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  1. I recommend not using perform find with restore because you cannot see the criteria easily. Instead adopt the pattern: enter find mode (no pause) set field ; mycriteria perform find Error capture if no error Do stuff.
  2. Remember, if you are editing more than one record and it is essential that all are edited, then you need a transaction. Unfortunately, there's no "built-in" Start Transaction in FileMaker, and since you're a newbie, I'll just refer you to a video. Replace All will not tell you if one of the tasks failed to have its Due Date modified correctly. Set Field will, at least, provide an error if the set fails (someone else has the record locked). So, consider this pseudocode: Set Field DueDate = DueDate + 1 set Var $error = Get ( LastError) If $error Show Custom Dialog "Alert" Failed to set Due Date! exit script End if
  3. Did you watch the video?
  4. This might be helpful https://www.geistinteractive.com/2018/03/13/filemaker-json-parsing-generator/
  5. https://jointable.org
  6. I interpret what you're saying to mean that the fields are in the portal row and that you have many portals that are similar, but perhaps based on different context? Maybe post a screen shot showing two portals?
  7. You can't add a field to all tab panels at once. More details?
  8. What do you mean by team? You can assign validation to any field to ensure that it is unique. However, a troop number would not be used as a key in a relationship. Keys are unique and meaningless. all the fields in the above ERD with the suffix Id would be key values, and I would suggest using Get (UUID) as an auto-entered value. (Not a serial number )
  9. Well, first, why not just use http://troopmaster.com ? What team?
  10. It's a product by FileMaker. Much better than scripted imports.
  11. This is an old thread. Now, we have available to us the data migration tool, which replaces the need for imports. https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/docs/edition/en/migration/index.html
  12. Rolf, this is a thread from five years ago. Please start a new thread if you have a question. Also, using the pattern where you enter find mode and set fields is preferred by many, because the find criteria is visible in the script. The thread discusses how using variables in a perform find restore script step is unreliable. The example you posted is a set field, not a perform find restore, which is exactly the point.
  13. Perhaps just attach a value list of survey types to the field ?
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