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  1. Problem solved! Apparently Windows Update had never been enabled on the server. 141 updates later, it works without a hitch! Thanks for your help, Wim and Web. ;c)
  2. No XML at all. So if I access the URL in ,e.g., Firefox, it shows: XML Parsing Error: no element found Location: https://serverip/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=TEST_XML&-layoutnames Line Number 1, Column 1 If I use an invalid query, such as db=TEST_XML&-layoutnamesd, I receive an error, as expected: <fmresultset version="1.0"><error code="4"/><product build="05/08/2015" name="FileMaker Web Publishing Engine" version=""/><datasource database="" date-format="" layout="" table="" time-format="" timestamp-format="" total-count="0"/><metadata/><resultset count="0" fetch-size="0"/></fmresultset> Using any other kind of query that should be valid (e.g., -lay=Testing&-findall) returns no XML though. The same holds true for other files with several layouts and scripts (a -scriptnames query on PSoS_Log_CWP, for instance returns nothing). I was trying to get this idea working, but it kept bailing because the results of the Insert from URL step were empty. Very frustrating...
  3. Hi Gang, long time no see! Anyway, I am attempting to use Insert From Url to pull in some XML data and am having no luck with it. When I use a url such as "https://ipaddress/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-dbnames", I receive the expected result: <fmresultset version="1.0"><error code="0"/><product build="05/08/2015" name="FileMaker Web Publishing Engine" version=""/><datasource database="DBNAMES" date-format="" layout="" table="" time-format="" timestamp-format="" total-count="4"/><metadata><field-definition auto-enter="no" four-digit-year="no" global="no" max-repeat="1" name="DATABASE_NAME" not-empty="yes" numeric-only="no" result="text" time-of-day="no" type="normal"/></metadata><resultset count="4" fetch-size="4"><record mod-id="0" record-id="0"><field name="DATABASE_NAME"><data>FMServer_Sample</data></field></record><record mod-id="0" record-id="0"><field name="DATABASE_NAME"><data>LatestUpdates</data></field></record><record mod-id="0" record-id="0"><field name="DATABASE_NAME"><data>PSoS_Log_CWP</data></field></record><record mod-id="0" record-id="0"><field name="DATABASE_NAME"><data>TEST_XML</data></field></record></resultset></fmresultset> When I attempt to query the TEST_XML file, however, e.g., "https://ipaddress/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=TEST_XML&-layoutnames", nothing is returned. TEST_XML is a simple one-table (called TESTER) file with one field ("id"), one layout ("Testing") and a handful of records. It is set to auto-login as [Guest], which has the [Full Access] privilege and only the fmxml Extended Privilege. The server is running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, SP1 and FM Server, with everything enabled in the Admin Console. I am using Advanced 13.0v9 and Pro 13.0v9, though I receive an empty result in FireFox and IE also. Am I missing something obvious?
  4. Yes, well. I'm still stuck on FM 5 here and haven't even opened 7 in a couple of years, so I can't be of much assistance these days... But that's okay because I have a family to take care of now and don't even have that much time for adventure gaming anymore, let alone extracurricular programming. But it's all worth it and I can still lurk at times. : <-- still a dumb smiley
  5. Holy cow @ your blistering number of posts! I can't believe I'm still in the top ten though. : *waves* -Q
  6. -Queue-

    field label

    Try an auto-enter calculation with the field's name and format it on the layout to select all contents.
  7. I don't believe File References can be that dynamic...yet, though I don't have 9, so I may be incorrect.
  8. Or Right( Substitute( 10^(30 - Length(yourField)), "0", "." ) & yourField, 30 ) to allow easy changes to the number of periods used. You would have to use a monospaced font to ensure everything lines up nicely.
  9. Something like LeftWords( Case( AfricanCheck, "African, " ) & Case( FilipinoCheck, "Filipino, " ) & Case( HawaiianCheck, "Hawaiian" ), 9 ) should work.
  10. As far as I am aware, this is not currently possible. You may be able to use a plug-in to trigger a script to update a field's value, but I think that would still require leaving the field to trigger it.
  11. Go into Layout Mode, select all objects, copy, and paste into the other file, or drag-and-drop them if that's an option.
  12. No, once you have imported a new set of records, just run a Set Field loop to convert the date value appropriately. Since I don't know the specific script steps in FM 8, I'll use pseudo-code. Go to Record [First] Loop Set Field [datefield; Date( Middle( datefield, 5, 2 ), Right( datefield, 2 ), Left( datefield, 4 ) )] Go to Record [Next; Exit after last] End Loop For the existing records, run a Replace Field Contents in the date field with the calculation above. This will convert all the invalid dates into a valid date format.
  13. There may be an easier way in 8, but the way I would do this is by printing a report to PDF995 (or something similar) and then attaching it to the email.
  14. I would think reading invalid date data would cause a problem.
  15. Ah, what if one changed the field type to text and created a date field with the above calculation? Seems like it would resolve the importing issue.
  16. The data is entered as yyyymmdd into FileMaker? I didn't even know that was possible. Well, in that case, I may have given you unnecessary information. Perhaps if you explicitly state what your goal is and what you are working with, we'll be able to help more.
  17. Um, have you tried following the instructions? It should be a relatively simple copy/paste special (transpose).
  18. They are merely text functions to extract the leftmost (for the year), rightmost (for the day), or middle (for the month) characters to put into the Date function. Are you saying that it is a date field with data entered as yyyymmdd or that it is merely formatted that way on the layout?
  19. Is it a text or date field? If it is a date field, create a calculation field with: Date( Month(x), Day(x), Year(x) ) where x is the field name. If it is a text field, try a calc field with: Date( Middle( x, 5, 2 ), Right( x, 2 ), Left( x, 4 ) ) Either will produce a date result that you can then use with other date functions such as the current date one.
  20. If all your invoices are only one page each, then that might be a decent solution. If any are multiple pages, it will not be sufficient. I believe there was a trick for doing this in previous versions, but I'm having difficulty locating an example right now. Comment, care to 'Qualitify'?
  21. No, I'm not quite that big yet, but you could still be sympathetic, ya jerk! Ooh, that would be excellent! It would definitely beat changing the date before you open any files, not that I've ever done that...
  22. Thanks, but it probably will just get me wet for now. I've only used FM 5.5 for the last two years; we really need to upgrade to 9, which may become a reality within the next year. I need some time to play with 7 again, but that probably won't be happening very soon. Cry for me, won't you?
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