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  1. Hi, Our Filemaker database is hosted by 360Works using MirrorSync 3. The owner wants to upgrade to MirrorSync 4 asap. Any idea on when it will be available for hosted databases? :-) Doug
  2. Hi, If I change the version number of the file on the server (i.e. Database2 is changed to Database3), what do I have to do to keep MirrorSync working? Thanks in advance. Doug
  3. I guess that I didn't get the memo -- just started using Filemaker 14.0.4 (not Advanced) having previously used Filemaker 13 Advanced and have the same issue. I have Admin Access, but after creating a Resource Scheduler (from the Startup Solutions) and adding a couple of scripts as a test, I can't access them from the Scripts menu. Instead I see the Scripts menu with greyed out options: "New Script, New Folder, New Separator, etc." The View menu has greyed out "Hide Scripts Pane, Hide Steps Pane, ..." What did I miss?
  4. Does anyone have a link to a short reference on updating MirrorSync settings after making changes to the Filemaker solution (other than the original MirrorSync documentation)?
  5. doughogg

    Only one record up-/downloaded

    Hi, I created a demo file using Filemaker's sample estimating solution, uploaded the Hosted version to our host and synced a couple of contacts and I am running into the same issues. The second of the 2 new records is synced but not the first. And if I make changes to the 2nd record, I get a 504 error. I am wondering if this could be something to do with our Filemaker host. If anyone wants to try my demo files, let me know. :-) Doug
  6. doughogg

    Push Failure Error 504

    Hi MHOOLE, Have your tried syncing after editing a previously synced mobile record. That is where I get a 504 error on pushing. :-) Doug
  7. doughogg

    Only one record up-/downloaded

    Ack...(x 2). I have the same problem, and I was excited by the above, but my portals on hosted and mobile looks fine. Hm... :-( Doug
  8. I just read a blog post (with a demo file) about tracking down the actual error behind the "dreaded question mark". Hopefully it will help in your case: http://fullcityconsulting.com/fm-function-of-the-week-evaluationerror :-) Doug
  9. doughogg

    Push Failure Error 504

    Hi Tim, Hopefully a clue to this error: I only get the 504 error on pushes when I have edited an existing record. :-) Doug
  10. doughogg

    Push Failure Error 504

    Hi Tim, I just checked. All three ES_Record_UUID fields are set to Text in both the mobile and hosted databases. :-) Doug
  11. Hi, Just a little feedback on the documentation for the EasySync Demo which I tried out. In The ReadMe says: However after setting the External Data Sources as per paragraph 1 above, the two remote scripts (Perform Script on Server) worked with no help from me. The Documentation page says, In my case testing the Demo files, both of the lines mentioned were fine as is (after I set the external data source). I did notice that these scripts got messed up if I logged into the mobile version with a new account that I added that was not in the hosted version. :-) Doug
  12. doughogg

    Filemaker Ruby adapter - Rfm

    A few more updated links: https://github.com/ginjo/rfm https://github.com/lardawge/rfm :-) Doug
  13. doughogg

    Filemaker Ruby adapter - Rfm

    Here is an updated link: http://rubygems.org/gems/ginjo-rfm :-) Doug
  14. doughogg

    Runtime Soultion using external data source

    Is the separate document library a Filemaker file? If so, I don't think that you can link a runtime solution to another Filemaker file. If the document library is not in Filemaker, what is it and what is it's structure?

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