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  1. Just in case you’re not aware of this well known Filemaker solution: https://proofgroup.com/software-services/academics/
  2. Shouldn't have to go through this, Dellana. Good job sticking with it!
  3. It might not exist. I don’t know fm starting point. But, in any accounting system , an order to a vendor IS a PO.
  4. Did you change the settings of the container to interactive? btw, I do not have adobe installed on my Mac.
  5. The "Assets" starter file has a nice big container to use for testing. I changed its settings to Interactive: then right-clicked to Insert PDF. Can you do the same and test on your workstation? Perhaps this discussion is relevant to your setup? https://community.filemaker.com/message/779329?commentID=779329#comment-779329
  6. Amy, I typically have a User's table, and on Startup, find by User::AccountName and grab the CurrentUserId. Then, my RLA would use a calc, ie, ValueCount ( Filtervalues ( Table::ListofAllowedUserIds ; CurrentUserId) ) > 0. How you populate the field that holds the ListOfAllowedUserIds is up to you.
  7. Boy, this should be simpler. Is this relevant? https://www.portagebay.com/blog/2016/8/26/containers-and-port-16000-in-filemaker
  8. https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/change-containers-from-files-to-interactive-content-in-an-instant/
  9. So, a customer can have many Aircraft? If Customer>Customer_AirCraft<Aircraft Spec is true, then you should have two foreign keys in Customer_Aircraft: the CustomerId and the AircraftId. What is the primary key in the Aircraft_Spec table? That should be what relates from Aircraft_Spec>Customer_AirCraft.
  10. You could create a calc field, premiumIsPositive=premium>O. Then count that field. Or, do an ESQ call. Or, do a Find.
  11. ScriptMaker?? What version of FileMaker is this? Edit: FM7? on what OS?
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