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  1. I love GetNthRecord, but it does not work in the same is a portal view as it does in the list view. In a related portal I want to hide fieldA when fieldA is the same result in the portal record above. Is there a way to do this?
  2. Is it possible to do a sub-summary sort (like in List view) in a portal? I thought perhaps since you can now have a portal display records from the current table without a self join there may some way. Thanks David
  3. Yep that works. So does FromLeft mean from left of window? I thought it meant from screen left. Thanks for the help.
  4. Sorry forgot to mention that I tried that too. Still does not work.
  5. I am trying to position a new card window on the right edge of the window that it is being opened from. My calc for the FromLeft card setting is (Get (WindowLeft) + Get(WindowWidth). This only works (no gap between windows) when the originating window is all the way to the left of the screen. The more the originating window gets from the left of the screen the larger the gap between the two windows. I have also tried hardcoding the second value Get(WindowLeft) + 80 and it produces the same results. Not sure why this is not working.
  6. The purpose of the Menu Extra is to cient user a list of all active jobs. The would select a job and that would activate an FM script to direct them to the right location either in FM or on our SAN. Thanks for the links. I will have to dig in to check them out, as I have not done something like this before. I am sure I will more questions, but thanks for the head start.
  7. Is there any to get an icon on the Mac menu bar at the top of the screen to either open a Filemaker solution or better yet, provide a list (from filemaker) directly like what you see when you select a WiFi network?
  8. I can not get this to work either on FMP16. Perhaps no one wants to scrub music in FMP...? I am currently doing a crazy work to resolve this in my solution.
  9. Just figured it out. I had two fields named the same, but one had an underscore. Thanks for the input though.
  10. I also tried option1. The calculation in the child table is correct, but when I display that in the parent table it is 0. It is almost like it is totally ignoring the relationship, but the relationship is simple connection of two number fields that DO match. Just for reference I tried approach 1 & 2 in a new solution and it worked fine.
  11. Yes it is unstored. The relationship works for other uses, just not for the Count function. This is so simple and also very confusing. This is the calc: Count ( Tracks::k one )
  12. This is pretty a simple request that does not seem to work. I have two tables Parent and Child. I want the Parent record (of which there is only) to display the number of Child records in each parent set. In the Child table I have field 'k one' (a calc with a value of 1). In the Parent I have a calc field Count(Child::k one). No matter what I do the value is always 1 on all of the parent records, but it should read 25, 65, 44, etc depending on the number of child related records. What am I missing? Thanks in advance, David
  13. I am simply trying to insert an mp3 file into a container field using a script - go to field, followed by insert audio/video. The error I receive is 'the file could not be found.' I have tried using both a variable and the full path to define the file (two paths listed below). It does work fine when I do this manually using the menu options. What am I doing wrong? moviemac:/Users/david/Desktop/MusicRapTemp/thinking.mp3 moviemac:/Volumes/SDD/Users/david/Desktop/MusicRapTemp/thinking.mp3 These are absolutely the correct path of the file. Just FYI I can not get this to work with th
  14. I am working with the Content Management template to create music catalog. Using the GetContainerAttribute to load the metadata from an mp3 or m4a works great. However it does not work with .aif or .wav files. These files have exactly the same metadata when imported into iTunes, but FMP does not recognize them. In fact if you convert an aif to an mp3 (from iTunes) then import the mp3 into FMP it works just fine, but the aif imported directly does not. The catalog is going to be a mixture of all four formats, so converting them all is not going to be a workable solution. Does any one have any e
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