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  1. This must be easy to do, but I just can't think it through. Suppose Field#1 contains the value "Yes". Then I want to allow a user to edit "Yes" to "No". But if Field#1 already contains "No", then I want to prevent this being changed to anything else. I'd like to do this with minimal overhead - preferably no Script Triggers or buttons or dialogues - it should be seamless. i.e. if the user overwrites "No" with "Yes", it should revert back to "No" with no dialogue. Is this possible ? Thanks for your time.
  2. I have an interview-booking database which is accessible via Instant Web Publishing. When a user books an interview, I would like a confirmation email to be immediately sent back to the user. IWP doesn't support 'Send Mail', so I tried using 'Open URL'. But this opens an email window on the user's machine, which the user has to manually dismiss. Is there any way to automatically email a response in Instant Web Publishing? Or will I have to use a plug-in? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone. Where I work, my employer logs employees' absences by recording the start and end dates of each absence period. On a screen showing a single employee, these dates are visible in a portal. Is it possible to DYNAMICALLY (i.e. not via a script) display these absences in a calendar? For example, if the portal shows Start date---End date 2nd Mar, 2007---3rd Mar, 2007 5th Mar, 2007 then the employee's calendar should show 1st Mar 2nd Mar x 3rd Mar x 4th Mar 5th Mar x Thanks
  4. The attachment shows two screenshots: the first is how it looks in IWP, the second is how it should look. IWP_screenshots.zip
  5. I have a portal set to display 6 rows, formatted with a vertical scroll bar. This portal displays fine in IWP, provided that the portal contains 6 or less line items. However, if there are actually 7 or more such items then the portal display goes crazy in IWP. Has anyone else seen this, and if so, is there a work around?
  6. I've installed Filemaker Developer on a machine that's already got Filemaker client on it. When I run Developer, it just seems to open a version of Filemaker client, and all the Developer features are simply not there. I've subsequently uninstalled the client version, and then run Developer again, still to no avail. Anybody any idea what's going on?
  7. When installing FM Developer on a machine which already has the "client" version installed, do you have to firstly uninstall "client"? Or can they live side by side?
  8. Gordon I've had the same problem. What's happening here, I think, is that under version 7, as soon as a file or script is opened, Filemaker IMMEDIATELY checks ALL relationships, resulting in long (sometimes several minutes) delays, and repetitive messages to locate "missing" files. In versions 5 and 6, relationships were effectively hidden unless they were needed, either when a user switched to a layout containing related fields, or through the File>Define Relationships dialogue. If a relationship was "broken", then this caused no problems until that relationship was specifically needed. I've moaned about this in another forum, but no-one seems to support me! Why has this behaviour been altered?
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