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  1. Im sorry if this gets lengthy, but Im VERY close to finishing my first solution and the only thing in my way is this <covering mouth to muffle obsenities> stupid printing problem. #1) I have a layout that in preview mode I can see the header and all the records in a row down the body of the page. Also there is a footer at the bottom with text. Now, when I print, all I get is the text in the footer. Tried everything I could think of and stopped short of pulling my hair out. #2) Second of all, Im still kinda lost on this whole printing deal. Seems like Filemaker needs to REALLY revamp this. If I do the steps of making scripts of the print script step (windows xp user)for say portrait current record, portrait records browsed ... etc. , does it use the printer Im using when the script was created or the users current default printer ? #3) Following up on #2, if I put a print setup dialog at the begining of the script and the user picks a printer, do the following "print [without dialog]" script steps in the script use what the user picked or the computer's default printer ? If ANYONE can help me with these 3 issues, it would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. Ahhhh ! So simple its stupid.... guess that's why im posting and not replying ! lol... thanks guys !
  3. Please tell me if this is possible. Ok quick run down: Horse.fp5 Name (text) A Portal (portal of info) Displays (Horse Tasks.fp5::Name, Date, Task, and Notes) Horse Tasks.fp5 Name (text) Task (text) Date (date) Notes (text) Now, lets say that someone changes the name in Horse.fp5 (which is the relationship between the files). Now all the info disappears from the portal. I know the reason why is because the records from Horse Tasks.fp5 is still the old name and the file Horse.fp5 has a different name. I need to know if there is a way and how to execute changing the name of the records in Horse Task.fp5 when someone changes the field "Name" in Horse.fp5. Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Maybe Im just missing something, but here's my problem. I have 2 files. Dont ask questions on why Im doing this, there is a method to my madness. LOL. But I copied all the fields and labels and such from one layout on say FILE 1. Copied them to a new layout on FILE 2. Now with them all selected, I want to make them sit in the same place, so I look at the object size window on file 1 and set them the same on file 2. Now, they are NOT sitting in the same place. Here is why, on FILE 1 the VERY left hand edge on the layout starts at "5". On FILE 2, the VERY left hand edge on the layout is "18". PLease someone help to explain this and how to fix it. Thanks again !
  5. I need to know if there is a plug in that will let you render your bound runtime UNresizable by dragging the bottom right corner. I have tried WindowUtility with no avail. If anyone has any other options or knows how to get it to work with WindowUtility, PLEASE let me know.
  6. This is probably a very easy question, but Im about to pull my hair out trying to figure it out on my own. I have 2 relational databases. Horse.fp5 and Horse Tasks.fp5. In a run time that I have compiled. Horse.fp5 opens up. From there, I want to take them to Horse Tasks.fp5 when they click a certain button. I have accomplished this much. But my problem is the window size and bringing them to the front. In short I want to know what is the proper script steps to change from one Maximized window to the next file being maximized and when they want to go back, bringing the other back maximized. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
  7. I have been looking into FMP Dev. 6.0 and was checking to see if this is what I really want. I would like to see just a simple example of a runtime solution and possibly a kiosk mode. I really dont know what they look like to the end-user. If anyone could post one, it would be GREATLY appreciated.
  8. I hope Im just missing a really simple idea, but here's my question. Ive got some containers on a page and a button below each. If you click the button below the container, it sets the field to that certain container and opens the "insert picture" step, thus displaying the picture you selected in the container. Now, here's my question. I want FMPro to handle the picture, not just a link to a referenced picture, but I want it to be displayed, preferably in the user's default web application (i.e. Internet Explorer) Ive figured out in my head how to do it from a referenced picture, but unsure, if even possible, how to do it from one which is NOT referenced. Again, any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks Ugo. Worked like a charm!
  10. Ok, I refrain from the last post. If anyone has another idea or sample, I'd be glad to hear from ya.
  11. Newbie question. Ok, I got 2 relational db's. "Horse" & "Horse Tasks". Now, on one layout of "Horse" I want to type information into about 4 fields, and then when I click a button (more than likely to run a script) it will create a new record in the second db (Horse Tasks) and place that info into the appropriate fields. Ive tried everything that I can think of, which isnt much <lol>. Best I can do is make it produce the new record, but it stays blank and overwrites another record. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. <head spinning> ok, its the same thing, its not, but it is ... I think Im obstaining from the remainder of this post, <lol> Thanks guys for the tips on the plugins.
  13. Im sorry, I dont believe I follow. So your saying that you cannot accept input from a dialog box ? Are we talking about the same thing ?
  14. No, Im actually talking about Filemaker Pro 6's "Show Custom Dialog" script step. You can have up to 3 inputs. There is where I was hoping to get a drop down menu.
  15. Quick question: Is there any way to make a drop down menu appear in a custom dialog box?
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