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  1. I am trying to send email via mailgun api. It works on desktop but not on psos or scheduled script. I use just simple cURL. The url is: "https://api:MYAPIKEY@api.mailgun.net/v3/DOMAIN/messages" My cURL Parameters is: -F "from=me@domain.com" -F to=you@domain.com -F "subject=email subject" -F "text=email text" --form-string "html=<h1>html text</h1>" --max-time 30
  2. hello all, I am using insert from url script step in my server scheduled script with cURL parameters. Insert from URL step gives error 1, user cancelled action. I have added --max-time 30 option, but still same error code. I changed the url to any regular web page, it works. But it still not works with orginal url (mailgun api url). how can I handle this problem? regards, osman
  3. I have the same problem again, I have tried no1tmorrow and E.J. Sexton suggestions. It was worked last time I get this error, but not this time. I have found a solution, and I am writing here for the record.  Let me explain my case: The server was running without problem, after Windows Server update the problem occurred. Database can not be started. There wasn't any error code in event log file. The last entry was like below: 2014-07-24 08:02:15.911 +0300 Information 406 fmserver Starting FileMaker Database Engine... After dozens of reinstalling and restarting process, I have looked FileMaker Server Service from services window. I changed Log On settings of FileMaker server Service like the image below. And now FM Server is running works.   Server specs for this case is : FileMaker Server 11 on Windows 2012 Standard. 2,13 Ghz Xenon processor with 16 GB of ram.
  4. Thank you Wim I have checked port www.canyouseeme.org and network utility. Both of seems the port open. But problem has gone. You are right, problem was related to our provider's network settings. Have a nice day.
  5. Hi, I have a server on one of the ISP. For more than one years it is running. But today I can not connect to databases published. I have checked the port number 5003, it is open. Windows firewall is off. FileMaker sever is running, I can connect server by the filemaker runs on the server machine. FileMaker running on the server machine can not connect any other server. CWP page is running over http. I am missing something, what could I do to solve this problem? Regards, Osman
  6. Did you select "Access via Instant Web Publishing (fmiwp)" for any of account privilege?
  7. Hi all, I am in trouble with xml exports. I get "An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0xb...) was found" error message. Some special characters break xml export process. And it is too hard to detect invalid chars in the records. I have figure out two of them (code 11 and 29). For that two characters i am using substitute function to delete them. Code 11 and 29 are solved now. But I dont know when will I met a such error for another invalid char later. I want to solve this case forever. But first i need list of invalid characters. Such a list is present in somewhere? Thanks in advance. F. Osman Cabi
  8. Hi, I want to export excel file with formatting. Using xsl style to generate Excel XML is ok. But it is not native .xls file. This file will be used another application. So it may require orginal xls file instead of excel xml. Is it possible to generate native xsl file (like save as excel or export as excel) from filemaker with stylesheet? Thanks, Osman
  9. Hi, I generally un-check "save record changes automatically" option in data entry list views. But the problem is about serial numbers. Order No field is auto enter serial number field. If the user creates new record and don't save it, record automatically deleted but it does not roll back serial number. I know this is not a bug of FileMaker but it is not the case I want. So, I am searching for a best way to do it. The alternatives that I am considering are: - New record script always set next serial value (this may be slow down in huge data) - Trigger may help about this issue (but there is no onRevert trigger option) - Control new record process within a script and new layout (doing this job on 6 tables may be time wasting) I wonder is there any other alternatives? Or which is the best way, any opinion? Thanks, Osman Cabi
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