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  1. You'll find that rarely will anyone get flamed on these forums. Here is a link where you can download the manual for Filemaker Server. http://www.filemaker.com/support/product/documentation.html Michael
  2. Doesn't Filemaker do this automatically?
  3. I would never link that song you are refering to Yeah I kinda missed seeing it myself.
  4. Now you have a new word and a song to get stuck in your head. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyrcN7IwmI0
  5. 1) Why not just change the portal to only display the last 5 lines and sort by Date Mofified? You may have to remove the scroll bar if there is one. 2) Just do a multi field search. Date modified and Modified by. Michael
  6. Soren, Why the Set error step off at the end of the script? I'm not in practice of turming it off at the end of a script. Should I be? Michael
  7. Hi Bonngo, I use the below script for basically what you are asking. Hope it gets you headed in the right direction. Set Error Capture[On] Enter Find Mode[Restore] Perform Find If[Get(lastError)=401] Show Custom Dialog["Message";"No Units have shipped today!"] Exit Script[] End If Soren is fast this morning. I need more coffee : But it shows you another method of the same thing. Michael
  8. Hi, You will need to insert the location of the file as a reference in a container field. Then you can use a script to open the file. It will open it using Adobe. Go to Field[select/perform;Your table::Your Container Field] Michael
  9. I'm using 2006. Not sure if the setting is in the version you are using. If it is not, maybe it's time to upgrade. Michael
  10. Hi, There is a setting in Outlook for this. Tools>Options>Security>Check box "Warn me when other applications try to send mail as me" Michael
  11. Make sure "Select Entire Contents" is NOT checked. Michael
  12. Make sure that their home network does not have the same ip setup as where they are networking into. If the router at home is setup to give an ip such as and the network they are connecting to is setup the same way. filemaker will be looking at the home network for the files. Also make sure they do not load up filemaker until they have connected to the external network. Michael
  13. I was in a similiar situation with an employee here. This employee wanted to be able to change field definitions and add new fields(which made me shutter just thinking about it). All you can really do is voice your concerns for not giving full access. It is the companies data, how valuable is it to them that it stay intact and the files to continue working properly? Only myself and the owner of the company here have full access and the owner freaks out quite often when presented with certain dialog boxes and then calls me.
  14. Keep in mind they can use Print Preview also :)
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