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  1. I wasn't aware of this flaw in 7.0 v1, which I am currently using. Sounds like upgrading to v3 will solve many of my issues! Thanks! Also- Could someone elaborate on the networked solution problem? I'm not sure I understand that term. The type ahead only works in stand-alones? It should work ok when shared on a server, right? Thanks much
  2. That is a super cool example... But I'm looking to do something a little more simple... 1st field is a list of continents (I pick North America) 2nd field is for countries & shows a list based on selection from 1st field (Canada, US, Mexico) I was able to do this in FM6 by doing a self-relationship (or whatever its called) but can't figure out how to do it in FM7. Any suggestions?
  3. This is similar to a problem I'm having... my problem is that my lists are often fairly long (ex. list of artist names) so its nice to have the name first so I can just hit the first letter of the name and jump to that section of the list. But I only want the artistID to be stored. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Thanks Queue- that'll do it (duh)! Ender- I did try that- but thought it might be confusing to the user... they create a new record, enter data in the temp entry field (ex. Adams, Ansel)which looks up that artist's ID to store... then they go to create another new record and the temp entry field still says Adams, Ansel. Even though it doesn't matter... Is there a simple way to get the temp entry field to clear out automatically after the ID is looked up? Thanks both-
  5. I have 4 temporary entry fields that I would like to automatically delete contents when the database is closed. I tried a loop and set field commands but it takes way too long (I have 55000 records). I tried making 4 subscripts to be used within a main script. Each subscripts searches one of the temporary entry fields for any contents and then uses replace contents "" to clear it out. This works fine except for when there is nothing in the field to find and the "no records match this request" dialog box appears and you have to click continue. This is no good because I don't want p
  6. Yes- the 2nd table is used to make conditional value lists... Changing layouts and entering find - would slow down the entry process (this is only 1 of about 15 different topic areas that need to be entered for each image. Besides- this would be about the same as looking it up in the table and copying the id from there. Also, what I didn't mention before, is that there are other things that are related to the category combo- like codes that have to do with how we physically file each image (kinda like a call Number)... so ideally, I would want to select the different category fields,
  7. Ok- this is going to be tough to explain! I have a database that is used for storing data about a large collection of images. Among others, I have a table that contains our category heirarchy system. For example: a photograph of the Guggenheim museum would have a "category" = Architecture, a "Worktype" = Cultural Buildings and a "SubWorktype" = Museums. There are currently 450 different configurations like this (ie 450 records in my table). So, in my main table (records for each image) I currently have it set up so that you select each of these fields from lists that are pulled
  8. Got it! I'm not sure which solution I'll use- will have to play with them for a bit. Thanks much for your time!
  9. I do get the length part - but the other nested Case() still confuses me.... especially when I try to apply all this to a calculation that includes additional fields. For example, I have one where I want to string together 5 fields (title, author, publisher, pub date, page#s) kind of like a simple citation. Also- if I wanted to use the TRIM function- for each field, where would that fit it? Thanks so much!
  10. Thanks- works great. But I'm not sure I understand it!
  11. I'm trying to do (what I thought should be) a simple calculation to combine two fields... If(IsEmpty(RepositoryName),"", (RepositoryName) &"; ")& If(IsEmpty(RepositoryPlace),"", (RepositoryPlace) & ". ") Example Problem: RepositoryPlace Field is empty and RepositoryName is "Private Collection" Calculation comes out to be: Private Collection; How do I get rid of the ";" when RepositoryPlace is empty? Thanks! FileMaker Version: Dev 6 Platform: Mac OS X Jaguar
  12. Machine is dedicated... All else seems to be running fine so far. Though, this is a new db to replace an old flat one- so main db has only some test data (45,000 records are soon to be imported) only tables actually have all their data. I should've also mentioned that the list is only really slow the first time the field is selected (takes 1-4 minutes) after that it's just a bit slow (5-15 seconds). Thanks again.
  13. I am told that the server is running filemaker server 5.0... I think there are about another 100 databases running on the machine. Any other ideas? Thanks much.
  14. I have a pop up list that is using a value list that is being pulled from a related table. i.e. table is a list of creators and their subject area (some art, some architecture). In the main entry db (holds records for individual images) if an image is marked that the subject matter is art, the field for creator will pull a list from the table of all artists only. Right now there are about 4000 different creators. So- when I click in the creator field in the main entry... it take sooo long for the list to appear. Also, the database is being stored on our server. Any ideas ho
  15. Thanks to all- I am going to find out if it is a filemaker server (I always just assumed it was). As for the corrupted files- we copied the database onto our computer and we think we have narrowed it down to 7 files. But when we try to delete them- filemaker just quits. Any other way to get rid of these files?? We do have backed up copies but would rather fix this, most current version. By the way- it's filemaker 6 on OSX. Thanks
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