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  1. There's no simple checkbox. See this thread. and this: http://www.philosophyoffilemaker.com/conditional-subsummaries-105
  2. Post a zip of your file, scrub any data you can't share.
  3. I've asked this too. We've started to use Insert Calculated Result a bit more.
  4. Could be incompatible versions. Please update your profile. What version FileMaker and OS?
  5. Too bad you’re not able to move to the api. All the scripting and sync logic would be done for you with Geist’s LedgerLink.
  6. Perhaps add a conditional to the calcs so they only fire during import. Set a flag $ImportProcess at the start of your import routine.
  7. I hope you don't have fields named this way. It's a red flag that this should be related records instead.
  8. Going back to your first post...your goal is to scan a barcode and create a new record setting the barcode you scanned into the item code field? Do you have a global field for receiving the scanned data?
  9. I believe your data model is working against you. imho, you should have had a related table to record a customer's history. A customer should not be duplicated.
  10. Yes! Or show a portal of related notes, sorted descending of creation time. You could use a global field for the note input. Then a button "Add Note" which would script the creation of the Note record. Some people use a one row filtered portal to add a record. the relation has Allow Create enabled. The display portal hides the fields in the last portal row if Isempty (related::Id). Bottom line: No big Notes field in the parent, at all.
  11. can you post your actually script? What field are you using to capture the scan input? What script trigger are you using?
  12. Perhaps select the RequestorId in a popover, rather than layering the fields? Look at the Invoice starter solution for an example of a picker in a popover. And, when WebDirect supports card windows, switch to a card picker. Or, start a new Order from the Requestor record.
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