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  1. "But things break down when I try to use an existent destination window. I could destroy the destination window beforehand and have the GTTR re-create it. But that seems horribly inelegant." I never named windows...I found handling that too burdensome. Otherwise, I'd say that this is exactly how I'd approach it. I'd also leverage the summary field ListOfIds to populate the global left-hand key. I'd look for the existing window looping thru WindowNames and if found, close it. However, is that a good UX? Perhaps that second window contains a valuable found set that the user would resent losing? Since you've already embraced a multi-window solution, why not create a new window every time?
  2. bcooney

    New to FileMaker Question

    Dated, but still very good PDF https://community.filemaker.com/docs/DOC-7621
  3. bcooney

    New to FileMaker Question

    What you see in the relationship graph are table occurrences. Representations of tables. The RG is not an ERD. The "true" table listing can be found in Manage Database>Tables
  4. bcooney

    a beginner...

    360works has a plugin, Scribe, that allows you to send and get data from pdfs. However, I am curious about your workflow. Are pdfs part of an old workflow that you'll retire once filemaker is in place?
  5. bcooney

    Days of fiscal week

    Perhaps a table of pay periods?
  6. bcooney

    How to set up EasyDeploy?

    EasyDeploy is in a container field and is exported during the Upgrade routine. It handles closing the current local file and replacing it with the new downloaded version. A file cannot close and replace itself, that is why you need EasyDeploy.
  7. bcooney

    How to set up EasyDeploy?

    Your question isn't clear. You say that you "successfully make the sync through easy sync" and then you ask how. Honestly, as fond as I am of EasySync, it's not supported by the original developer. Unless you are quite comfortable with ESQL, I'd look at commercial solutions. MirrorSync or GoZync
  8. bcooney

    Subtotals on an Invoice

    Looks as if the API supports creating subtotals as you request. https://developer.intuit.com/docs/api/accounting/invoice see the DescriptionLineDetail DescriptionOnly DetailType passed with "Subtotal: " as the Description.
  9. bcooney

    Many to Many Relationships

    There's many ways to create records in the join table "ProjectPropertyLink". It depends really on the workflow that you want. I don't really see the need for the GlobalTable. If the relationship between Projects and the join table has allow create checked on, then you can simply add records directly to the join table using a portal based on the join table. Typically, the foreign key is your target and it's formatted as a popup menu which is assigned a value list of Properties (Id and Name). You can duplicate this functionality on a layout based on Properties, just do the reverse. The portal is still to the join table, but the key you'd show and select in the popup menu is to Projects (Id and Name). You might outgrow this simple method with either list gets long. The go to technique I'd use would be a card window picker. User clicks and Add button that runs a picker script. It shows a card window that's a list of Projects and each row has a Select button. Clicking that Select button closes the card window and sets the key into the join table. The nice thing about this is that the Card window list can include a QuickFind filter. Google card window pickers, there's got to be demos around or youtube videos.
  10. bcooney

    Multiple connections per user

    Perform Script on Server sessions?
  11. bcooney

    Replace command in script fails

    John, Another thing to be aware of is that the Replace command works on the found set, and is not transactional. That means, you should verify that you have the correct found set before you use it and if any of the records in the found set are in use by another user, Replace will skip that record - and NOT tell you. I recommend ANY updates of more than one record use a transactional script. Read more about how here: https://www.geistinteractive.com/filemaker-transactions/
  12. on line 29, remove Get ( DesktopPath) from $filepath - rename $var to $filename on line 30, the $folderpath should not be necessary to redefine, it's done above when you create the folder. so, $exportpath = $folderpath & $filename
  13. click on the gear icon at the end of the script step. click on Calculated Result "Specify" and enter "film" in the Specify Calculation dialog.
  14. Hi Migs, You don't need to Find All records first. Find begins its process searching all records. So, simply enter find mode and enter "film" in your products field. Then, click Perform Find. To script it "Find": Set error capture on Enter Find Mode (pause) //user enters criteria Perform Find //error capture here..do what you want if no records found. Show a custom dialog...find all...
  15. bcooney

    mention Multiple fields in the email

    That works. I prefer to declare a $var above the send mail script and use that $var in the message. In fact, all the parameters of the send mail script step are declared as $vars. This increases their visibility in the script.

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