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  1. Once I re-set the permissions on the relevant folder - and rebooted the Mini - and changed the subfolder entry to ONLY the name of the subfolder - in this case - only 'DepotMaestro' - all was good. Thanks Josh, Bev, Kirk et al in Friday Night Chat
  2. HI all - I have two folders inside of the Databases folder which contain numerous files - these are DepotMaestro and TCM. I am trying to setup backup schedules for each of the subfolders. The path I am using is for the subfolder is: filemac:/NewMiniHD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/DepotMaestro/ filemac:/NewMiniHD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/TCM/ Both show the Not A Valid Path error. What am I doing wrong? Mojave,
  3. This works fine when running the script in FileMaker - creating a PDF .The PDF gets created on the desktop, and is attached using Send Email via SMTP. There is no dialog presented to the user, which is expected behaviour. However - in WebDirect, it fails, since it appears that the path is not recognised. The PDF is created, but always presents the Download button - the location can't be determined by WebDirect. Any help much appreciated. Steve
  4. dubl

    New Laptop

    Yep - if you can't do a ghost copy from one machine to the other, re-install is the only option.
  5. So - updated the plug-in, but the same issue happens. I downgraded the server back to 13 and all is fine. Too hard basket for now!
  6. I asked the IT about mapping and he says no. I'm going to update the plug-in tonight to the latest version - but FM support agrees - it's pretty weird! Evidence points to the workstation, but being on TS belies that fact Thanks for your reply, vriend!
  7. I have a client running Windows Terminal Services. Users use Remote Desktop from their workstations to log onto the terminal server. Last night I upgraded the server to FMS 14, but left the clients on 12. There are no server-side scripts. The terminal service workstation and the FileMaker Server are each installed on their own virtual machine. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1; 14GB I have a script in my solution that checks for plug-ins being registered. If the registration code is not correct, a message appears - the relevant plug-in is MyfmButler DoSql. On ONE and only one workstation, the script throws this error message. Different users can log into this workstation and all throw the same error. The same users log into other workstations and don't get the message. Their IT guy says it has nothing to do with the workstation, since all activity happens on the Remote Desktop terminal services session, so it MUST be FileMaker! Any suggestions? Thanks Steve aka Dubl
  8. I'll count my lucky stars then - I upgraded my 2011 MacMini to Yosemite - server 13 is running fine! Normally I am bit hesitant to be an early adopter - not sure what came over me!
  9. Folks, Thanks for all your replies. I wonder how many other issues there are, where complicated work-arounds are posted or compromises are made aesthetically. When all for the sake of a couple of px, it all works like it is supposed to! Thanks LaRetta - you've done it again!! ps: (do you guys have the McCain ads - Ah McCain, you've done it again!?)
  10. Hi Lee (or should I say Haillee?) The only issue with using borders is the cosmetic one - where one of the fields has many lines but the other fields don't. Because the vertical lines only extend when there is text, the page has unsightly gaps in it where the vertical lines stop where an adjacent field has many lines. Or am I missing something? I know that vertical line shrinking worked perfectly in 11, since the report I am modifying now to use borders is because the vertical lines don't shrink - I just upgraded from 11 to 12.
  11. Hi all A client running WIndows Server with Server 11 cannot start the Admin Console after Java update 27. The files are hosted correctly and clients can connect as normal. I can stop and stop the database files using the command line. 'c:\Program Files (x86)\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\database Server\FMSAdmin Restart Adminserver' in the command line does bring up the y,n question, but makes no difference. I have reinstalled build 26 but still no joy. Any suggestions? Thanks Steve aka Dubl
  12. Hi A client recently reported that his three Windows XP machines had started randomly crashing while running my solution. I have replaced his TaxiCab Manager files with a fresh set - problem persists. The machines share via peer-to-peer. Here's the exact text of the error - I've also attached the screenshot: Hanging application FileMaker Pro.exe, version, hang module hungapp, version hang address 0x00000000 Does this error give any clue to where I should start isolating the problem? His IT guy has replaced network cards in all machines. The majority, but not all, of the crashes happen when they go to print. The host computer is connected via USB to a Brother printer. The second computer has a USB printer (also Brother) which the third printer shares. I am going to reinstall FM on his machines and try and talk him into upgrading to v11 anyway. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated. Thanks Dubl FM error vc9.rtfd.zip
  13. Wim - cheers, thanks and dankje wel! Dubl aka Steve
  14. Hi When one first installs FMS on a Windows server, a shortcut is created on the desktop. If this gets deleted, how can one recreate it? I can open up the console via the browser with no problems, but I would like to know how to get that (somewhat pixelated on Win) shortcut icon back. Thanks Steve aka Dubl
  15. A client recently purchased a Mac Mini Server to run FMS v11. Recognising that it is a 'pseudo server' and not an 'ideal' server setup, it is a cost-effective solution for the client. And yes, Mr. Blackwell, the cost of recovering data will more than outweigh the savings, but this is what the client now has. I am trying to set up a backup schedule to the second drive inside the machine. The FM KB article says: ISSUE: FileMaker Server cannot backup to a remote volume. RESOLUTION: Because of the increase in security changes that are done on the Operating System, this feature is no longer possible to maintain. Regardless of the platform, we highly recommend that the files be backed up through FileMaker Server locally on a hard drive connected directly to the machine. But this is NOT a remote volume - it is directly connected to the machine. The volume name is 'betsserver', the second drive is 'BackupHD' and it has a 'Daily' folder in the root. Paths I have tried which are NOT valid paths are: filemac://betsserver.local/BackupHD/Daily/ filemac:/betsserver.local/BackupHD/Daily/ filemac:/betsserver/BackupHD/Daily/ filemac://betsserver/BackupHD/Daily/ filemac:/BackupHD/Daily/ filemac://BackupHD/Daily/ Am I wasting my time here? Any other suggestions? Thanks Steve
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