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  1. I just did...I hope they will have something. tnx Lee!
  2. Hi Comment, Thank you for your reply, although not helpful at all... I cannot rush anyone - I'm in real need and I expressed that - you chose what to feel. tnx
  3. Hi, Does anyone know where to download FMPA11 (win)??? This is very urgent! tnx,
  4. I have some runtime solutions that I'm selling since FM 11...so yeah...now I "might" need to move on....
  5. I like you optimistic approach...But businesses are not built on "might" or "may". When you make a business plan it's not for the "next 12-18" months it for 4-5 years. Uncertainty is not healthy for any serious business...
  6. That is VERY disturbing....
  7. Thank you for your tips there is no Local Fm Rep, just a store that sells the licenses. How do I get FM certified trainer?
  8. Hi, I'm a filemaker developer (almost 15 years now). Everything I learned is by myself or with the help of this great FM community. There are no FM training services in my country (Israel) and I wish to open a company that does Filemaker training and solutions. Any tips of how to start? Partnerships is also an option. all the best Eldad T.
  9. xtrim

    solutions wanted College lecture-class auto scheduling

    Hi, Anyone know of a solution that can auto-schedule lecturers and classes for an entire semester? (at least 80% effective) tnx
  10. Hi, I'm opening the file just fine. Use "admin" as the user. no password needed.
  11. Well, there is not easy way to do it..and it is also very complicated as many file types give you different options so automating it very very herd. I just found the script step "Convert File" (13 years of filemakeing and I've never used it ) I put all my hopes right there!
  12. Well - I think I can resolve that problem with "Convert File" script step... Is there a way not to auto-open the file after conversion?
  13. Hi, My windows users use the drag & drop capabilities in FM. The problem is that I only now found out that once you do that you cannot export the content of the container via script or even manually (right click -> export field content) is there an OS level script that can extract the content somehow? I have many users across the globe with their own copies of the Database and I need to automate the upgrade process, so I cant just convert the files..
  14. any idea how to start? where to look? who to ask? :hmm:
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