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  1. Thank you comment, I was working on the file when you posted and have just discovered the problem. There is another invisible field on the layout which is obscuring the OrderNo I have now rebuilt the layout and the field contents are now visible. Thank you for you attention
  2. Sadly no. The screenshots are from the same layout so it would be one pixel over in both browse and preview., but thank you for the thought.
  3. Hi all, I am constuffulated trying to find why a particular text field will not print its contents. The contents are visible in both Layout and Browse mode and the Object Visibility is NOT selected to hide when printing. There is no Conditional Formatting applied and the "Hide Object When" condition is not activated. I have placed a duplicate of the field in the header and the data shows there for the selected record but it does not show in the body. The second screenshot is Browse Mode and the third is Preview Any help appreciated
  4. It is exactly the same and when any development takes place,(at least once a week), a new file must be downloaded to each device and an initial sync has to take place.
  5. The working files are offline and the main file is hosted. We spend a lot of time without even electricity never mind an internet connection in South Africa so we cannot work with an online file. We do in fact use Mirrorsync. It is not the data being synced that is starting to create problems it is the volume that has to be found and organised while on site. There is also the consideration of expensive bandwidth. If 20 people have to download a new file in the morning and perform a first sync that creates problems on our meagre resources so the idea is to minimise the data that the mobile devices have to both download and process while somehow also keeping a total database with the historical data that we need.
  6. Hi All. I have a database that is currently sitting on 760MB with 425K records and from the trend it will grow at about 200K records a year now. as it is primarily used on mobile devices I think that this growth will lead to local processing problems. I am looking for a way to "hive off" any records older than say 18 months in the distributed version of the database while keeping all records in an "archive" version and then be able to add new and modified records monthly to the "archive" and removing the oldest month from the distributed version. There are 27 tables involved. Any pointers for achieving this would be appreciated *
  7. Good day all, I have a script that collects several reports from different tables and assembles them to email via the following code. How do I clear all the reports after the reports have been sent,(or before the next set of reports are compiled). Set Variable [ $Path; Value:Get (TemporaryPath) &"Products Active" & " " & Year ( JobCardItems::DateNextServ )& "-" & Month ( JobCardItems::DateNextServ ) & ".pdf" ] Save Records as PDF [ File Name: “$Path”; Create folders:No; Records being browsed ] [ Document - ] [ Pages - Number Pages From: 1; Include: All pages ] [ Security - Printing: High Resolution; Editing: Any except extracting pages; Enable copying; Enable Screen Reader ] [ Initial View - Show: Pages Panel and Page; Page Layout: Single Page; Magnification: 100% ] [ Restore; No dialog ] Set Variable [ $AttachmentList; Value:If ( IsEmpty ( $AttachmentList ) ; $Path ; $AttachmentList & "¶" & $Path) ] I have tried just setting the variable $Path; Value: "" but that did not work
  8. Hi All, I am trying to find duplicate records based on two fields so my fine criteria are: QItemSerial ! Type 1 It is finding duplicates but also finding records that are not. What am I doing wrong. The screen shot below has the records sorted by QItemSerial
  9. Hi all, I need to go to different layouts depending on device and parameters and while the script functions fine for the desktop I can not get it to go to the correct layout in the iPhone. What am I doing wrong. Sorry all, found my level of stupid and answered it myself.
  10. Hi LaRetta, You are quite correct, there is no reason to allow creation from the QuoteItems table, I will rectify that. I suppose that because the problem is so odd to me I was sort of hoping for a "If you get struck by lightening and the dog farts at the same time while Venus is in decent" this sort of thing can happen. Thank you once again for your assistance though.
  11. Good day LaRetta, sorry for the delayed response but the electricity went yet again and has only just been restored. The reason for "copy" is that we use Mirrorsync to enable both on and offline record editing and creation and that is used as part of the set up. Every ID field has a copy which is actually the original on creation ID and the ID field that is visible is an auto enter calculation field from the original. The "Copy" fields are not visible or accessible on any user layout That was my thought as well because I can find no method of deleting the Quote without also deleting the QuoteItems. If however someone had actually managed to change the the QuoteId to break the relationship then the CutomerId and name would remain on the quote but that is not the case as the Customer is now not found in the Quotes table so the Quotes have actually been delete As stated the visible QuoteId is a calculated field from the "Copy" even if a user could create a quote from the QuoteItems table. The user never actually goes to the QuoteItems table and the QuoteItems are only available to them through the portal on the Quote Yes sorry, this one is indeed weird. For reasons known only to themselves the mines require a quarterly quote but a monthly service and invoice so we had to come up with a plan to carry a different QuoteId across three months invoices as well as our normal unique QuoteId. This is the first time that a Quote has gone walkabout in this manner after 14 months of testing and use Thank you for your assistance and insights into where to look for the problem
  12. Hi (once again) LaRetta, Thank you for your response. The user can only delete a Quote from the iOS Quote layout using a scripted button, the script of which is very simple so I don't see how your suggestions could operate on the file and I believe that the relationship is set up correctly.
  13. Hi All, I have a database where the relationship between the Quotes table and the QuoteItems table is set up such that if a record is deleted in the Quotes table, the related records in the QuoteItems table are also deleted. I have now been shown an instance on one Customer where there are four Quotes missing from the Quotes table but all the QuoteItems are still in the QuoteItems table. How can this be done, I am unable to recreate a circumstance where I can delete a quote and leave the quoteitems in place. Any help appreciated
  14. Oyseka


    Here is a mock-up Location Test . The file shows the orchard location for a team to start whatever operation they are tasked with. As stated it works fine in 10.12.X and below but not in High Sierra Loc_Test.fmp12
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