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    The thread there is 21 posts long, with many specific specific suggestions and specific questions. At this point it ends with a specific question for you; that remains unanswered. This forum does have some great tips on how to ask a question; and perhaps Lee will provide that link. Since you have an important business requirement that you can't currently implement on your own, you might consider paying somebody to do this for you.

    Apparently an [xpost] with FileMaker Community, where more progress has already been made. https://community.filemaker.com/thread/98378
  3. Indeed, as Lee mentions, comparable??? You haven't yet described anything about your project, so more detail, made public here, will be helpful.
  4. ( year( get( currentdate)) - Date of Hire) & " Years"
  5. Middle letters? Possible?

    Then you want the Middle function. I think that Comment provided exactly the answer you wanted recently here. But maybe that was somebody else; or over in a different forum. Anyway: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Fmiddle.html Middle Purpose Extracts the specified numberOfCharacters from text, starting at the specified character position. Format Middle(text; start; numberOfCharacters)
  6. No; it is not possible with Pro. You can do it on demand. If you want schedules; you want Server.
  7. That seems like an extremely odd reason to move away from FileMaker Server. Scheduled backups are one of its prime, easiest to use features. FileMaker Server can make backups for you; including full backups; and clones.
  8. Portal for DataEntry/Ingredients of recipes

    Attached is a modified version of your file with a few of the errors corrected. Steve mentioned some of your errors; including putting foreign keys in the Recipe table, instead of the Recipe_lines table. Also, you had set up all your relationships to be cartesian relationships ("X" relationships) That means "put everything everywhere." You don't want to do that. 2017_09_Essensplan_MODBFR.fmp12.zip
  9. Portal for DataEntry/Ingredients of recipes

    HJS: it may be your desire that this be a simple exercise. That doesn't make it a reality. Lee: that said; I don't think this is a useful starting point.
  10. Portal for DataEntry/Ingredients of recipes

    Lee: I tried a search and got "hits" but actually did not find anything useful. If somebody has done a search and found relevant examples, then it would be helpful to link directly to those "curated" examples. Unfortunately - yes, that does mean a bit more work.
  11. better way to go through data

    Different game. OK; how so? You do not seem to have actually revealed the performance stats for parsing. XML import took 5 seconds. JSON parsing was; somewhere wandering a different ballpark. Buying hotdogs with Applepay. Specifically, completion of JSON parsing took .... ?
  12. Help with relationship

    But you already know this answer. You cannot use the quantity part either, due to the unstored calc.
  13. Help with relationship

    This makes no sense.
  14. Display active portal row

    As recommended by Comment: in the original window, do not ever leave the original layout. Open a NEW window. Do what you want there. CLOSE the new window when done. Get to this new window however you want. You said you did this. It is obvious from your reply that you did NOT.
  15. Help with relationship

    That is the correct result. Why is this field involved in the relationship? And - for that matter; why is CONSTANT involved in the relationship?

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