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  1. Thank you for your reply Steve! I think I found out what caused the problem ... There is spyware called ossproxy.exe from Marketscore. Just for test I installed it on a new PC and FileMaker sharing stoped working. Unfortunatelly it did not work back when i remove it! It seems to me that the spyware also corrupts some windows system files.
  2. Adding the following hidded field helped me to solve the problem: <input type="hidden" name="-find" value=" "> see also: http://filemaker.com/ti/104764.html Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi, I'm using FileMaker Pro to test locally a web site using FileMAker several database files. Web site is using CDML. There is search form which works fine when I click on the button submit (or press enter when the button has the focus) but when the focus is in text box and I hit enter I get a blank page. I tried to use javascript code to submit the form onkeypress event but I still get a blank page. I found also in error.log file the following entry: [05/Aug/2004:13:37:38 -0400] ERROR: 4. No valid action in input form. created after I pressed enter in the text field. What does it mean? Has anyone had similar problem? Any ideas? Milen
  4. I run port scanner on that WinXP box and it shows me that FileMaker is listenning to protocol port IP address TCP 5003 UDP 5003 I run the same test on another PC running Win2000 where FileMaker file sharing works fine. The results there were: TCP 2399 TCP 5003 UDP 5003 There is one more line with IP which is missing on the first PC. I found also some spyware running on that computer: OSSPROXY.EXE Do you think that the spyware could be the culprit? Thank you for your help in advance!
  5. Hi, FileMaker Pro 6 has been running on Windows XP Pro happily for more than an year. Some files were shared so other FileMaker users in the network were able to access shared files via TCP/IP protocol.(in Multi-user mode) Suddenly, the other network users stoped seeing these shared files. TCP/IP network is proved to be operational - I can ping all networked computers, I can browse the network and I can copy/move files between the computers. Even more, from that Windows XP workstation FileMaker "sees" all remote PCs sharing FileMaker files and using OpenRemote can open theirs shared files. Sharing works only one direction. I checked that: -IP addresses are correct -No firewall is running on Windows XP box -I reinstalled FileMaker - but no luck. Which port is using FileMaker? How can I check if there is some software running on that WinXP box and preventing FileMaker from using the port and sharing its files? Any ideas? Thank you for your help in advance!
  6. Ugo, I just downloaded your "horizontal scroll portal". Thank you very much ! I think this is what i was looking for!!! Milen
  7. Hi guys, Thank you all for the help! Christian: Thank you for pointing me to the portals! Proper sorting did the job for me. Ernst, Ugo: Yes "field"-"filed" it was a typo... My fingers are still quicker than my mind Ugo: Yes, understand that it would be much better posting the similar questions in one thread only ... The reason I posted my questions in different threads was that I thought the problems are different... Again thank you all for the help!
  8. Christian, Thank you for the help! I
  9. hi, here is a part of FileMaker's help on "Placing merge fields" "Use a merge field for documents like form letters, labels, envelopes, or contracts. Merge fields shrink or EXPAND to fit the amount of text in the field for each record. (This behavior includes collapsing an entire line, such as an empty Address
  10. Hi, I have a similar problem. As I found out I can't expand a field - I can only shrink it!!! Using Format -> Sliding/Printing can do the job. But I think that it would be great if FileMaker could give us in the future an option to stretch an object (field, label, etc.) when the text size exceeds object's size. It would be a feature even more powerful than "Sliding" feature...
  11. a brief question: I want to see on the printout the entire content of each field but i do not know the amount of the text in the field in advance. Is it possible to create a layout where the fields are auto-resizeable? Can a field change its size depending on the size of the text in it?
  12. Hi, Is there a way to specify horizontal scroll bar for a portal? If not is there a workaround? What I can do if i need to place in a portal fields which total width exceed the width of the portal? Thank you for the help in advance!
  13. Hi, I have a field called "ID" of type calculation. ID= GetField( "site" ) & "-" & GetField( "code" ) I noticed that ID's value doesn
  14. Hi, I got the following error message when I tried to define a lookup: "This lookup uses the filed
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