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  1. As always helpful and concise messages. I will search in the forum to give the instalation process a try. Thanks to all.
  2. 4 users The 4 machines are: (3 windows and 1 mac. Next year perhaps the 5th license to be used with FMGo. Not important.
  3. Well it is the classic strange issue that comes to me. A company set up a server in a NUC5i5RYH with Win10 and said it was good enough for FMServer 15… and it was not supported. I can see the tech reasons in favor of the server-grade Windows OS. I will try a search in order to see if the difficulties are beatable. Thanks, folks !!
  4. The FM specifications state that (On Windows platform), the Windows 10 OS is nos apparently supported. Any experiences about installing FMServer 15 or 16 under Windows 10? Thanks in advance, Jorge
  5. I am trying to take a decision in an area with no experience at all. Thermal printing driven by FM14. After a few searching I have two printers I would recommend for a customer: - Brother TD 4100N -Epson TM T88V (with an Ethernet interface needed) The question is: Is Filemaker able to print in this devices. The tech specifications do not precisely explain any printing language (PCL, Postscript or whatever) and I need to know if any or both devices have been used with Filemaker sending data. The main issue is to print a logo and data of an appointment to give to the pe
  6. Yap! Firefox is out of the issue, sorry! The v13 scripts reference manual stands (p. 253) that Open URL is a supported step for WebDirect. The description is rich enough to state this: Windows: Open URL supports http, https, ldap, ldaps, ftp, file, and mailto URL types. For example, if the URL starts with http, FileMaker Pro opens the user's web browser and processes the URL. Note FileMaker Pro uses the preferences stored in the Windows system file URL.DLL to determine the application to handle the URL. The URL is then passed to ShellExecute for execution. And as we have
  7. We have a development that if accessed by regular Filemaker Pro the button (via Open URL) that links to a document (word file) it does open the application (MS word) resulting a very satisfactory behaviour for users. But the same stuff when running with WebDirect the Chrome gets an "not capable of opening the window; please deactivate the popup window blocker and try again". Well needless to say that that blocker is not active (under preferencies) and the IS manager of the net also verifies it is not blocked at her level. Also firefox, same machine, is not able to open the applicati
  8. It simply can bring us to a couple of interesting CFs… The other collateral point for us is related to see which kind of combinations usually get with no big prix and go to a "pot" (I don't know if this is the term). Other ones are quite popular and do share the big one amongst 3 or even more people. Needless to say that this doesn't reveal the next winner combo but as soon as you see what it can be said if it would be in the popular bets or not. I do not see your point. I can not guess why frequency as commented would be more analyzable in the number level cause it is the combi
  9. Hi Comment, It works perfect for me!!! Thank you !! OK. You've solved it, you deserve a clean answer I was trying, just for fun(*), with a friend of mine(**) to solve this issue: how many times this combination 15, 18, 30, 39, 45, 46 (+41) has appeared before in the lotto (I think there is such a lottery in most countries). Well not exactly that combination (just once, of course) but its "essence", that is, 5 value combination of any of those numbers. We have the 7 numbers of each raffle (¿¿??) in 7 fields and we wanted to know many combinations of 5 have been a
  10. Hi, given a list of this 30 values 1 1 18 1 18 30 1 18 30 39 1 18 30 39 45 1 18 30 39 45 46 1 18 30 39 45 41 1 18 30 39 45 46 41 1 18 30 39 46 1 18 30 39 41 1 18 30 39 46 41 1 18 30 45 1 18 30 45 46 1 18 30 45 41 1 18 30 45 46 41 1 18 30 46 1 18 30 41 15 18 30 46 41 15 18 39 15 18 39 45 15 18 39 45 46 15 18 39 45 41 15 18 39 45 46 41 15 18 39 46 15 18 39 41 15 18 39 46 41 15 18 45 15 18 45 46 15 18 45 41 15 18 45 46 41 I would like to be able to get list of values with fixed words length, in this case 5 words values: 1 18 30 39 45 1 18 30 39 46
  11. This is the best new since the release of FM13!!! Enjoyment & learning Thanks, Ray
  12. Hi LaRetta, Thank you very much for this strip CF. It works gorgeously, as asked. After setting it up I will deal with the commented exceptions. Best of all!!
  13. Hi LaRetta, no you haven´t But the data shown is only a small set of "free text" that after 37 thousand records -18 thousand with data in this field- it is a bit more complicated that your precise calc. I have all sort of not numeric data inside the field. My approach should be how to filter the numbers but not loosing the value or the word to be understood. I also have some text data (a few hundred good ones) with "backside", "lower", "bis", "prox", that I will try to save after cleaning numbers. The point as you'll guess is to construct a normalized data field, leaving the o
  14. Hi, This is clean data issue. I obtain from and old database field, called "num" where the users put the street number or gate number, these 13 values from the index(: 12 13 14 14 16 14 Y 16 14-16 14-16-18 14,16,18 14y16 15 16 17 17y20 and in order to obtain a clean relationship data I have to transform in 12 13 14 14¶16 14¶16 14¶16 14¶16¶18 14¶16¶18 14¶16 15 16 17 17¶20 As you may imagine I need this kind of data in the child side of the relationship just to see #14 related issues in one instance and not in 6 different cases. I have been
  15. Just to thank your dedication to FMForums, Comment, I have to say that I have not been (¿fortunately?) able to reproduce the issue... again. I opted for another schema and the problem disappeared just because I reuse the code / functions in the real file. Probably you were right and I was in the middle of a mistake. :-) Thanks,
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