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    Curious FMWebschool

    Thanks Ocean, but, well, this is nothing less than astounding to me. "Hey, I had a bad experience with A COMPANY, what was your experience?" What do I get in return? Accused of having an agenda, accused of being a bad person, a truly bad person, who cannot be trusted because I made a statement - about A COMPANY! Wow. Truly. Wow. Like I said, no knowledge to be gained here, so I'll just be on my way.
  2. ricardito

    Curious FMWebschool

    Thanks for your thoughts LaRetta but that's not my experience at all. If I'm looking for the lowdown on a company or a product and all anybody does is post questions and no one posts their experience then how am I to find out anything? Every forum I've ever went to to find out about such things has lists of people posting their experience, good or bad. It's very helpful. A company's interaction with it's customers should be private? No one should praise good service or complain about bad in a public forum? I can go to any commercial site and read the positive quotes that they put up but it's much more valuable to get unsolicited experiences from actual customers. My experience is what it is, why should I hide that? I have a small Filemaker business with several thousand customers, I visit the trade forums and people love it and people don't, some people don't like some service I've provided. I don't get my knickers in a knot over it, I try to do better. I'm happy to read it, it's always instructive. But of all the posts no one has ever suggested that others issues should be kept private and taken up with the company. That position is simply beyond me. And at no time, ever, do I feel that if they're posting negative comments they are not truly good people. I run a company for crying out loud, they're talking about a product and service. It has nothing to do with good people/bad people, it has to do with whether I've met their needs or not. Clearly, this site isn't one of those types of forums and I'm spending way too much time defending a position that shouldn't be an issue. I came here to get some feedback, to actually hope to read some positive feedback to counter my negative experience to give me a warm and fuzzy about purchasing again, instead I feel like I've insulted somebody's uncle. I withdraw my request for any others' experience with them. The powers that be can delete this thread.
  3. ricardito

    Curious FMWebschool

    Let me clarify this. I've used forums to find plumbers, mechanics, gardeners... peoples experiences are priceless and I learned that a bad experience is not always true for everyone. So I'm not quick to judge. I had a plumber come by and was convinced this guy was way over priced and I didn't trust him but some research found that he had really high marks and after getting a few other quotes he did turn out to be fair and did a fine job. I've stated my experience and was curious about others experience. But if this is not the place to ask about Filemaker companies or products then I got no problem with that and won't do it in the future.
  4. ricardito

    Curious FMWebschool

    " I don't see any purpose of trying to locate someone else that has had a bad experience with them." Seeking others experiences translates to "bad" experiences to you? Where did I say that? My goal? My major goal? What might that be? I thought it was pretty clear, I'm interested in a few of their products and am wondering about others experience with them. That confuses you somehow? Do you have any experience to share, good or bad? Yes? No?
  5. ricardito

    Curious FMWebschool

    Thanks for the replies but I'm looking for others experiences with them regarding support. We found an error in their book that was not addressed on their web site (we couldn't find a fix listed anywhere), that stopped production on a deliverable and their response was lacking. I'm not saying they are not professional and I'm not passing judgement, I'm simply stating what our experience was and before we purchase anything else was wondering if others have any experience with them they would care to share. R
  6. ricardito

    Curious FMWebschool

    I'm curious as to if anyone has any experience with FMWebschool and their products. I ask because last summer we purchased their Ultimate Guide to FX PHP which was darn useful until an error was found in the book. Of course this stopped production on a project that was coming due soon. There were no email returns from FMWebschool, no phone call returns, in their forum it took a week for someone to answer our questions and then they were nasty because we weren't happy about their support. Ouch! Otherwise, it was a useful book but that experience really soured me on them and I'm hesitant to buy again, but they do have a few new items I'm interested in. Anyone have any other experience with them? R
  7. ricardito

    text formatting

    Is there a way to format a FM field to the web (FXPhp) and retain the formatting, specifically paragraph breaks. thanks, r
  8. ricardito

    [Off] Does this sound fishy to you?

    you get the check, you can cash it because it's a cashiers check and the bank doesn't question it, you get the 6g's, send them their money, the bank later gets the check returned and wants it's money back from you! this is a well known scam, few years ago someone tried this on my dad, i did some research and sure enough, it's a common ploy they use.
  9. "Please keep your comments civilised." How on earth is questioning a company relevant to those who work there? This is pitiful and Filemaker's lack of support for 3rd party developers is pitiful and Filemaker's pricing scheme is pitiful (why is every new added feature a full price upgrade? 5.5 to 6? 8 to 8.5? Ridiculous). When was the last time Filemaker released an updater for the runtime? Why do we have to pay to be listed with them? The list goes on. I don't know how any person who works for Filemaker could find these remarks about the company uncivilized. It's not directed at them. It's FMI's policies that are being questioned, and for good reason. "My clients who have purchased FMS and invested in a chunk of FMP licences earlier this year, are seriously unimpressed at being forced to upgrade to 9, as a result of adoption of Leopard in the coming months." And rightly so. I'm going to have to fork over yet again for more upgrades that don't warrent the asking price. Imagine this guys clients and what they're going to have to fork over.
  10. another disgruntled developer http://www.filemakermagazine.com/blogs/editor/filemaker-falls-behind.html here's the best case scenario: 8.5 runtime installs and works fine in leopard. great! still, i MUST buy 9 then even though i've only had 8.5 for just under a year. i just can't kvetch enough about that (as you can tell!).
  11. "I will post a notice on my website, advising my clients that their FileMaker runtimes will not work with Leopard, and that an update will be forthcoming as soon as possible." Thanks so much for that info. I would never had thought of doing such a thing. What a nice person. The point is that it's one day notice on a Friday. My clients don't come to my web site everyday (or month for that matter) so they won't see it. So a weekend for them to go and install Leopard and have their software fail and be real po'd come Monday morning. You people that are offering up possible reasons for why this happened ain't selling me. My clients could read in a hundred places? You have no idea what my client base is and I can tell you it's not technical. They ain't reading it anywhere and if they did they wouldn't connect my solution, which has it's own name, to Filemaker. You may be the forgiving type but I'm not. This is bs. They haven't even TESTED earlier versions according to their "notice". How did they manage to miss testing earlier version? I've seen shareware advertised as being Leopard compatible. It's owned by Apple for crying out loud.
  12. I couldn't agree more about 8.5. How long will they force us to upgrade by not releasing updates to older versions? Even one generation back? They're guaranteeing cash flow with this business model and I think it sucks big. Can anybody name one other software company that does this, stops updating their older software as soon as a new one arrives? I can't think of a single one.
  13. One small difference, we knew well in advance that it was not compatible with VISTA. This last minute crap is what is annoying me.
  14. Just got off the phone with Filemaker. They said that they don't know if someone installs Leopard if a runtime will work or not. This is great. I have almost 300 clients that have purchased the Mac version in the last 11 years and about 2/3 of them in the last 2 years (I guess Mac's are becoming more popular). So this weekend I could conceivably have any number of people who simply can't use their business software anymore. Perhaps I'm being paranoid and all will be well but the fact that I have to worry about this is unbelievable. I guess after 6 I'll drop to one knee and bow my head. According to Filemaker there is no other option.
  15. Thanks for the link but providing another download isn't so simple with a runtime solution. So, an Apple owned company has not even tested previous versions of their software for the next great Apple OS. Exactly what part of a new high profile release from Apple did they not get? Were they caught by surprise regarding the delivery date? They make this announcement one day ahead of it's release. Anyone else find all of this just a little strange?

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