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  1. Create your report from the child table, Table 2. You can always include, if you need to, fields from the parent.
  2. . The above thread was all about pickers. I posted a demo of the technique we use, but there are a few approaches. In short, show a card window with a list or portal of choices. The window is typically a different context from the parent window which is why card windows fit the need. User selects one or more items. The picker simply captures the primary keys of the items selected. The IDs are passed to a script that creates new records and sets those ids along with the required foreign parent key. Voila, you have child records. google FileMaker pickers for more technique
  3. What layout are you on when you send the email? From that layout can you access the field that has the to email address? The iPad layout may be based on a different table occurrence than the desktop layout.
  4. This thread describes a similar process, but uses Insert from URL to grab the file and insert it into a container. Insert File doesn't work on the server.
  5. I don’t think FileMaker can write to the camera roll. I’ll ask around. Why do you need that?
  6. You’re absolutely correct. I’m surprised, I have never checked. Nothing is added to camera roll. If that’s a requirement, perhaps have user take photos and insert from library in FMGo. I think access to create in camera roll from FileMaker is not possible due to sandbox policy.
  7. grabbing my iPad to test, but I would think all photos are also on the camera roll.
  8. we do this all the time. typically, we set the payload in a Receiver record and call a script that sends the data to our Controller to process the records transactionally. You can see how here: https://www.geistinteractive.com/products/karbon-filemaker-application-framework/
  9. You cannot set $$vars to external data sources in the same script that uses them because FM will immediately retry to resolve the data sources. The solution must open to a layout that does not need the data sources, like a splash screen. Then, have your startup script immediately call a separate set external data sources script.
  10. https://www.geistinteractive.com/checklist-moving-filemaker-code/
  11. Perhaps this: https://www.geistinteractive.com/products/filemaker-drawing-tool-godraw/
  12. You can add set zoom level to a script assigned to the OnFirstWindowOpen trigger.
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