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  1. I just moved form 18 to 19. In FMP 18 I had a folder in my applications folder that was called “FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced”. It contained: FMPA Read Me (English).pdf FMPA Acknowledgements.pdf FMI Runtime Resources FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced Extensions English Extras After upgrading to 19 IO do not see that 19 has the same folder. Is this a problem? What to do? Any tips or ideas?
  2. Moving to a simple database for Mac Desktop from FMP I have been using FMP for ages. However since I no longer really need it’s complexity (all I have is a few simple databases like passwords, addresses and the like) I like to move away form it and move to something simple (and cheaper). Now I use Mac computers so it needs to work on a Mac. Any suggestions anybody? And preferably something that is easy to use (for the other folk in my home) and where we could import the data form the FMP databases we like to keep. I have access to FMP 17, 18 and 19. PS if I am not in the richt forum tell me where to post.
  3. I use ChronoSync to backup my hard disk form time to time. FMP 18 refuses to be backed up. It throws always an error. I have been in touch with the CS people but they do not know this either. I have uninstalled it an installed it again but that did not help. Is there anybody out there who can help?
  4. Is this at all possible? I want to have two buttons that will each do the following. Have one button to ‘Strike Thru’ text that is highlighted before. Means not all the text in the field will be changed. And one button to change the text colour to Red, again highlighted before. Means not all the text in the field will be changed. Any tips how to do this? Please bare in mind I am a FMP beginner. Thanks.
  5. FileMaker Pro On a Mac I am having a container field where I store PDF files. Every time I start the DB and I get to a file in the DB with a PDF in it, I get a box asking me: adobe pdf viewer can not find a compatible… etc. Now if I select Adobe Acrobat Reader DC it now runs fine, however it will ask me again the next time I open the DB. Boring indeed. Any solution to that? My first choice would be to use Preview, I did select it when the box appeared but this does not work. Any solutions to that? If it needs to be Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, where can I set the preferences so it does not ask me all the time? Adobe Acrobat Reader DC seems also pretty buggy, crashing at time and not allowing to scroll the PDF and a few more bugs. Any solutions anybody knows of?
  6. Hi Wim, Sorry for the delay, somehow I did not get an email that you posted. I managed the 'open folder option' Thanks. Where do I find this "export field contents" option? +-+ Hi Comment, I did that and it works, thanks.
  7. I hope this is the right forum to post this. Using FMP exclusively on Mac OS. I want to be able to have a document on the HD and drop it on the DB somewhere (container field or?) to create a direct link to it so it can be opened (clicking it to open) from within the DB. I like to do the same thing for folders. Is this possible? And if so how? If it is please remember, in your answer, that I am a FMP beginner.
  8. Fitch good morning. I just found how to do the numbers by digging around this AM. The Invoice number is set in the Field Definitions. File -> Manage -> Database -> Fields -> Invoice Table- > “ID_Invoice” double click -> “Auto Enter” tab, is a box with the Invoice number.
  9. At present it numbers 001, 002 etc. I like to start at lets say 100 and I like a prefix, like 2015 or 2016 etc.
  10. Hi Fitch, so I had a look at the starter solution. Thanks for that tip as it comes closer to anything I could build myself, I am at best not good at it. But I get already stuck at changing the currency or changing the client number (I need specific indicators in it that are different for each country). I see no standard fields there for changing it and suppose i need to get under hood. I am afraid that if I start to tinker other stuff will not work etc.
  11. PS Forgot, I need to be able to invoice in £ and €.
  12. I am looking for a template or something of the like to use for my accounting purposes. As I am a total novice in FMP I suspect it is beyond my skill to develop from scratch. What I need is a system that does invoices only. No bookkeeping needed. No inventory needed. All it needs to do is hold client details (Address, VAT No etc.). However I need to be able to ad VAT at different rates or to use the EU VAT diversion system (for those of you who do not know we do not charge VAT to companies in the EU that are not in the country we are in, that are VAT registered). If this is the case I need to add a note stating that the VAT is diverted. It needs to create unique invoice numbers. I need to be able to mark invoices as paid. Invoice needs to be printed on A4 and I need to be able to ad logo and my details, like our own VAT number etc. Is maybe a strange combination, I know, but hoping there is something out there I can use or use and adapt. If it does more no problem but this is the minimum I need. I hope someone has a tip or two or other smart ideas how to solve this. Thanks.
  13. Hi Kris, thanks for your concern. The DB was build in FMP 4 days and upgraded along the way. It works fine ever since and the design was originally done by a professional (who died unfortunately somewhere around FMP12, so we can not ask him anymore). So all I want to do is ad this little tweet (I explained in detail above, hope that is clear). There is no legal concern, this has been cleared. After all, I am helpful but not dumb. Thanks for the link to Richard Carlton.
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