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  1. Are the tables related to the same parent table? I would think that each has a foreign key. Otherwise, I'm not sure that I understand what you're doing. If no relationship, you could always calculate using ExecuteSQL. Can you describe this use case in a paragraph?
  2. Find isn't working properly

    Two files or two tables? Assuming two tables in one FileMaker file, when you find on a related field, you are finding the number of records in the current table that have that value in a related field. So, in your case, you have 20 records in table B that have "both" in their related z field. Posting a file (clone is fine) would be more helpful.
  3. squential number generator filemaker

    Looping script.
  4. One Time Pull Only

    First problem that hits everyone.
  5. One Time Pull Only

    Not sure what Lee's msg was, but are you aware of the DeviceID and how it's used with EasySync to avoid round-tripping? Basically, you cannot update records using the same device and see a successful sync.
  6. External data sources on FMGO

    It's not you, Olger. I find that once accessed, it's very hard for FM to let go of an external data source. Try calling a script in the EDS that closes itself from the "startup" layout.
  7. External data sources on FMGO

    Yeah, but if that table needs the data source, then FM makes the connection. That's why I use a table that has no fields as a starter. See Low Impact Startup on FileMakerStandards. And you go there when you exit, to avoid: "Avoids accidental External Data Sources from being opened if the last viewed layout was based on an external data source."
  8. External data sources on FMGO

    I haven't experimented with $$paths for external data sources yet. My use case would be programmatically switching from dev data source to production. I was thinking to set the $$var by parsing the file name and if it has "DEMO" it would set the $$external_data_source to the demo data file. I wonder if you're encountering some sort of "commit" refresh issue. That is, the $$var isn't established in time. Are you opening up to a layout based on a "starter table" - that is no records, fields and therefore no dependence on a data source? Once there, set the $$var. What happens if you enter add the path manually as the second listing in the external data source dialog. Does it find it?
  9. External data sources on FMGO

    fmp://~/MyAppData.fmp12 ~ is the document folder. I would assume the file is there (since that's all you have on iPad, for now). But, why do you need to have a dynamic path, anyway? The location of the data file isn't going to change. Tony White's PDF
  10. Updating a FMGO app

    Glad to help.
  11. Updating a FMGO app

    I would suggest a third file that handles the update, and that's all it does. That file takes charge. When your file pings and realizes it needs to update, it exports the Updater file, and opens it. That file can then close the MyApp file and take over. Take a look at EasySync's EasyDeploy routine.
  12. Clock / Time Zone Alert

    Well, users often form a local LAN and work off a host. We'd want all users on that LAN to have accurate clocks.
  13. Clock / Time Zone Alert

    "The problem here is that users get used to the alert and will dismiss it as a matter of course without thinking." Yep. Cities - yes, I agree. Most Europeans clients seem very comfortable with offsets. Just trying to think of some way that we can get the user to check their clock/time zone. Esp. if they grab a laptop from a previous event and don't bother to check the time. Maybe it's as simple as {{CurrentDate}} {{CurrentTime}} on the Main Menu. Systems work so much better when there are no users.
  14. Clock / Time Zone Alert

    No trigger. We always show this on file open.
  15. Clock / Time Zone Alert

    I know, comment. I realize we cannot say "your clock is incorrect" but we can say, "Please confirm that the local time is hh:mm and that your offset is +/- n" and if we want to get fancy, actually show the cities for that offset.

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