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  1. Has anyone attempted or completed a WebDirect to Stripe integration which conforms to the new SCA regulations which come in on 14th September 2019? We currently use WebDirect with Stripe at the moment and it works really well. But SCA introduces a second layer and new APIs. I believe the deadline has been put back a month but Stripe are not saying whether the old APIs will be deprecated.
  2. Hi David, thanks for the tutorial. Have you migrated your solution yet for SCA which comes in 3 weeks?
  3. Thanks for your help Wim. You're right, I didn't rename the folder... will report back.
  4. Wim - Yes to all. I installed via the Admin Console rather than Terminal commands. I am using a Standard SSL certificate with a sub-domain (which worked before with FMS 14) rather than a wildcard certificate. By upgrading from 14 to 16, it has stopped working. Would this make the difference?
  5. I am running a single Mac OSX Sierra server with FMS 16 and a GoDaddy certificate Standard SSL with 'server.domain.com' set-up. The certificate is installed correctly according to the Admin Console, and yet if I navigate to the WebDirect, the browser is showing the FMI Default Certificate and is blocking the user. I have gone round in circles for two days so hoping someone can point me in the right direction. How do I stop the default FMI certificate from being used by WebDirect or FMPro users for that matter?
  6. Help! I have spent days trying to get the BaseElements plugin to load. My setup is Mac with FMS16 and BaseElements 3.3.7. I have setup a small test database which populates a field using a simple function (BE_Version). I have put the plugin in the two folders: /Library/FileMaker Server/Database Server/Extensions /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpc/Plugins The first folder seems to be OK but the plugin for WebDirect is not working. One issue is that the permissions might be incorrect but all derivatives that I try seem to fail: chmod g+wrx /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpc/Plugins/BaseElements.fmplugin Each time I try something different, I close the databases and restart the server. I have even reinstalled FileMaker Server. Does anyone have any ideas? ...thanks in advance
  7. No sorry, this does not work. I upgraded MirrorSync to 2.506, went through the MirrorSync config again so to be able to re-copy the scripts, created a new download link (empty clone), downloaded it to the iPad and onOpen, the MirrorSync is run. Repeating fields with data on the server do not have data on the iPad, same as before. It generated an error (sent to you via Bug Report) saying foreign key (zzt_rega_id) does not exist in data columns... the field in question is a standard text field, no auto enter, calc or repetitions and exists both on table and layout. Hope this helps.
  8. If MirrorSync does not support repeating fields, then you should reflect that in your documentation: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_advanced_topics I keep getting a 102 'Field is missing' error, but I know my Sync layouts have all the right fields, what's wrong with it? Make sure that the sync layouts are matching in both the offline and server copy. If you have repeating fields, make sure the fields show the maximum number of repetitions that are defined in the field definitions. In other words, if a field can repeat 5 times, make sure the repetitions in the inspector show 5. http://static.360works.com/plugins/MirrorSync/changelog.txt MirrorSync 1.4 (11/2/2012) * Fixes an issue where repeating fields had leading zeros I have spent over 2 days trying to get this to work which is lost money I will never recover. Your products and support are normally very good but this has weakened my confidence as it has taken 72 hours to get an answer to an issue which is causing a show-stopping problem to find that it never worked as stated when purchased and it was a known issue.
  9. I am having difficulty getting repeating fields to sync. According to the documentation, both spoke and hub layouts should be identical with the maximum number of repetitions rendered for each field, e.g. a field with a maximum of 20 repetitions should display with 20 repetitions on the sync layout. The sync works fine with all fields and tables except on repeating fields - all 20 repetition values from field on the the hub are showing in the first repetition of the spoke, e.g. in repetition 1 its showing 'value1, value2, value3 etc." with nothing in repetitions 2-20. My setup is FMS14 Mac Server with MirrorSync 2.505 speaking to iPad FM Go 14 clients. Any ideas?
  10. The error was all mine...I renamed the folder that held the MirrorSync scripts which meant MirrorSync could not map to them. Once I corrected this, all seemed to work OK first time, impressive considering 20 tables with 250k records in total.
  11. OK - I have set all of the primary keys to be editable and now I am seeing an error: Error from server: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Calling MirrorSync script on server returned zero records!'. I have checked the layouts and tables involved and all have records.
  12. Using the following configuration: * FileMaker Server 13 on Mac Mini, FileMaker Pro v13 on remote MacBook Pro, MirrorSync 2.406 build 8009 We are seeing the following message when trying to sync using MirrorSync. 'You will not be able to successfully sync. MirrorSync is out of date or missing some script steps. Would you like to save changes anyway?' I have deleted the configuration and started over, then repasted the script steps into the MirrorSync script. I have not been able to repaste the layout as MirrorSync does not request it second time over - does this contain some reference to the original configuration and if so, how do I reset it. Any ideas?
  13. One of the best ways of securing FileMaker is to to remove the Admin username and password. This is done with FM Pro Advanced in Tools:Developer Utilities. I did some work with FileMaker a few years ago and we found that data and code was accessible if you had the FileMaker file. It is still possible to get at data from a runtime data file with the admin privileges removed, but requires a significant effort - days rather than minutes. The main disadvantage of this method is that the file you distribute cannot be edited furtehr so you will need to build an upgrade process into the file. i.e moves the data into a new file.
  14. I am surprised this has not been requested before. My client wants engineers to be able to sync their laptops every time they return to the office and then go back out into the field with a complete system. I could setup lots of update scripts but it strikes me the most efficient way is to upload their changes, then take a complete backup of the system - why make it complicated? Thanks to you all for your help. Jesse I will be in touch.
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