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  1. bcooney

    Change Log

    Before you jump into an Audit log...what is your specific need? Why do you need to report changes?
  2. bcooney

    Change Log

    google "FileMaker Audit Log" i can't vouch for any approaches as this is not something I've ever had to do
  3. bcooney

    File could not be created on this disk

    maybe this thread will help?
  4. bcooney

    File could not be created on this disk

    To me, that doesn't look like a complete, valid, file path. Change the script to use get(desktoppath) and see if that works.
  5. And I prefer to use selector-connector and access this table from any context .
  6. Global fields are not a place to store data. Think of them as temp storage. You need to store these "preferences" in a single record table and set the globals from those values or simply set the globals in a script that is called by OnFirstWindowOpen script.
  7. Yes, SMTP sends without showing the mail client. As I mentioned above "Then, the card can have a Send button (calls a script that creates the email record - sends or queues for server sending). " So, the email becomes a record in FM. Perhaps an Activities table.
  8. bcooney

    Ledger Link: Getting Started

    My 15mins of fame! Let me help you sync accounting data to QBO from FileMaker.
  9. bcooney

    how setup custom menu in all layouts?

    Manage>Custom Menus Look at bottom of dialog and set Default Menu Set for this file.
  10. bcooney

    Simple Customization of Tasks Starter Solution

    https://www.filemaker.com/partners/find-a-partner/ Also, it's really a lot to ask a developer to work for you and only get paid upon "task completion." Custom software is rarely "complete."
  11. So, the need is to allow the user to create an email that is stored in the database and to either send the email or forget the whole attempt? Perhaps create the email in a card window that uses a utility table (of global fields). Then, the card can have a Send button (calls a script that creates the email record - sends or queues for server sending). Cancel button just closes the card. Clear/set the globals on card window open.
  12. bcooney

    Uploading databases?

    The file does not need to be empty.
  13. bcooney

    Open FM with shortcut to display ribbon

    What is "the ribbon?" https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/17/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Fshow-hide-toolbars.html
  14. bcooney

    Calculate to 1, 1st Invoice

    It seems to me that you'll need a table that records customer Id, salesperson Id and invoice Id. That table can also capture commission data: amount due, date paid, etc. . . Call it commissions. If a customer doesn't have a related record in this table, then a commission is due his assigned salesperson if there is also a related invoice. So, I'd have a process that creates a record in the commission table. start by looping through customers that don't have a related record in the commission table. For performance, I'd store the related commission Id in the Customer record. Now you can find all customers that have an empty commission Id and that's the set to loop.
  15. bcooney

    Runtime stored in a cloud


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