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  1. Problem solved! Apparently Windows Update had never been enabled on the server. 141 updates later, it works without a hitch! Thanks for your help, Wim and Web. ;c)
  2. No XML at all. So if I access the URL in ,e.g., Firefox, it shows: XML Parsing Error: no element found Location: https://serverip/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=TEST_XML&-layoutnames Line Number 1, Column 1 If I use an invalid query, such as db=TEST_XML&-layoutnamesd, I receive an error, as expected: <fmresultset version="1.0"><error code="4"/><product build="05/08/2015" name="FileMaker Web Publishing Engine" version=""/><datasource database="" date-format="" layout="" table="" time-format="" timestamp-format="" total-count="0"/><metada
  3. Hi Gang, long time no see! Anyway, I am attempting to use Insert From Url to pull in some XML data and am having no luck with it. When I use a url such as "https://ipaddress/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-dbnames", I receive the expected result: <fmresultset version="1.0"><error code="0"/><product build="05/08/2015" name="FileMaker Web Publishing Engine" version=""/><datasource database="DBNAMES" date-format="" layout="" table="" time-format="" timestamp-format="" total-count="4"/><metadata><field-definition auto-enter="no" four-digit-year="
  4. Yes, well. I'm still stuck on FM 5 here and haven't even opened 7 in a couple of years, so I can't be of much assistance these days... But that's okay because I have a family to take care of now and don't even have that much time for adventure gaming anymore, let alone extracurricular programming. But it's all worth it and I can still lurk at times. : <-- still a dumb smiley
  5. Holy cow @ your blistering number of posts! I can't believe I'm still in the top ten though. : *waves* -Q
  6. -Queue-

    field label

    Try an auto-enter calculation with the field's name and format it on the layout to select all contents.
  7. I don't believe File References can be that dynamic...yet, though I don't have 9, so I may be incorrect.
  8. Or Right( Substitute( 10^(30 - Length(yourField)), "0", "." ) & yourField, 30 ) to allow easy changes to the number of periods used. You would have to use a monospaced font to ensure everything lines up nicely.
  9. Something like LeftWords( Case( AfricanCheck, "African, " ) & Case( FilipinoCheck, "Filipino, " ) & Case( HawaiianCheck, "Hawaiian" ), 9 ) should work.
  10. As far as I am aware, this is not currently possible. You may be able to use a plug-in to trigger a script to update a field's value, but I think that would still require leaving the field to trigger it.
  11. Go into Layout Mode, select all objects, copy, and paste into the other file, or drag-and-drop them if that's an option.
  12. No, once you have imported a new set of records, just run a Set Field loop to convert the date value appropriately. Since I don't know the specific script steps in FM 8, I'll use pseudo-code. Go to Record [First] Loop Set Field [datefield; Date( Middle( datefield, 5, 2 ), Right( datefield, 2 ), Left( datefield, 4 ) )] Go to Record [Next; Exit after last] End Loop For the existing records, run a Replace Field Contents in the date field with the calculation above. This will convert all the invalid dates into a valid date format.
  13. There may be an easier way in 8, but the way I would do this is by printing a report to PDF995 (or something similar) and then attaching it to the email.
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