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  1. Ah, you're a much more careful reader than I am, @comment. Didn't catch the possible need for a sub-summary.
  2. Is there a value that distinguishes those records? If not, you might build a workflow that allows the user to select records to be summed.
  3. Have you looked at the starter files that come with FileMaker. Perhaps Invoices?
  4. If recipes - < ingredients ( recipes are related to ingredients, one to many), then you can use List () to gather the related ingredients names. Then you can wrap that in Substitute() to replace the carriage returns with commas. Substitute ( List ( "apple" , "banana" , "pear" ) ; ¶ , ", " ) you'd have: Substitute ( List ( relatedIngredients::name) ; ¶ , ", " )
  5. We have had success with FreightView. They just recently added parcel support. https://blog.freightview.com/parcel-in-freightview
  6. Define RLA in Edit Limited calc.
  7. This blog and its demo might be helpful. Might even be the same api. http://filemakerandapis.com
  8. Another approach is to create work orders from a client context. This pattern, set $id clientprimarykey go to work order new record set work order::clientid $id Commit record
  9. To do an “or” search, create a new request. enter find mode set field. Value 1 //or new request set field value 2 perform find //trap and deal with errors
  10. The onTimer is a key part of the technique. Once the window closes, the handler script takes over. Card windows are a wonderful way to present another context to a user without the need to build a relationship.
  11. Here's a quick and dirty example of a card picker.CardPicker.fmp12.zip
  12. https://www.geistinteractive.com/2020/05/20/filemaker-19-execute-filemaker-data-api-script-step/ you're missing the query array element. For example, { "layouts" : "People", "limit" : 500, "offset" : 1, "query" : [ {"City" : "Denver"}], "sort" : [{"fieldName": "LastName" , "sortOrder": "ascend"}] }
  13. One issue with Save as Clone is that any tables that serve the purpose of providing choices in value lists is lost. If you run into that, you can always import those records from production. Your next question, if I may, is how do you now update production? That is, ship the updated structure and have it import production data? Claris provides a tool for updates that is available to subscribers on https://community.claris.com/en/s/ called the FM Data Migration Tool. There are some "wrappers" both free and commercial that extend the features of that tool.
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