks in advance! ButchM
  9. Great suggestion, haven't thought about that yet! Will try to check this out in a couple of days as it is on a client site. Am wondering, though, I have setup this type of backup before on two other servers and they didn't have any problems, so this may turn out to be a bug with FMS. Thanks again for the help!
  10. Hi All, Have this curious problem. I've set FMServer Task Scheduler to backup automatically to a hard drive called Z:. It always fails, and the Event Viewer shows that the drive cannot be found. The server is W2k, FMServer 5.5. The mapped drive is shared by WinXP Pro. I've tried setting the backup to the local C: drive and it works fine. I've also tried changing the Mapped drive to another letter but still doesn't work. The Mapped Drive appears fine in My Computer and I can copy and move files in and out. Any ideas on what I might have missed? Thanks in advance! butchm
  11. Hi Chuck! The solution you proposed works great! Thanks again!
  12. Thanks for the reply, Chuck! The serial numbers are not primary keys, so I wasn't able to use FileMaker Pro's built in functions. I am building a script that would let users add a range of serial numbers to an inventory database, so each item in the inventory would have a different inventory serial number. I will try your suggestion (as soon as I figure it out) . Thanks again!
  13. Hi All, When I add a number to a text field, only the number part is retained. Is there a way to make the result include the other characters? For example, when I add XYZ100 + 1, I get 101, but I would like to get XYZ101. Thanks in advance! Butch M
  14. I'm getting the same results when I install that font in Mac OS X. I've tried installing in the Library/Fonts folder and User/Library/Fonts folder as well. The font does show up in TextEdit and other programs, and works fine with FileMaker for Windows, so I'm wondering if this is a system issue or a Mac OS X issue. Any ideas, anyone?
  15. tractor-feed for mac

    Hello, would like some advice on how you managed to print from Mac OS X to an LX-300. I have installed GIMP-Print and am using a parallel to usb cable, but nothing prints out when I add the printer in Print Center. I've checked using the Mac and an Epson inkjet printer, and the cable works. The LX-300 also works when connected directly to a PC, even with the serial to usb cable. Thanks in advance!

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