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  1. Never mind. i decided to go a different way.
  2. I'm trying to use your Charts Plugin. I started with this: Let( debug = lineChartCreate ( "Graph"; "Date"; "Dollars"; 1) and lineChartSetDataPoint ( "BA" ; "1/1/2018" ; 50 ) and lineChartSetDataPoint ( "BA" ; "1/2/2018" ; 150 ) and lineChartSetDataPoint ( "BA" ; "1/3/2018" ; 250 ) and lineChartSetDataPoint ( "BA" ; "1/4/2018" ; 150 ) and lineChartSetDataPoint ( "BA" ; "1/5/2018" ; 250 ) ; lineChartShowGraphic (500;500) ) but if I have 3 series, and 30 categories, does that mean I have to use LineChartSetDataPoint 90 times? or is there a shortcut way to do this?
  3. Thank you for your insight. I will need to look into the ExecuteSQL function more. I have not used it. your answers make sense.
  4. I'm trying to create a dashboard that shows how many open items per department. I have a 3 tables, Orders (Parent Table), Assigned_to (a child table to orders), and a personnel table which lists the person's name and department My Tables and Fields: Orders Assigned_to Personnel OrderNum_key OrdersNum_fkey Personnel_Key Open_Date Personnel_fkey Name Close_Date Department# Static 1 Relationships: Orders::OrderNum_Key = Assigned_to::OrdersNum_Fkey Assigned_To:Personnel_fkey = Personnel::Personnel_Key Filter: Orders::Close_Date is empty (only want Open Orders) How do I make a Summary Field or Calculation field that will filter on both, Close_Date is empty and Department# = 1 (or whichever department)? In MS Access, I would have created a query with these tables and relationships. then filled in the criteria "Close date is null". Then use the "Total" feature and group by Department Number and Count function. Is something like this possible in Filemaker? Thanks.
  5. Well I think I found it. In Access when linking the filemaker tables via ODBC. there is a "Save Password' checkbox. the downside is that this password is not encrypted. However. in my case it shouldn't be a problem. No one but IT will be accessing this access database.
  6. Using MS Access 2010. Filemaker 13 Pro, Filemaker 13 Server. I have a MS Access database that that I programmed to do a lot of calculations and creates data. Now I want that data saved in a Filemaker database. I was able to create ODBC connection to the Filemaker database. I am able to view the Filemaker tables/data in MS Access. At 8AM daily I want the Access database to do the calculations, and then insert the data to Filemaker . However every time I try this, the Filemaker Login Screen comes up. And I would have to manually enter the username and password. Is there any way to bypass the log on screen? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm having this problem now too. it has something to do with Java. but I have not found a solution. I have heard you have to uninstall and reinstall FM server. boo.
  8. I did it this way and it works. Thanks for your help.
  9. I'm trying to summarize the amount of training hours for a specific department. I have 3 tables. Table1: List of people. Fields: Personnel Key, Person name, department Number Table2: List of Training. Fields: Date of training, number of hours, Personnel Key (from the Date, I get the Year and Month) Table3: List of Year/Month. This is where my calculations should display. I have a field for Month and Field for Year. Relationship #1: Table1::Personnel_Key = Table2::Personnel_Key Relationship #2: Table3::Year = Table2:Year, and Table3::Month = Table2::Month In Table3, I want to get a total of Table2::Number of Hours for Department 1. I created a field that will "Sum (Table2:Number of Hours)" but that will return ALL hours. How do I filter the hours in Table2 on Table1::Department Number = 1? Thanks.
  10. I created a database in FM pro. It has 50 records. A person can see the list of records. There is a button that will open a PDF that is associated to the record. For Record 1, the button will open the PDF "fileserver\folder1\0001.pdf". This works. Now i'm trying to implement this through webdirect. A person will log in, see a list of records, then click a button to the PDF. However. Using the same technique as the FM Pro, this does not work. I error-capture, and it generates an 'Error 3: File not found". this was attempted in Google Chrome and Firefox. I've tried to use the Open URL to open "file://///fileserver/folder1/1001.pdf". again it works in the fm pro, but does not work in webdirect. If I type in that path in a web browser address bar, it opens the PDF. has anyone tried to do this? what am I doing wrong? is this even possible? Thanks in advance
  11. Whoops sorry. yes they are all records. so I have 1 table "Issued List" it has a "Name" field, which would have the name of the location or name of the person. so I create a List based on this table and at the "Name" field. now I have to get the order correct. that's where I'm stuck. I have about 10 locations and 100 people.
  12. I have a keys database: what keys have been assigned to a person or location. so i need a list of these people (scott, bob, smith) or locations (key box 1, key box 2, binder 1). How can I put the list so that locations are first and people are 2nd (in alphabetical order) like this: Binder 1 Keybox 1 Keybox 2 Bob Scott Smith Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi All. I'm trying to understand how this works in my environment. We have Filemaker 13 Server, with FM Pro and FM Pro Adv clients. We are in a Windows Server 2012 Domain. So if I get an Ipad and connect it to the network, then download and install FM go, how does it connect to the FM server? will there be a problem with the Domain? The Ipad doesn't join the domain. Since it isn't joined, it also wouldn't be able to access the fileserver to view PDFs on the fileserver. is this correct? Extra question non-FM. What concern do you have with the Ipad being hacked? The Ipad would be on the network (even if it didn't get fileserver access). It could cause a security issue. thanks, not sure if I'm correct on these things. so let me know if I'm wrong. Scott
  14. Thanks for your input. The editing directly into the portal was requested by the user, which is why I am investigating. But your way is definitely doable.
  15. Environment: FM13 with FM13 Server, mix of Windows 7 and 10. Is there a way to set a script trigger on if this portal row is new? IE, a script to run if this new child/portal record is new. We have a parent record, and portal to Children records. The children records have 2 fields: Profile Name and Process type. Our user would like to enter a new child record (profile name and process type). if the process type already exists, we will need to archive the existing record (matching the profile type). There is more bI want to start with this first. I see script triggers to the layout "OnRecordCommit", but no similar script trigger for portals. Any ideas on how to handle this? Or am I going to have to add a button to go to another screen to accomplish this? Thanks. I hope i gave enough info for you to help me.
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