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  1. Sorry to jump in but rather than a new topic.... Is it possbile to sort based on on vaiables (count or amount) prior to setting the "output" field? New to creating any custom reports other than 'builtin' featureset of FM....sorry if it is obvious question. Thanks for your time! using example linked up: http://www.kevinfrank.com/download/kf-fast-summ ary...
  2. Thanks Zero Tolerence for pointing this out. Comment, thanks for the final touch!
  3. Hello everyone, Is it possible to constrain x number of ("top x") records based on reordered summary field? Fields: -Name -Item -ItemCount = Summary (count of Item) SubSummary: Name SubSummary: Item (reordered based on Summary of ItemCount) End Result: Jack(Name) ------Table 5(Item ItemTotal) ------Chair 2 ------Stool 1 ------Pen 1 ------NoteBook 1 ------Eraser 1 Mary ------Table 8 ------Chair 3 ------Stool 1 ------Pen 1 I would like to be able to see only eg. top 3 Items for each Name. Many thanks! ConstrainPrint.zip
  4. Hi Lee, Interesting post, I was looking into same applications. Is it possible to use FM to also be able to "dial to" a timeclock and process/download time punches into HR solultion you created? Thanks!
  5. Thanks sbg2, I compleatly overlooked the pattern of "/" is always accounted 3 times. Thanks a bunch!
  6. Hello eveyone, I am trying to trim out the field that contains full urls into only domains. Eg. http://subdomain.domain.com/contact.html http://images.yahoo.com/userx/folder/image.jpg http://www.google.com/search?q=filemaker&rls=com.microsoft:en-us&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1 into: http://subdomain.domain.com http://images.yahoo.com http://www.google.com so I found this works: Trim ( Substitute ( MiddleValues ( Substitute ( DestinationURL; ".com"; "¶"); DestinationURL; 1); "¶"; "" ) )&".com" ------------------------- ------
  7. lol I wish it was the other way arround in benifit of FM...I could certainly use it. :o
  8. Hi Søren Dyhr, Don't get me wrong I will take FM over Access any time...except in this test.There is no prejudice just facts. No auto-enter-calcs at all...that's why I used a single field.(FM-text,Acc-text) Import of text files in FM is just slow...always was, much like ODBC. I was just hoping things have gotten better in 8.5 comapred to 5,6. Seems like not the case. |
  9. Not really. But you can advise them to use use the same DNS name and u/p. Then you can store this in your script and run it without dialog. So make it mandatory to use pre-determined DNS/ODBC name. ================================ If your users are really not capable of making/defining ODBC connection then: 1) If on windows you can make "your_own.exe" and embed it into the container field. "Your_own.exe" would be a file that simultes keystrokes and would essentially create a DNS/ODBC connetion for the user. Look into utility called Auto-It. 2) if on Mac then not sure look for simmi
  10. For what is worth: - import into access2003 little under 4 mintues - import into FM (stripped down to single field single table) 1hrs and 17 min 207MB text file with 790,225 records hmmmm...
  11. I am curious how big is the text file? Experiencing some slowness here as well... 300MB.txt over 3 hrs on 1.7 GHz 512. I know not much of a machine but common neither is 300 MB much of a file. Thanks!
  12. I am truly Yes, I do have to determine what constitues dups...and FM opened a whole enother dsicussion. Strangely enough the manufacturer of the device that produced these logs(RawStrings) was not even aware (or not admitting) that their 'reporting' was compleatly misleading. After I added the measure of milliseconds I still was able to find skipped heartbeats in their logs and unjustifed duplicates. Sort of re-inventing the wheel. Much oblidged for your patience!
  13. Hi comment, That is exactly what I was trying to accomplish. After running a few examples I was amased that log file (rawstring) has multiple entries to the Millisecond.May have to cram yet another field in there to make a 'unique id' out of it. This is great! Thanks again!!!
  14. still the same isuse of format and ':' '/' characters.Maybe I am just looking at it too deeply as either way it can be indexed. Thanks!
  15. Hi Comment, Hopefully I can get your attention to this post again. After I have added a few more fields and essentially 'broken' the date/time format the timestamp no longer applies. However, I can still index the fields...but something tells me that this is not a strong index especially when dealing with 100,000 of records. file attached. Any ideas? Thanks everyone for your attention to this post. All the best! TimeCompound.zip
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