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  1. I found the error... and it qualifies as a FileMaker bug! The script that did not execute was called from a script that was called by another. It seem that a "third level" call is ignored. Cheers Bassem
  2. I always stuff the files on my Mac before I use the server version. This problem still occurs if I am on a user computer. I also tried fixing it from the user computer as the files are online. When I tried fixing it on my Mac I disconnected it form the network so as to keep the server out. Thanks though Bassem
  3. Hi Lee, I tried that. I also tried duplicating a script that is similar that ran well and changing it... now both don't run. But its a bit comforting, that you heard of this before Thanks Bassem
  4. I have encountered a very strange phenomenon in my DB: Sub-Scripts that used to run fine are being ignored. It is like my programming is starting to disintegrate. Did anyone of you encounter this problem. I am using FM 5.5 and 6 as well as FM Server 5.5. I tried all combination with the same effect.
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