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  1. I'll look into that function, but just to clearify, there are many documents that can attach to the record (many related records) but only one of those related records have a filled in experation Date field. All the other related records have that field as "null". Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have a wholesaler contact database in which I use a portal that points to my document database. Among the document database, I have a field named "expiration Date" the premise is that one of these documents, and there can be many, in the portal is a license, and that license expires. The expiration date field which is within the portal is only populated if it is a license document type (using a "document Type" field). How can I take that experation date and show it on the top of my form (outside the portal) so as we browse through the records I can see the experation date of the company's license.
  3. I have a picture database of almost 10000 pictures. It is located on a Raid Drive on my Mac a few folders deep. Within that folder, I have other folders that have the the jpg files of these 10000. My Database uses a container file and stores a reference to these jpgs. The problem I have is if I move the database file to some other folder or drive that is not the same name as I started, the references to all those pictures (or the container field) will be blank (cannot find imagexxxx.jpg) will be posted in the container field. Is there anyway I can write a script that will relink those references to a new folder or folder(s)? There has got to be a way to see the path to the reference isn't there?
  4. I have a Photo Catalog Database that stores family photos from a designated folder on a Hard Drive. These photos are displayed by and import routine that adds the file reference to a container field. The problem I have is if I move my database file to some other drive or folder, or even rename the Drive Volume, I loose the file reference. Somewhat understandable... But is there anyway I can "re-attach" the references without re-importing all the images? I have over 9000 images. That would not be fun. I could switch it to a web viewer but the images are quite large, and a Container Field can be manipulated so the image will be resized to the field size. The Web Viewer just shows it full size. If I was to embed the image, the 9000 images would make the DB file ginormous. Is this a limitation of a Container Field? Is there anyway around this? I'm running FMA 10, does 11 fix this or is that just wishful thinking? Thanks, Jim
  5. one word.... "DUH!" Thanks! That did it. Sorry for such an easy one...
  6. What's going on here? I have created some text and icon items on this layout. Everytime I go into Browse mode, they move?? Take a look in the upper right corner of my screen shots (I grayed out the rest). Why do items move from layout mode to browse mode? I have checked all formats I can and none of them seem to be any different from each other. I've grouped and ungrouped, I've tried the "lock" from the menu and nothing works. It is as if some of it wants to stay right justified and knocks off the others and moves them over. Any thoughts? Jim
  7. Ok, I figured it out. It was a loop with some set field in it. Kinda easy (oops)
  8. This is probably a huge "no duh" question but... When I have a container field with a Reference to a picture in it. If I move the database to another machine or to a USB drive, how do I update the reference path?
  9. I'm having some issues with understanding container fields with file references and how they are updated (if they can be updated). I have a HUGE database of pictures. Each picture is roughly 100k and I have almost 10,000 of them. If I import these pictures into a container file. My guess is I'll have a DB roughly 2gb in size. Don't think navigation is going to be very responsive do you? I would like to import them as references where the database will be small and the files will be stored outside of FM. Problem: If I copy these files and the DB from one USB drive to another or If I attempt to use this DB on a Windows FM machine I loose the reference (image cannot be found error). Is there anyway to update the reference or something so I don't have to re-import all 10,000 files? Additionally I have the pictures arranged in folders that I labeled BOOK1 BOOK2 BOOK3 etc. I have 54 book folders and 200 on average pictures in each folder. My database is at the top level folder and all these book folders are underneath. I can't imagine putting 10,000 files in one folder. That would push the file system a bit I would think. I'm guessing I have to do some sort of scripting or calculation to the container field to keep it up to date?
  10. Yep, but it's an old DB and they don't want me to change it. (go figure). I could have a case statement that goes through all cases that would be a case statement with 120 different exports (I have 5 subjects {5!}). Any other thoughts?
  11. I have a DB with 5 tables full of test results for a record (StudentID). These students (as a batch) only took two or three subjects (each subject is a table). I'm trying to have the teacher (using FM) choose which table to export for the batch of students. i.e. If this batch of students only took math and English, I would like an export only to export the Math and the English table. Not the Social Studies, Science and History tables. Is there any easy script process to do this? If I create and export records and choose all the fields of all the tables, the student will have fields associated with subjects He/She has nothing to do with. I can try multiple exports with a few global variables as checkboxes, that can trigger associated tables to be exported (one table at a time) but is there a way (in windows) to do a merge of those files after that type of export? I know we can merge by adding the records to the bottom of a record set but I don't know if one can add fields to the "right" of each record (or append to each studentID more fields). Am I making sense? Thanks.
  12. Yes, I am literally "replacing" or "overwriting" the file with a new one. I did just check that "show window" menu choice and it's greyed out so my guess is that its closed. But, I just noticed that there was a unrelated relationship of the ConvertedData datbase in the "relationships" section of the processing database. I removed that, and whala (sp?) it worked. It helps to keep your relationships window real large so you can see everything in there. : Thanks for your help.
  13. I have a "processing" Database that imports an Excel Spreadsheet and places the appropriate data into Filemaker Tables. Its a long story but I am forced to do this in a two step process. First I import the data into a FM database called ConvertedData.fp7 and then I process that data from a second Filemaker Database. When I import the Excel data into ConvertedData, I close the ConvertedData.fp7 and go on my merry way with the second Database processing as it should. The problem is, if I proceed to run another spreadsheet through this process and attempt to "overwrite" the ConvertedData.fp7 file it stops me and says it's locked and can't overwrite the DB. I have to close my Processing Database and completely quit Filemaker and then re-open the processing Database and run the import script again in order to overwrite the ConvertedData.fp7 DB. This happens in both Windows and MAC (I develop in both). I understand how a file can be locked when your using it but I've closed the ConvertedData.fp7 Database via a Script step and it's closed. The other Processing Database is open but it has no reason to keep this first DB open It has already put the data from ConvertedData.fp7 into it's tables. That file should not be locked. I hope this makes sense. Any light on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Nevermind. I figured it out. It was Relational issue with another table. My bad. It worked. thanks!
  15. Yes, but when I do that... I see each record in browse mode but it does not show anything in Preview mode. It only shows the header and footer. I've tried it with a Script being created and without. there is no sliding/Printing issues. Does this mean there is a calculation error or something?
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