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  1. on line 29, remove Get ( DesktopPath) from $filepath - rename $var to $filename on line 30, the $folderpath should not be necessary to redefine, it's done above when you create the folder. so, $exportpath = $folderpath & $filename
  2. bcooney

    Need a simple find script where field contains x

    click on the gear icon at the end of the script step. click on Calculated Result "Specify" and enter "film" in the Specify Calculation dialog.
  3. bcooney

    Need a simple find script where field contains x

    Hi Migs, You don't need to Find All records first. Find begins its process searching all records. So, simply enter find mode and enter "film" in your products field. Then, click Perform Find. To script it "Find": Set error capture on Enter Find Mode (pause) //user enters criteria Perform Find //error capture here..do what you want if no records found. Show a custom dialog...find all...
  4. bcooney

    mention Multiple fields in the email

    That works. I prefer to declare a $var above the send mail script and use that $var in the message. In fact, all the parameters of the send mail script step are declared as $vars. This increases their visibility in the script.
  5. That'll do it. Why avoid table occurrences? i found this classic very informative https://filemakerhacks.com/2014/08/08/shaking-the-dependency-tree/
  6. bcooney

    mention Multiple fields in the email

    Looks like you are getting data in the messsage body. Not sure what your question is.
  7. bcooney

    mention Multiple fields in the email

    Set Variable $body = client::name & " some text here. And " & to::fieldname & " more text here." Then, set the Message in the Email Send script step to $body.
  8. " Execute SQL calculations in related tables" - do you mean the the field's definition is an ESQL calc? I suggest not using ESQL in calcs because the performance hit can be huge if the table is open on the client. Take all the fields but one out of the portal and test to isolate which is causing the slowdown. Ideally, non are unstored calc fields. Perhaps post your file with test data?
  9. could be this. You reference this in the FROM clause, so I would think this should be GetLayoutTableName. I also use Fitch's substitute method to swap out tokens and make the SQL readable.
  10. bcooney

    Find empty records with missing data

    Are the "instances" in a related table? Sounds like a status log and if so, they should be. What are you finding?
  11. bcooney

    Local Variable held from previous session

    I agree with Bruce. You'll find it in a ddr. anywhere you can access the calc engine you can declare a $var. what runs on file open?
  12. bcooney

    UPS API with JSON

    Paul, Have you tried using Generator? It'll parse the JSON for you.
  13. bcooney

    FileMaker server 15 to 16 upgrade

    that's not a supported OS. https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-server/server-16-specifications.html
  14. Not sure where you're heading with this. Hope this isn't a key field.
  15. Yes, it's simple. Look at the Manage Database> Field Options >AutoEnter> Data.

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