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  1. So, you're saying that if we don't know our Modular divisor we'd use Div() to derive it. That is, we're not talking days in a week ( therefore, we know to use 7 for our divisor/grouping), we'd derive the grouping using Div(). What would be a good example showing that?
  2. Thanks, Comment. It's that wrap around that was challenging. My mental model is dividing into equal groups and what mod provides is how many are left over. Weeks are in groups of 7 days. Hours in groups of 60 mins. The easy, Mod ( some number ; 2 ) in pairs.
  3. OK, I really want to understand Mod. Mod ( 4 - startDayOfWeek ; 7 ) . Given today is a Friday > Mod (-2 ; 7 ) = 5. What?
  4. Typically, the barcode scan is nothing more than a Find by barcode. I typically have a button that opens a card window with a global field and place the user in that field. They are now ready to scan. The scanner is configured to add a return at the end of the scan. That exits my field and an OnObjectSave runs a script that performs a find for the item. What you do next is up to your "Inventory taking" workflow. Set a Date Inventoried to Get ( CurrentDate)? Create a new record in a InventoryLog table?
  5. There are several tools to analyze a DDR, but creating one is only done through FileMaker's Tools menu.
  6. http://filemakerinventoryresources.com
  7. See the video "Fixing Slow Reports" on this page: https://www.geistinteractive.com/filemaker-transactions/
  8. Yes, trap in your Open Script for Get ( Applicationversion) = "Server" and ( most likely ) Exit that script.
  9. Although you're passing $$SMSMessageID, you are not declaring the $SMSMessageId in the Send SMS Message On Server script. You need a Get ( ScriptParameter). Btw, you don't need this to be a $$var. Also, you do not need line 10 - Go to Layout, because you can now New Window and Go to Layout in one step. One more thing, the second script continues even if it fails between line 2-19.
  10. https://www.geistinteractive.com/products/filemaker-barcode/
  11. Have a look here: http://filemakerandapis.com for a sample file and video.
  12. If the RLA is defined that a record is only viewable to the user if the gUserId = recordUserId, then you don't need the constrain. Well, let's see what removing the constrain does.
  13. Um. Anything specific to the record that results? For example, does that user always look for a record others do not? (btw, I haven't had issues with QF). Font corruption was my guess, but if it happens on a different workstation... Recovering a copy report any corruption?
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