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  1. I agree Wim, but in the old days FileMaker found a way of making this easy so you focussed on the business requirement, not how to code it. It wouldn't be that difficult to take the Soliant code and attach it behind the Send Mail command. There are other platforms where to perform the same action requires half the code. What I loved about FileMaker was that I could achieve in 1 hour than most .Net developers could achieve in a day, and with each upgrade this seems to be less so. That said, it means that the FileMaker developer is going to be more in demand than ever
  2. Let's be honest, this is a step back for FileMaker. Looking at the demo files, there is a fair amount of code, tables and fields just to send a few emails. FileMaker built its customer base on being easy-to-use and this is anything but. As soon as it becomes a techy product, some developers will be lost, and some will adopt other richer platforms they'd ignored because of such a learning curve. Never mind.
  3. Has anyone attempted or completed a WebDirect to Stripe integration which conforms to the new SCA regulations which come in on 14th September 2019? We currently use WebDirect with Stripe at the moment and it works really well. But SCA introduces a second layer and new APIs. I believe the deadline has been put back a month but Stripe are not saying whether the old APIs will be deprecated.
  4. Hi David, thanks for the tutorial. Have you migrated your solution yet for SCA which comes in 3 weeks?
  5. Thanks for your help Wim. You're right, I didn't rename the folder... will report back.
  6. Wim - Yes to all. I installed via the Admin Console rather than Terminal commands. I am using a Standard SSL certificate with a sub-domain (which worked before with FMS 14) rather than a wildcard certificate. By upgrading from 14 to 16, it has stopped working. Would this make the difference?
  7. I am running a single Mac OSX Sierra server with FMS 16 and a GoDaddy certificate Standard SSL with 'server.domain.com' set-up. The certificate is installed correctly according to the Admin Console, and yet if I navigate to the WebDirect, the browser is showing the FMI Default Certificate and is blocking the user. I have gone round in circles for two days so hoping someone can point me in the right direction. How do I stop the default FMI certificate from being used by WebDirect or FMPro users for that matter?
  8. Help! I have spent days trying to get the BaseElements plugin to load. My setup is Mac with FMS16 and BaseElements 3.3.7. I have setup a small test database which populates a field using a simple function (BE_Version). I have put the plugin in the two folders: /Library/FileMaker Server/Database Server/Extensions /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpc/Plugins The first folder seems to be OK but the plugin for WebDirect is not working. One issue is that the permissions might be incorrect but all derivatives that I try seem to fail: chmo
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