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  1. Hello. My colleague is running Filemaker Server 7 on an Xserve, and is having trouble getting it to backup with Server's Scheduler to an external drive. For example, look at the screenshot linked below: http://dave.typepad.com/server_screenshot.gif Each Friday, we want to backup all databases to a folder named "Friday" on an external Firewire drive that connected to the Xserve (and so on with every day of the week). How do we specify the correct path in the "Back up Folder" field? Thanks. It's been bothering us for a while.
  2. Hello, all. My boss wants to be able to enter "canned" text into a text field to save folks from having to type the same phrases over and over. My idea was to have a value list field containing all the canned phrases people typically enter next to a button. The user selects the canned phrase from the value list, clicks the button and the selected phrase is placed into the text field above right where the cursor is. I know the 'insert text' script step, but I can't figure out how to get it to insert text at the cursor. Ideas? Thanks.
  3. Sorry if this is the wrong location for this post. Feel free to move it. I've been asked to create a report that will track students' height and weight over time. I have a 'students' database that holds the height and weight information. I could easily create a list report that just lists the students' names plus their height and weight, but I've been asked to have the report display historical data on this. Specifically month by month. Attached is a quick sketch of an idea of the layout of the report. At first I thought I'd need a wt/ht db where one month was one record, but that seems wrong. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, folks. I'm currently working for a residential school. We have a large database system that tracks, students, staff, parents, etc. Now the nursing department wants to get in on the fun, as the majority of our kids take medication. In thinking about this, I'm wondering about the relationship: One student can have many medications (Janie takes Pill A, Pill B and Pill C). Also, one medication can be given to several students (Pill B is given to Janie, Johnny and Suzie). Sounds like the dreaded many to many, which I've been taught to avoid. How would you divvy this up? We already have a students.fp5 DB, and my initial inclination was to make a Medication DB with our StudentCode as the key field. Now I'm not so sure. Dosages also comes into play to further complicate things. Janie can get 20mg of Pill A at 8:00 AM, 15mg of Pill A at 3:00 PM and 20mg of Pill A, 10mg of Pill B, 0.5mg of Pill C plus a multivitamin at 8:00 PM (or any other crazy combination you can think of). Agghh! So then I thought maybe there should be a "dosages" DB, in which "8:00 AM Pill A, 10mg, Janie" was one record, and so on. I don't usually have a problem with this type of thing, but this one has me stuck. How would you do it?
  5. Hi, folks. Ready for the holiday? First off, here is a screenshot. It will help me explain what I mean. On the left, under "Staff" is a portal using a self join relationship. It's meant to be used for navigation; click on the name and see the related info on the right. There are about 100 staff members in the database, so some quick find/elimination is in order. This is for a school. Let's say I want to display only the staff for Classroom 1. What I'd like to be able to do is type "cl 1" in the Search field below the staff portal (there is a field "nameWorkLocation"), click the "search" button and have the resulting found set display in both the portal and on the right. If possible, I'd like to even include the likes of all classroom staff, all residential staff, etc. I just don't know how to perform a find in both this portal and the "main" data display. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks, all! dave
  6. If this is not the proper forum, I apologize to the mods. Care to look at what I'm working on? It's a tech. inventory, the one I use myself at work. People around the office have told me they like it, and I've decided to see if I can spiff it up enough to be donationware. I'd appreciate any attention you care to pay it, and any feedback you care to send my way. Here it is. FM 7. Thanks so much, I look forward to your extremely valuable feedback.
  7. Soren: Bingo! Exactly what I needed. Thanks.
  8. Hello. I can't for the life of me get this, and I'm hoping you can help me out. I simply want an applescript to write a text string into the second repetition of a repeating field? Any ideas? I don't have much hair left to pull out (plus, I guess it's time to acquire some familiarity with applescript). TIA.
  9. Hello. I'd like to script the creation of a found set that spans a given date range to be used in the printing of a report. I know that manually I could just enter find mode, go to my dateEvent field, select the greater than or equals to symbol, enter the desired start date in my dateEvent field, perform the find and then sort by dateEvent. I just don't know how to script the "greater than or equal to" a date part of the routine. I've created a "specify start date" field that I'm calling z.StartDate to hold the user's desired start date for the report. Now what? Thanks, all.
  10. Hello. I have a self join portal in a "staff" database that lists all records in the DB that I've created as a sort of constant "side bar" on my browse layouts. They're listed in what appears to be a random order, can I get these to show up in ABC order? Thanks!
  11. Hello. I've made a small solution that consists of four files: assignments.fp5, software.fp5, computers.fp5 and help.fp5. Assignments is the "front end" that the user sees, it's mostly portals, etc into software and computers, and help is obviously a help file db. Right now, assignments.fp5 lives in the top level of the folder containing all of the above files, as I want the user to see it and click it (and not the others) to begin. I've put the others in another folder w/in this folder called "closet." The closet folder contains the support files that the user will not double click to open. My question is this: How do I have a user install this so that assignments.fp5 will be able to find the others when trying to pull the necessary data into its portals? I've toyed w/the idea of writing a sort of "installer" applescript that will move the folder containing all the files to the user's applications folder, but if he wants to move it, I'm afraid he'll get the dreaded "can't find the file. . ." message. Anyone know a trick for this? I hope this is the correct section of this forum for this post.
  12. Mark: Thanks. One question: I don't fully understand the GetRepitition or exit loop statements. Does that look at the middle repetition of global field gB? I've never seen "random" before, and the FM Help just said it generates a random number. Sorry, but can you explain it to me? Also, exit if B1 is greater than or less than B2? Forgive my ignorance, I know I'm a pain.
  13. Hello, all. My wife is an elementary school teacher, and she's asked me to create a way for her to generate "bingo cards" with varying contents. That is to say, she'd like to replace the numbers on a traditional bingo card with vocabulary words, simple math equations, etc. So I created a simple file that has a "card printout" layout and a simple data entry layout with 25 fields (b1, b2, b3. . etc. . . i1, i2, i3. . .etc), for the 5 across and 5 down on the printed result. Now for the tricky part (for me at least). She'd like to be able to print a selected number of cards, each with a different arrangement of the entered data. For example, let's say she enters "flower," "daisy," "ambulance," "recliner" and "telephone" for fields b1, b2, b3, b4 and b5 respectively. The arrangement of these fields (the "B" column) on the first card printed may be as listed above, but perhaps "daisy," "ambulance," "flower," "recliner" and "telephone" on the second card printed, etc. Yes, I know I can just make several printout layouts, each with a different arrangement of these fields, and just have the print routine move from one to the other, printing each, but that seems a rather inelegant way to get the job done. Is it possible to create this type of randomization in FM? Thanks in advance.
  14. Everyone: Thanks for the great suggestions. Ender: Please explain to me the "License-Agreement" DB in your ER Diagram. I have created the following DB's: "Computers", with the fields you suggested "Employees" "Software" compSerial# is the key field between them all. Now am I to use the License Assignment DB as a sort of "front end" DB that pulls info from the three others, where 1 record = 1 assignment? Again, forgive my ignorance and I thank you for your patience. I hope this makes sense.
  15. Paul: Thanks for the reply. To answer your question, I would like to know which specific employee has what seat of a certain app installed. If an employee leaves or switches departments, than that seat (or install) of that app is freed up. I've renamed "employees" to "seats" to keep things straight for myself, as I realized I'm counting installs, not employees. I did use a serial number field in both db's, and use that as the key between the two. I made a portal in "Software" that displays the names of all employees that have a certain app installed (e.g., the "photoshop cs" record in "software" displays "john smith, jane doe," etc.). You're right in that it's now possible for an employee to appear in "seats" more than once. Is that going to be a problem (again, forgive my ignorance). I figured that in "seats" I can generate a report with an "employee name" subsummary that lists all apps installed on a given employees machine (e.g., John Smith has photoshop, dreamweaver and acrobat) and in "software" a report sorted by app that lists all employees (e.g., dreamweaver is installed to jane doe, john smith and sally jones). Thanks again for your input. I've only been using FM for a short time. I appreciate it.
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