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  1. Hi there, now i need to create a system that capture the weight of the item and do some documentation. So can somebody let me know how can i get the data from the machine, the interface is parallel port and the machine model is UWE-1705 Weighing Indicator. Thank you Regards, Henry
  2. OK, thanks for your help, i will go to check for SyncDek. FM Server Advanced i think is too costly for customer since they need some number of server. Regards, Henry
  3. Hi there, now I have some question related to one of the project that still in the discussion. The solution they need is: The customer is a distributor for a product. Now they wish to provide a billing and stock control system to their dealers, so that they can use the system to run their business. On the same time, the customer also want to know the stock status for their own product (dealers have selling other product) from all the dealers in real time. On the same time, all the dealers have multiple outlets that also need to link back to HQ. The attachment is the sample diagram for the solution. Distributor site have one FM Server and all the dealers HQ also have a FM Server. I put it in different server is because the stock control and invoicing system need to store in each dealers’ server, they are different company and they don’t want all the data save in distributor site. So, distributor site only retrieve the stock information and have and stock control system to let them check the stock status for all the dealers in real time. If view from the bottom part. The outlet users only need to install FMPro to link with dealers’ FM server to use the billing and stock control system. All the data will directly update to the dealers’ server. Now the problem is I’m not sure how the data can be update from the dealers’ server to distributors’ server, and it is only update part of the data, not all. Only selected stock transaction need to update. Is that can be done? The important issue is I’m not sure how the data can be update for 2 levels, from outlet to dealer and then to distributor. The other question is I want to check common practices for handle WAN connection fail. If the broadband connections fail on one outlet, then they totally can’t use the system. Is that I need to standby a backup copy on their site for temporary usage? Regards, Henry
  4. that one is just my example. Actually i want to use it for function key (F1...F12) and some other character like "=" or "-". It is useful for some system like Point of Sale. Regards, Henry
  5. The shortcuts for FM is using 2 keys. For example "Ctrl + 1". Currently what i need is just press one key. Press "1" to perform a script. Regards, Henry
  6. Does any one can recommend some plugin that can perform keyboard shortcut, just like press a key to perform a script. Thank you Regards, Henry
  7. Is Cool. I'm waiting this feature for long time. I also like the drop down calendar and tab control feature.
  8. Maybe you can try on Install Creator by Clickteam, no problem for me. And it is a freeware, just each installer will contain an advertisement page for Clickteam when the installation is complete. Henry
  9. Hi there, i have using developer tools v6 to create some runtime solutions. Currently some of my customer reported that some of the DLL file missing can make the runtime system cannot open. I have advise them to copy the dll file from the Solution Cd that i given to them and paste it to the solution folder. It can solve the problem, but after few days/weeks, the problem will happen again. Just asking is anybody face the same problem? Or can give me some suggestion that able to solve the problem. Thank you Regards, Henry Low
  10. Maybe you can find a plugin to change the enter key as tab key. (FM7 can done it without plugin) If the enter key function as tab key in find mode, then you can disable the enter function.
  11. Hi there, i just want to ask some question related to file path. Every time we run a script from external file, when selecting the file, it will have a check box for save relative path. I want to know that what is the different for this option. Because now i facing a proble related to file pointing, let say i have a set of db files in my pc, if i make a copy of file to another folder and open it, sometime the script still will call the original file, it means i have open 2 files with the same name. It will not automatic point to the folder i select, it make me need to check all the script and do the repointing to the correct file again. For multiuser environment, the client site will face a error for could not find the file even the file already open. All my fm files have select the save relative path option, is that i should not select this option for best result. Thank you for helping Regards, Henry
  12. Henry

    Draft Printing Issue

    I have send a mail to panasonic but still didn't get reply yet. I put the message here because want to know does any person face the same issue or not. This is not only for panasonic printer, maybe other dot matrix printer also face the same problem. And i also want to know normally what type of font you all use to print with dot matrix printer for fast draft printing. Thank you Regards, Henry
  13. Hi there, I have a panasonic KX-P1121 printer which use to print report and receipt. The font i set is "Draft 12CPI". It work well for me in Win98. After i change it to winXP, the font didn't found and it print out graphic font for me. Even i set the print quality to "Draft" but the output still graphic mode. In windows XP, I totally can't found the dot matrix font like Draft 10, 12... CPI or related font. In windows 98, the KXP1121 driver contain a lot of dot matrix draft font, i don't know why after change to winXp all the font become missing. The main issue is to print the line "-------------------", draft mode for this type of line is always width. Hope somebody can give me some idea to solve this issue. Thank you Regards, Henry
  14. Hi there, now i have develop a small system that allow me to print some picture. I just insert the picture into layout and different picture in different layout. All my picture is in A4 size and once i want to print, i just link to the layout and print. It work fine for me in FMP. Now i enable the IWP so that i can use it on browser(IE), but i found that the printing size is far more smaller than actual A4 size. I have link it to the same layout and same picture, but the output is totally different. How can i solve this printing issue? Regards, Henry
  15. Hi there, just want to ask is that any to hide the status bar on the bottom site by using a script. Because sometime i need to hide it manually on a seperate pc. And the other thing is can i disable the minimize button on all the FM files. After compile, the close button will disable, but minimize abutton still function. Sometime user will click this button and see all the files behind, then they will not know where they are. So, hope this two have solution to solve it. Thank you. Regards, Henry
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