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  1. bcooney

    sql help

    I never create a calc that has SQL in Define Fields. So, what you're saying is the the Data table has a field "Note" that can be empty. I would create a new field in Data MissingNoteInd = is empty ( Notefield) Then build a new relationship from the join table to Data MasterJoin::fK_dataId = __DataId and MasterJoin::ONE = MissingNoteInd ONE is a field we have in every table. It's very useful for filtering relationships. ONE = Let ( triggerOnChangesTo = Self ; 1 ), auto-entered calc, number, always evaluate
  2. bcooney

    sql help

    If I understand correctly, you want a list of master records that do not have notes? SQL can be slow with joins. Find all records in the join table and use go to related from the join table up to master, match found set and then show omitted. This will leave you with all master records that do not have a join record, and therefore notes.
  3. Rudy, a key difference between popovers and card windows is context. If you want to creat a new record in a different table, this is much better achieved with a card window. As for supporting Save and Cancel, Steve gave you two options: enter in global (we create a utility table for this) and then script the set fields on Save. Or. Block the commit and only allow the save button to do so. Here's my preferred way of achieving that. https://www.geistinteractive.com/2015/11/09/lock-filemaker-records-open/ also, if you want the new record to be related to the record you're viewing, then pass its key when you call the new record card window script.
  4. https://community.filemaker.com/thread/164626
  5. bcooney

    Number of Records Added or Deleted

    Why do you need this? It's really quite unusual. How do you know you have duplicates? Why do you have duplicates? You capture the found count before and after this routine and show user the diff. when you add records, don't you know how many you're adding?
  6. bcooney

    Number of Records Added or Deleted

    Does a user run this script or is this done by a scheduled script? If a user does this script, simply use a counter and show the counter at the end of the script with a custom dialog. A better description of the use case would be helpful. Lots of red flags.
  7. bcooney


  8. bcooney

    Replacing the content of the field

    Not sure what the obstacle is. How do you know the employee ID? I would think you query the employee table and store it in a $$var on startup. So, switch that $$var to his email.
  9. bcooney

    Replacing the content of the field

    I'd suggest moving these log entries to a separate audit_trail table, with each entry a record. Are you asking to substitute the "Emp 502706627" value in this text field with the user's current email? Or, are you asking to start populating the employee's email in this field going forward?
  10. bcooney

    Self-Join to sort records that have an empty field

    We use a field ONE in every table. It's a number field with this auto-enter calc: // Ensures that this field always reevaluates to 1 Let ( triggerOnChangesTo = Self ; 1 ) We use it during transactions to create/lock the record, and can also be used on the left side of a relationship to filter. So, rather than a global 0, set this to be one the left of your relationship, and have it NOT = the pairing_status. Oh, and sort the relationship by rank desc.
  11. bcooney


    You need to meet with the dev on the sql system. They can provide what methods they allow for integrations.
  12. bcooney


    Your issue isn't really with FileMaker, but rather with the export of invoices from the other system. What are your options there? Data dump to cvs, perhaps to a file nightly at a consistent location (FTP?) or is there an API that FileMaker can then pull the data? Can you connect to this database using ESS?
  13. bcooney

    Import data to populated child tables

    Yes. If you aren't receiving a foreign key, then it's up to you to try to relate the records. So, how can you do that?
  14. bcooney

    Import data to populated child tables

    Well, you're going to need something in the alert record that matches reliably to the customer; email address?, first three characters of first and last name? Build a relationship using that and build a UI to see these "potential matches." Have a "confirm match" workflow that sets the CustomerID foreign key.
  15. bcooney

    counting records

    Op didn't mention a a found set. If so, I wouldn't use sql.

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