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  1. I dug up an old copy of FMSP I had on my Mac. So, what they're doing here is checking to see if this Contact has a related company. They needed to "ping" a field that they know is there if there is a valid relationship. Typically, I'd check for the related record's primary key since that field is certainly one that you can count on. Not sure why they didn't simply check for not isempty ( Account_Name).
  2. FM Migration tool allows you to easily migrate production data into a new version. There are commercial products that add file management and more to that tool.
  3. It’s a utility field often used to filter a relationship.
  4. I'm working right now with Twilio for SMS https://www.twilio.com/sms
  5. Not sure what you mean by identifiers. Perhaps you mean the foreign key? Since this table ( maybe in its own file) , can relate to many entities, perhaps add ParentEntityId and EntityTypeId? If you use UUIDs, it is highly unlikely that any parent from across all entities that relate to your container would have the same uuid. EntityType table would have a row for each possible parent entity. For example, “Invoice” is entitytype 1. We typically don’t use uuids on a lookup table.
  6. We set up a staging server. Copy over production and then migrate dev to the staging server.
  7. Set Variable [ $$PATH.DATA ; Value: "fmnet:/###/@@@_v1_0_13" ] Where is the external data source? You cannot use a relative path? see https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/17/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help%2Fcreating-file-paths.html%23ww1087742
  8. Also, I believe that you need to be careful of last window closed. Doesn't that load briefly before first window open?
  9. Here's a very useful community thread.https://community.filemaker.com/docs/DOC-8174 See Josh's comment: It is important to set the $$Path in a script that does NOT have any use of the $$Path.
  10. Just in case you’re not aware of this well known Filemaker solution: https://proofgroup.com/software-services/academics/
  11. Shouldn't have to go through this, Dellana. Good job sticking with it!
  12. It might not exist. I don’t know fm starting point. But, in any accounting system , an order to a vendor IS a PO.
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