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  1. As stated by comment; you don't select it using the TYPE field. CardsMyExample MODB.fmp12
  2. " I have 2 tables; CARDS and TYPE" Nope. You have two tables; PASSWORDS and TYPE. Nothing about your design requires TYPE to be unique.
  3. Help will be impossible until you specify user name and password for your TEST file.
  4. Why? Why do you think you need to do this?
  5. It’s generally a lot easier to understand a complicated request if you post a clone or an example file.
  6. What you have quoted is erroneous. There can be no double quote in the go to field statement. But delete that line anyway; it isn't needed. Instead: Go to Layout ["Client Data" (Client Data) Replace Field Contents [ No dialog ; Client Data::New Emergency Date ; ""]
  7. Note that this exact same subject is being discussed on FileMaker Community. https://community.filemaker.com/thread/184913
  8. I'd suspect something else then. Some conditional formatting or hide calc, some ill-written custom function, even your data viewer watch functions; something is declaring that variable. The fact that you can't post a full and complete script - is also troubling. Have you got Advanced? Can you generate a DDR?
  9. Where is your actual script? How are you triggering the script? Can you show us your file or a simple example file? There will need to be a second step in the script so you can stop in debugger and look at the variable contents before the script ends. Since you are using a script variable ( single $ variable) it will always be empty after the script runs. While this is something you should be able to do successfully - in real life, what do you want to do with $fieldName?
  10. WHICH two layouts? No, they are not independent of each other. They are based on the same table. Your entire premise here has been to do something "not the parent" which makes no sense, and you have been unable to explain.
  11. What does select mean - to you? And after "selecting" - what is next? What are you actually trying to do?
  12. Doug, there is a very important omission in your script. After the first Perform Find, you need to re-enter Find Mode. Otherwise; you're changing data in the current record. And you probably want to add some error trapping. Also: not sure what's up with your square brackets in the set field statements. I removed them here. Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [template::year ; 2018] Set Field [template::InParentDiary; 1] Set Error Capture [ On ] Perform Find [] If [ get( lastError) = 0 ] Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [template::season ; "spring"] New Record/Request Set Field [template::season ; "summer"] Constrain Found Set [] End If
  13. Basically you are declaring: you tried something and it didn't work. What exactly does your script look like? Since you have return-separated values (from a checkbox field) you are going to have to create multi-step script.
  14. May I suggest that you work with this version going forward. It clarifies key field names, reorganizes the graph, and eliminates "portal" from any table or relationship names. The TO may be used in a portal. But labeling the TO as someThing_someThingPortal hides actual relational concepts. Test File DemoJOBR.fmp12
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