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  1. LaRetta, The form view report layout extends 10 pages long and the text field enclosed is set to sliding and reduce size of the enclosed part. It seems like this should be a very simple thing to accomplish but after reviewing previous posts, it is not. I am not an expert and was simply looking for advice.
  2. Efen, I changed the last page number to the current page number and this gives me the correct page number, but it does not give me the correct last page number of each report. I thank you for the first obstacle accomplished, but I believe there must be a way to show the last page number (total pages in report).
  3. Hello, I am using Filemaker Advanced 10. I have a script listed below that shows page # of # on the footer of each record in form view. Each record varies in length depending on the amount of text included in each record. This script works fine if you print one record at a time. I want to print multiple records at once and set the correct page number for each record starting with 1 and ending with the correct number of pages per record. The script below shows the footer page 1 of the total of all pages instead of each record. Freeze Window Go to Layout [ “K-9 Reports Print” (K-9 Rep
  4. Self-join.pdfI ran into a problem with the self-join. I soon realized that I could not enter new data into the related self join fields. Please view the attached pdf file to view the screenshots of involved fields and relationships. If anyone knows how I can accomplish this task, please let me know and provide me with detailed instructions. Thank you.Self-join.pdf
  5. Thank you for your help Consultant, I might have not made myself clear with the example I posted. I have a form that contains various business names & address info as well as customer information on the same table. I did a self-join relationship and it solved my problem. I enter a new record, enter the business name in the business name field and the business address + phone number and other related info auto populates in the associated fields. I did the same thing for the customer. My self-join relationships are based on the business name and customer name.
  6. Hello, I have a customer/product database with a layout setup in form view that has customer’s information including address & image. I would like to have some type of feature set up when a new record is selected, and I enter the customer’s first and last name, their address & image will auto fill in the appropriate fields, if this information existed prior. Could anyone tell me how to accomplish this task with detailed instructions?
  7. Vaughan, Thank you for your help, it worked! I set the page break before each occurrence and also set the reset the page numbers after each occurence. Your quick response to this problem saved me alot of time & stress. Steve
  8. Hello, I just became aware of a problem encountered when printing browsed records from a layout report form that I designed. The report prints fine when printing a single record in form view, weather it is 1 or 8 pages long. This layout includes a header, body, & footer. The problem is visible when multiple browsed records are printed, a text field set to slide up runs into the second page over the header. This text field was designed to accommodate several pages of text if needed, set to (Sliding/Printing, sliding up all above, also reduce the size of enclosing part). Do I need some
  9. Vaughn, I just seem to have problems with this, must be on my end. I can change the account name but cannot change the user name. I think I will just keep the runtime solution the way it was, assign the user's their account names, and user names, with associated permissions. Thank you.
  10. Vaughan, I appreciate your input and assistance. I always try to work out problems that I encounter and keep on trying to figure out a solution. I tried the Add Account script, Add[AccountName:Get UserName);Privilege Set;"My previously defined";Expire Password] I thought I was almost there but got the "This name is already in use, please provide unique name," error message. Thank You
  11. I set the default account name and prompted the user to change the default password with no problem. However, I did not see the change account name option.
  12. I appreciate your direction “IdealData” and I believe I must do a lot of in-depth reading on this subject. I assumed many developers using FM Advanced have run into the same predicament. If anyone could provide me with a detailed explanation it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I designed a FM 10.0 runtime application with several privilege sets, (full access, limited access, & read only access). I made default account names with associated privileges for this runtime. When the end user opens up the program, the usual opening dialog box appears, ACCOUNT NAME:________ & PASSWORD:__________. By default, the name of the current user logged in appears inside the “Account Name” field. The end user must enter their default account name to access the program with associated privileges. How can I control privilege sets without knowing the end us
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