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  1. Good day all, I have a script that collects several reports from different tables and assembles them to email via the following code. How do I clear all the reports after the reports have been sent,(or before the next set of reports are compiled). Set Variable [ $Path; Value:Get (TemporaryPath) &"Products Active" & " " & Year ( JobCardItems::DateNextServ )& "-" & Month ( JobCardItems::DateNextServ ) & ".pdf" ] Save Records as PDF [ File Name: “$Path”; Create folders:No; Records being browsed ] [ Document - ] [ Pages - Number Pages From: 1; Include: All pages ] [ Security - Printing: High Resolution; Editing: Any except extracting pages; Enable copying; Enable Screen Reader ] [ Initial View - Show: Pages Panel and Page; Page Layout: Single Page; Magnification: 100% ] [ Restore; No dialog ] Set Variable [ $AttachmentList; Value:If ( IsEmpty ( $AttachmentList ) ; $Path ; $AttachmentList & "¶" & $Path) ] I have tried just setting the variable $Path; Value: "" but that did not work
  2. Hi All, I am trying to find duplicate records based on two fields so my fine criteria are: QItemSerial ! Type 1 It is finding duplicates but also finding records that are not. What am I doing wrong. The screen shot below has the records sorted by QItemSerial
  3. Hi all, I need to go to different layouts depending on device and parameters and while the script functions fine for the desktop I can not get it to go to the correct layout in the iPhone. What am I doing wrong. Sorry all, found my level of stupid and answered it myself.
  4. Hi LaRetta, You are quite correct, there is no reason to allow creation from the QuoteItems table, I will rectify that. I suppose that because the problem is so odd to me I was sort of hoping for a "If you get struck by lightening and the dog farts at the same time while Venus is in decent" this sort of thing can happen. Thank you once again for your assistance though.
  5. Good day LaRetta, sorry for the delayed response but the electricity went yet again and has only just been restored. The reason for "copy" is that we use Mirrorsync to enable both on and offline record editing and creation and that is used as part of the set up. Every ID field has a copy which is actually the original on creation ID and the ID field that is visible is an auto enter calculation field from the original. The "Copy" fields are not visible or accessible on any user layout That was my thought as well because I can find no method of deleting the Quote without also deleting the QuoteItems. If however someone had actually managed to change the the QuoteId to break the relationship then the CutomerId and name would remain on the quote but that is not the case as the Customer is now not found in the Quotes table so the Quotes have actually been delete As stated the visible QuoteId is a calculated field from the "Copy" even if a user could create a quote from the QuoteItems table. The user never actually goes to the QuoteItems table and the QuoteItems are only available to them through the portal on the Quote Yes sorry, this one is indeed weird. For reasons known only to themselves the mines require a quarterly quote but a monthly service and invoice so we had to come up with a plan to carry a different QuoteId across three months invoices as well as our normal unique QuoteId. This is the first time that a Quote has gone walkabout in this manner after 14 months of testing and use Thank you for your assistance and insights into where to look for the problem
  6. Hi (once again) LaRetta, Thank you for your response. The user can only delete a Quote from the iOS Quote layout using a scripted button, the script of which is very simple so I don't see how your suggestions could operate on the file and I believe that the relationship is set up correctly.
  7. Hi All, I have a database where the relationship between the Quotes table and the QuoteItems table is set up such that if a record is deleted in the Quotes table, the related records in the QuoteItems table are also deleted. I have now been shown an instance on one Customer where there are four Quotes missing from the Quotes table but all the QuoteItems are still in the QuoteItems table. How can this be done, I am unable to recreate a circumstance where I can delete a quote and leave the quoteitems in place. Any help appreciated
  8. Oyseka


    Here is a mock-up Location Test . The file shows the orchard location for a team to start whatever operation they are tasked with. As stated it works fine in 10.12.X and below but not in High Sierra Loc_Test.fmp12
  9. Oyseka


    Hi, No, Safari displays the site fine
  10. Oyseka


    Hi All, I am viewing a records location through What3Words and the web viewer performs as expected on OS X 10.10.x and 10.11.x but when I put the file on OS X High Sierra the web viewer gives the error, "SSL Error, Unable to create a secure connection to the server". All connections are from the same location. Can anyone assist please
  11. Hi all, I have a requirement to reduce the size of a database by removing records from the work system and importing them into an offline archive system but don't know how to automate the scripting between the files. Database 1 is a work system where, among other things, service records are created during a service and any problems found during the service are annotated and photographed on mobile devices. At the end of the service a summary report of all actions carried out and any problems that require the customers attention is produced, signed by the customer and emailed to them. With about 450-600 photographs taken each month the file size will ballon very quickly so I have created a new database which is a duplicate of the photos file which contains all the required information to link to both a customer, particular service and operator and I want to find records in the work database which are over a certain number of days old, open the external file and import those records then return to the work file and delete the found set.
  12. Hi Steve, the key field is the QuoteId and as you can see on the 4th screenshot, that field is populated correctly. Just to explain the screenshots; Image 1 shows the Quote Layout denoting the QuoteId and the Products as viewed in the portal. note that items 4 and 5 have a Qty greater than 1, Image 2 shows the QuoteItems layout which contains the details of those Products with the corresponding Qty. Image 3 shows the Quote Layout after the duplication has been run and Image 4 shows the QuoteItems layout after the duplication has run. Image 5 shows the Quotation after any of the Portal rows have been selected and exited with no further input. At first I assumed it was a refresh or commit problem but I have committed all records on creation and refreshed the Quote window when the record is accessed This is the script used to duplicate the Products: Set Error Capture [ On ] Loop Set Variable [ $QuoteId; Value:Quotations::__QuoteId ] Go to Layout [ “dLayQuoteItems” (QuoteItems) ] Enter Find Mode [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: QuoteItems::QTY: “>1” AND QuoteItems::_QuoteId: “$QuoteId” AND QuoteItems::ServiceFlag: “=1” ] [ Restore ] Perform Find [ ] If [ Get (LastError) = 401 ] Go to Layout [ original layout ] Exit Script [ ] End If Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Set Variable [ $QTY; Value:QuoteItems::QTY ] Set Field [ QuoteItems::QTY_Count; $QTY ] Set Variable [ $QTY_Count; Value:QuoteItems::QTY_Count ] Insert Calculated Result [ QuoteItems::QTY; 1 ] [ Select ] Commit Records/Requests [ Skip data entry validation; No dialog; Force Commit ] Loop Duplicate Record/Request Insert Calculated Result [ QuoteItems::QTY; 1 ] [ Select ] Insert Calculated Result [ QuoteItems::QTY_Count; $QTY_Count-1 ] [ Select ] Set Variable [ $QTY_Count; Value:QuoteItems::QTY_Count ] Commit Records/Requests [ Skip data entry validation; No dialog ] Exit Loop If [ QuoteItems::QTY_Count = 1 ] End Loop End Loop
  13. Hi All, When I add records to a quote they may be added in multiples until the Quote is accepted. When a quote is accepted I now have to change any multiple service Products to single products to allow for the creation of the barcodes,(serial numbers), used during the service so that any parts used on the product are recorded against that particular product. I created a script which checks for any service Products that are showing multiples and duplicates them the required number of times. The duplication works fine in the QuoteItems layout but unless after duplication, I select either the department or product, then the items do not show in the QuoteItems portal on the Quotes layout despite the Qty being reduced from whatever it was set at to 1 and the Quote Total is incorrect.
  14. When the script commences the user is in the Quotations layout and they only physically enter the QuoteItems portal on the Quotations layout when both the Product and Department have been selected to select the Qty. The script above is activated by a button, Add Service, which triggers a popover with a selection field (gProdFilter) filtering a portal from the layout Prod_QuoteAll. When the Product has been selected, (the action of the script above), the user is then taken to another layout in the Quotations table (iLayQuoteDeptSelect) to select the department again from a portal from the layout DeptListAll.
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