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  1. R2D2

    Insert PDF fails

    Solved!! In the Insert PDF -script step has to be written "imagemac:" and then the variable with path. Now it works!πŸŽ‰
  2. R2D2

    Insert PDF fails

    Hi! In my script I would like to print a form as pdf and then import (insert) it back to FileMaker (18 adv) to a container field. I have declared a variable for printing path to temporary folder ($FullPdfPath) which is shown as "/Macintosh HD/var/folders/v0/1xnctqb11hz6qff8qt937yn40000gn/T/S10/print.pdf". So far, so good... Printing to pdf-file works well and this "print.pdf" appears to temporary folder. But when I now Go To Field ("Printed PDF") (container field, optimized for interactive content) in the script, and Insert PDF (Specify source file, "$FullPdfPath"), I always get an error 100 (File is missing). I have tried to export and import to different paths (Desktop etc) but always same Error 100 File is missing. The file IS there, but is there something wrong with my path? Or what? Is there an easier way to store a printed pdf to a container field directly?
  3. Ok... OS is Windows Server Standard 2016, Disk size 80 Gb, 2 cores, 4 Gb memory. This is a fresh install on a new OS. I have checked the file and WebDirect is turned on in the extended privileges. I have tried with Opera, Chrome and Firefox. All of them gives me that Launcher page but not a single file visible. Even if I try to open the Launcher page inside the Win Server, no files is shown. With FM client and FM Go (iPad, iPhone) everything works well.
  4. ^Tried with Safari and Chrome (JavaScript enabled, popups enabled, AdBlocker disabled). Still getting empty page...😞
  5. Yes, I think so. I chose OpenJDK 8 (LTS) and HotSpot JVM as instructed, and downloaded JRE. Windows is a bit strange world to me, so how can I check that Java is running as it should? This is how it looks in the Connectors tab.
  6. Oookeeyy... Now I have rolled back to Windows Server 2016, but still the same problem. The WebDirect page is found and loaded, but still I cannot see the database file there😫 Now what?
  7. GRRRRHHHH!!!😑 I should have checked that before installing Windows Server 2019πŸ™2 days of hard work now wasted. But thanks!🀜
  8. Hello (again)! I have a problem with FM Server 18 WebDirect. Everything else is working perfectly in the server. I can access files thru FM client and FileMakerGo. But when I open WebDirect page, there is no files. Nada. I have configured the file to use WebDirect. In the Security section Webdirect is allowed. I also have opened every port needed in the firewall. But still nothing. Server is on Windows 2019 based, and I'm using MacBook Pro with Opera (does not work either with Safari). What else could I do?πŸ™
  9. Oh yeah! Now it works! Thank you very very much!
  10. Ok... Now I signed up for testing and got my APIkey. I also got quite good offer for my purposes. Unfortunately that script you made up does not work. Nothing happens after I press "Get Response"πŸ˜•
  11. I actually wrote them and asked if they could consider also "pay by use" -possibilty. But we'll see...
  12. Thank you, "comment"! Unfortunately I don't have key for this service. It would cost minimum $99/month, and my usage is just random and hobbybased. Entering a single barcode to their frontpage seems to be free, and I was just wondering if that could be used via Filemaker. But thanks anyway!😊
  13. Hi! I would also be interested about this kind of feature. There is quite good barcode database in address: Barcode lookup. They also tell details about their API (Barcodelookup API), but my knowledge is not good enough to understand how to integrate that to FileMaker. Anyone here with more brains?πŸ™„
  14. Hello! Our work shifts are (for some historical reasons) made and maintained on Excel. During years the number of employees has expanded a lot and so the number of working slots. It is VERY frustrating to find your own shifts from an Excel sheet. Unfortunately this data in Excel is very unorganized and almost chaotic. Now I have an idea that I could somehow import that data to Filemaker so, that I would not have to manually go thru every cell. The original Excel is a shared document in Google Drive. I can download it locally and modify it freely. So, could it be done combining Filemaker script, maybe Apple script and Excel Visual Basic? I'm not very familiar with Apple script or Visual Basic.
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