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  1. I haven't found this to be the case... all the updates I have done have respected my (manual) changes to http.conf, including the addition of numerous virtual hosts, and addition of basic authentication.
  2. I assume you have downloaded the fx.php classes from iViking.com. How to use it is explained in the documentation folder. The most useful is the fxFunctions.rtf (or .pdf). Looking at the example solution is also helpful to get you started. Let us know if you need more help.
  3. Thanks everyone... my personal take on this is that it is a licensing issue with Adobe... how many runtimes are going to be using this, and how is Adobe going to be paid. Søren Dyhr suggested applescript... that will be my workaround for the Mac people... who need this the most. I use an Applescipt studio application I wrote to send all of the relevant data to InDesign for a print (press) quality catalog. Alpha-Snail suggested CutePDFWriter... the solution I used in FMP7. But this adds another layer.. the users have to print, and then find their copy, and then attach it to an emai
  4. I created my tool tips as custom functions. Some are plain text, and some are calculations that change depending on the layout, field etc. Very cool stuff
  5. if you are trying to pass variables between files, why not pass it as a parameter... ie.. set the parameter as $$myVariable as the first script step in the second file have "set variable" - > $$myVariable -> get(scriptParameter). this would set variable as being "global" in the second file as well.
  6. I have been told that runtimes do not support save records as pdf. Although the documentation suggest that "save/send records a" is supported in runtimes (p87), p90 says "Because some features have been removed from the runtime application, the following script steps are ignored by the runtime application: ..... Save Records as PDF" So it's not supported.
  7. The "save as pdf" feature is great... (even if the resulting files are bloated). I have it working beautifully (via scipting) on both Mac & Windows in FMP8 and FMP8A. However, when I create a runtime for either platform, the script(s) fail and there is not "save file as PDF"... on "excel". I even tried a custom menu set and put the PDF in the File menu... works fine in "real" versions, but isn't there in runtimes. Any ideas? (I can use OSX's printing for Mac, but would like a one button solutions for Windows as well)
  8. I have this setup running successfully... let me know if I can help
  9. With what you are describing, it is beyond IWP... however, Custom Web Publishing will get what you want.
  10. this is what I use... tell application "Print Center" set current printer to printer "Printer name as it appears in print center" end tell I have a script set for each of the printers I want to use, and use these as needed.
  11. >From what I can tell I should be able to upload the db to our website and have our satellite >office open and edit the db. This isn't the way it works... the database must be open and accessible to the internet. Whether you use instant access (which is what I believe you are looking for) or Custom access, the database, being dynamic, needs to be viewable from the outside. >In fact from some of the feature sheets that I?ve seen it seems that we should be able to edit >the DB from any machine with web access and a browser. This is so... but it needs to be set up
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