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  1. The Troi Serial definitely works with FM7, I have it on about 10 systems for opening cash drawer, no problems. We found it more economical to go with a serial drawer versus one that interfaces via the printer. We use the Epson TM series printers, they work fine with FM7. Speaking here of coarse using PC's, not Mac. Rod
  2. xmcharts is my choice hands down. Make sure you use their examples file(s) as a starting point, then spend a few hours playing with the specific type you want to use, and it will get much easier from there on out. Rod
  3. Had time to play tonight so I came up with a little elapsed timer demo. This demo will allow you to view an elapsed timer, and still enter fields in the same layout. Not sure how much B/W this would take up on a shared file, and also note that if the timer updates while typing you can loose characters. You can adjust the refresh by changing the pause time, set at 15 seconds right now. Also the displayed time is only updated by increments of the pause time (15 seconds), after stopped the exact time is available in the elapsed time field. Also note tested on Mac OSX, not Win. Rod Timer.fp7.zip
  4. First insure you are able to see all specials via the text options menu in bbedit, then try and isolate the first occurance of a bad record import. Go back to the text file and see what specials or delimiters are different at the point the records are comprimised. Most likely you have not found all the delimiters between records and this is what is hosing your full import. Rod
  5. An easier way is to create a calculated field that references your original field, set it to allow entry in browse, the user can scroll but gets a field not modifiable message if they try and edit. Rod
  6. Bar Code scanners can be interfaced via USB, serial, or a keyboard wedge. The wedge is the most common and easiest to use with filemaker, as you do not need plugins to read from serial or USB ports. You simply plug the scanner into a Y cable along with your keyboard for PS/2 type interfaces. A wedge type scanner is usually programmed via a printed card with bar codes that comes with the unit. Use the field behavior options in combination with the set tab order to be able to automate the data entry layout. Make sure you test the scanner with output from the printer you are using, as some printers or ink media will not read on some scanners, this can also be due to the font used. Also note the scanner price is usually tied into its sensitivity. You can buy a cheap scanner, but the scan distance from the head may only be a few centimeters. Rod
  7. An added note to using delete all records, if you plan to migrate to FM7 I would highly recommend you always add a GoToLayout step that references the intended table before any Delete all records step. As in FM7 if you are in a different table with regards to the current layout or active window and you perform this script step, it will delete all records referenced in the current window regardless of the table you originally intended. I would be much more comfortable with FM7 delete all function if the delete all records contained a reference to the table option and also displayed this table name in the warning message. But for your Fm6 app this is not an issue. Rod
  8. Once the fill script completes you can clear the holder global and prompt the user via messages or another layout. If possible, much cleaner to test the import file first for size and put it in before it gets too large. Rod
  9. Sandy, I think the limit is 256K in FM6, you can try and import or drag and drop your full file into the txthldr field, if it rejects the drop or import, its too large. I'd try and drop or paste the file size you want into the txthldr field, if it does not accept, well too big, you'll need to append its size till it accepts, FM7 allows much larger text fields, however at this point (V3), the speed is so slow its not worth considering as importing a large text field on a 1Ghz machine can take up to 20 minutes to commit the record. Rod
  10. Ok, had a second wind, heres the file again with script to add records, this should work, just perform the script imortrecs, and you should get 10 records. Note I did not test yet on PC, I think the cr/lf should be filtered properly, but if not you may need to tweek the calc fields. Rod AnotherParse2.fp5.zip
  11. Sandy, try the attached example. It gets you part way there, did not have time to write the script to transfer the global to fields, but this is not difficult, just loop a new record script transferring the calc data to num/txt fields and index the iteration field, exit the loop when the quanrecs=iteration. If you need help with advise. Rod AnotherParse.fp5.zip
  12. Clicking on a button in the record in a list should select that record, then carry out script steps. Some problems could be: insure that the button is in fact not extending outside the body area of the list layout. If you are using portal you will need to go to related record using the same relationship as the portal. If your layout is a list view option layout then all of the found set will be shown in preview starting with record 1. Rod
  13. Use Count, but choose a field using the same relationship that you want the count to reflect. Rod
  14. I'm not sure I'm understanding the logic of the allow printing switch and available menu commands in the edit privelege set window. I want to be able to print documents, but maintain limited access to other menu commands. I have a script pausing in preview mode to allow printing. I've tried running this script with full access priveleges and the minimum available menu commands is still involked. The privelege set has allow printing checked and minimum for menu commands. The only way I can get printing to show up is to change available menu commands to all. Is there a way via the privelege set to allow printing, I can do it via script and dialog, but I don't understand why the full access switch does not allow use of the menu commands
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