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  1. Hello All, I have a found set of records with a result page to fill out all mail fields.. but the body of message...Man this is killing me... the <input type="hidden" "-mailformat" value="mail.txt"> tag It Wants the mail.txt I can get it to run butttttttt....need to customize dynamically.. I really want to pull from a field so that I can have people customize there " email content field" for the body of the message...... Have tried the -MailFmtFIeld but when used it errors saying none of the other tags are filled out.. and this is In a form and I belive this tag is for <a href> only by looking at the example.. That dose not help :-( The script solution just won't work as all this is web based.... any Idea how to customize the body of a message from the web "web companion" Still been looking to PHP to ba able to pull a field and use it as the body but VERY complicated.. also looking at what lasso offers but $1000 is a bit much... Any help would help .. Web based customize body of e-mail.. Thx Erick
  2. Hello All, Hope someone can shed some light on this... I have a results page for e-mailing and in the Bcc line I all the e-mails in the found set... everything runs great as long as there is only 1 e-mail in the Bcc, After that I get syntax errors from the mail server.. here is why... the bcc fills with the e-mails " emailaddress emailaddress emailaddress and so on" but I need to input the proper syntax.. I.e. 1 email sends as <emailaddress> FM when it sends adds these <> around the emails so when I add multi e-mails it formats as <emailaddress emailaddress> and errors so I added my <> the the emails and I get this.. <<emailaddress><emailaddress>> and errors because there are extra <> on the ends so I reformatted to adding just one > on the end so I get. <emailaddress> emailaddress>> now there are to many >> on the end and none separating the two e-mails... ANY help in formatting this would be greatly appreciated.... or a way to keep the -Bcc from adding the <> on the e-mail would work also.. Thx, Erick..
  3. Hello All, Please help.. I just want to make a simple portal in my email DB thats shows the emailaddress field of all found records in my main DB.... I'm just not Getting it... Thx, Erick
  4. Hello All, Was wondering if it is possible in the results table online to have the table line alternate color like a portal window can on the layout.. I.e. first result background white and the next gray then white and so on. Thx, Erick
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