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  1. thanx emma but i cannot get it to work i must be missing something i get a error message - There are no valid criteria in this request. Enter find mode[] Perform find [] both [] should be blank - right?
  2. how do i make the find criteria the contents of a field in the current record?
  3. i am trying to make a calendar i have not figured out how to implement a month view with a standard type layout (7 columns / 5 rows) any pointers will be appreciated (or any solutions i might learn from)
  4. I want all records that satisfy the limitations of the script that do *NOT* have a time in the time field. I am looking for records within a range of values in a couple of other fields, including alternate actions for over ranging and alternate actions depending on a mode field. After all of this delimits the find (which is working fine) I want to exclude the set further by omitting the ones that have an entry in the time field. I also tried to write a "=" in the requests but FMP reads this as 0:00:00 instead of an empty field.
  5. Manually, I wrote a find ommitting all fields with an entry in the time field. This took two requests - one to omit all records before a time and another to omit all records after the same time. But when I add a call to this script at the end of the larger script, I don't get the the first criteria of the larger script. I get ALL the records with empty time fields as if the other part of the script did not exist. How can I make this time field criterion just a further deliniation. Sorry if I am dense or criptic.
  6. This is a complicated script that finds records within ranges of several fields, with alternate actions depending on values. After this i need to omit all records with a time in the time field. I cannot do it manually. Isn't there a way to write it in a script .
  7. How do you omit files with an entry in a time field.
  8. Is there a way to make fmp ONLY save to disk manually? No auto backup, just the dump command.
  9. I made a runtime solution (on my Mac) that works fine on other Macs. Then I did it again checking the windows extention box. This version does not run. It asks for the FMP application. Can I make a windows runtime solution from my Mac?
  10. i am trying to find a range of a field that is modular values 0-11 i want to find records with values in this field that are within a certain range eg if the value in the current record is 1 i want to find all records that have values from 11
  11. is there a way to impliment multiple finds in a script like i do in find mode eg 1) field1>0 2) fileld 2 <100 3) omit field3 = 0
  12. if field (1) in the current record has the value of 4 and field (2) in the current record has the value of 100 i want to find all records that have a value of 2
  13. How do you write a script to find all records within a certain range of a value in a field in the current record.
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