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  1. Thanks for that link. I didn't find much there however and they didn't have any search function. But it did start me thinking about things and I remembered that I can just record a new script from within SE, so I did. The syntax was quite a bit different from my original script, so I plugged that into my FM file and got everything to work once again. Thanks for your direction.
  2. Good question. I hadn't thought about trying that. Hmm. I did just now run the script and got the same two errors. Any advice?
  3. I have been using FM17Adv for some time. I am on a MacPro 12-core tower and I had been running macOS Sierra. All the internal scripts I had in one database worked perfectly. I recently updated to High Sierra and now I am getting script errors I don't understand. And this is from the same exact file I used previously. I have one script where I want it to open a folder in Dropbox so I can access files there. But I am getting this error: Can’t make "Dropbox" into type integer. Then I get a -1700 error dialog immediately after that. Can anyone explain how I can fix this. I have not been able to find anything online. The script is a native AppleScript, and I suspect that has something to do with this. Here is the script: tell application "Finder" activate open folder " Pieces 2011" of folder "Teaching Material" of folder "Dropbox" of " ThomaStudios 4TB" select Finder window 1 set position of Finder window 1 to {2877, 167} end tell Thanks. J D Thomas ThomaStudios
  4. I have a long-used Postscript font called Adobe Garamond that shows up fine in FM 12 Advanced files. But if I open the same file with FM 13 or 14, the font doesn't display at all, replaced by Helvetica. This has been a long-standing issue for me and I am on the verge of uninstalling the last two versions as useless. Is there some font-handling changes in the last two versions that could cause this? J D Thomas ThomaStudios
  5. BruceR and Raybaudi, You both could be right. Perhaps I was zoned out when starting this; who knows. I ended up deleting the 3 fields in question and starting over again. Now it's all working as expected. Go figure. Thanks for your direction, it helped more than you know.
  6. That's exactly what I thought, but it's not happening. The calculation is only returning the value in the first repeating field. If I delete that first value and leave the rest, the calc returns nothing. Really!?!? Like I needed that. You're a big help.
  7. Now don't jump all over me for using repeating fields. I have done this in other FM tables but I've got a new one where it just isn't working. I have an itemization list and cost in separate repeating fields, 10 reps. I've done this before where I create a calculation field get the the Sum of the cost field. Sum(ItemizationCost). But in this new table it's not getting anything past the first iteration of the field. I've tried various other scenarios all to no avail. Everything is in the same table. Any suggestions?
  8. Sorry, been busy lately. The Theme is simply "Classic" I would attached a clone of the file, but the forum is not letting me. J D Thomas ThomaStudios
  9. I just yesterday installed FM13Adv and this morning I opened one of my most oft-used files. The file opened fine but about half of the fonts were now italicized when none of them shoiuld be. Fonts are all installed and I use Font Explorer to control that area. My main text font is Garamond Premier Pro (it is setup fine in Preferences) and when I select one of the objects incorrectly formatted, the Inspector shows no font selected. I can change it to display correctly, but I hate the idea of having to change every one manually and I don't see a global command within FM. If I reopen the same file in FM12Adv, everything is fine. Any ideas as to what might be going on, and maybe a fix? J D Thomas ThomaStudios
  10. Aha. First off, thank you for the great suggestions. I was dealing with an mistake on my part that I didn't realize until this morning. For some stupid reason I had the Lesson Chg field formatted as a repeating field, which was totally unneccessary. All the suggestions are working fine now. Plus, I learned something. Thanks again. J D Thomas ThomaStudios
  11. Unfortunately, I did that earlier, and just now after reading your post, and the result is a blank field. Nothing. Is there some slight syntax error I'm missing? J D Thomas ThomaStudios
  12. I have a database for a private music teacher and we're trying to have it automatically keep track of lesson charges based on the number of students in each family, the length of the lessons, and the charge per lesson at a rate per half hour. I've been using simple calculations that work fine if each lesson is the same length. Now we're having to deal with lesson lengths that can vary from student to student, either 30, 45, or 60 minutes. I've set up a field for the lesson length formatted as radio buttons with each one of these values and I'm trying to complete a calculation based on these fields: Count - the number of students in the family Lesson Length - 30, 45, or 60 minutes Lesson Charge per half hour This would seem to be a good place to use the Choose function, or perhaps the Case function, but nothing I do will return the calculation based on changes to the Lesson Length field. I either get no result, or there is no change if I switch the Length buttons. I'm sure it's probably a very simple oversight on my part. Here is the formula I've been working with: Choose ( Lesson Length = 30 ; Count * Lesson Chg * 1 ; Lesson Length = 45 ; Count * Lesson Chg * 1.5 ; Lesson Length = 60 ; Count * Lesson Chg * 2 ) Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. So that's it? You're just going to leave me hanging, not giving any more info as to how I can recitify this situation? Great. Real informative list here.
  14. I'm not entirely sure how I could convert to a related structure. The current file has over 500 records, each record has a minimum of 40 or so entries in the aforementioned repeating field. Does this mean each of those entries needs to be a separate record, set up with a relationship? Can you provide me with more directive here? Thanks.
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